Cassie is a medium range damage dealer who rolls in and out of combat with her trusted companion Ziggs. Following up shots is crucial with Cassie, and will allow her to stay mobile by reducing her Dodge Roll cooldown.

Paladins Strike Cassie


CrossbowCD: 0.7s. A crossbow that fires three arrows in the front cone, with each arrow dealing 450 damage.
Blast ShotCD: 10s. Your next attack with Crossbow will fire three blast arrows that explode and deal 600 damage to enemies within the area and reducing targets healing by 50% for 3 seconds.
Dodge RollCD: 4s. Quickly roll in the direction you are moving and restore 1 ammo immediately.
Awoken FalconCD: Energy Gained. Send Ziggs to attacks the closest enemy, dealing 600 damage and stunning the enemy for 2s.


Level up to active a talent. You can level up 5 times, and each time you level up you can select from a set of two different talents.

Movement speed increased by 20%.2CC duration reduced by 50%.
Max health increased by 25%.3Gain 20% lifesteal.
Ultimate charges 100% faster.4Ability cooldowns reduced by 25%.
Critical chance increases by 30%.5Gain 25% area damage reduction.
Critical damage increased to 200%.6Basic attacks deal 25% more damage.


Verdant (Unlocked in Awards)

Paladins Strike Verdant (Unlocked in Awards)

Ranger (Unlocked by Crystals)

Ranger(Unlocked by Crystals) Paladins Strike

Love’s Arrow (Valentines Limited)

Paladins Strike Loves Arrow (Valentines Limited)