Skye is a flanker who relies on steath and burst damage to take down her enemies. Through the use of poisons and Smoke Bombs, Skye can take down an enemy before they know what hit them.

Paladins Strike Skye


Wrist CrossbowCD: 0.25s. A wrist-mounted energy crossbow fires 3 bolts, each dealing 250 damage per second over 3s.
Smoke BombCD: 12s. Skye makes a cloud that blocks the field of view for 4s. Skye becomes invisible and move faster shortly when she enters in to the smoke.
StealthCD: 10s. Enter steath mode and gain movement speed for 5s. Getting too close to enemy player will reveal you while in steath.
Time BombCD: Energy Gained. Deploy a poison bomb that sticks to nearest enemy and explodes after 3s to destroy all the shield and illusions, dealing 2000 damage.


Level up to active a talent. You can level up 5 times, and each time you level up you can select from a set of two different talents.

Basic attacks reduce healing by 50%.2Movement speed increases by 20%.
Ultimate charges 100% faster.3Critical chance increases by 30%.
Max health increased by 25%.4Kill heal you for 30% of your max health.
CC duration reduced by 50%.5Gain 30% area damage reduction.
Basic attacks deal 25% more damage.6Critical damage increased to 200%.


Azure (Unlocked in Awards)

Paladins Strike Skye Azure (Unlocked in Awards)

Officer (Unlocked by Crystals)

Paladins Strike Skye Officer (Unlocked by Crystals)