Genshin Impact Fishing Database

Genshin Impact Fishing Database

Here are everything you need to know about fishing in Genshin Impact game, includes as follows: list of fish, bait, fishing rod and how to get started.

Pokémon UNITE: Pokémon Battle Types and Unite Move

Pokémon UNITE: Maps Database

Pokémon UNITE will have several maps to battle across when it launches on the Nintendo Switch in July 2021. Here is a list of every maps available in the Pokémon MOBA.

Animal Restaurant Customers Database

Animal Restaurant Customers Database

Here are everything you need to know about customers in Animal Restaurant game, includes as follows: Regulars, Special, Seasonal, Doll Figures, Booth Owners, Performers, and Event-Limited.

Free Fire: Project Cobra Update Patch Notes

Free Fire: Project Cobra Patch Notes

The Project Cobra Update sees Clash Squad Season 5, new game mode Dynamic Duo, and balance changes to various weapons arrives.

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