Terminus is a towering frontline champion who cuts his foes down with wide sweeps of his Massacre Axe. Death is not the end for Terminus, because his ultimate allows him to rise again on the battlefield to finish what he started.

Terminus Paladins Strike


Massacre AxeCD: 0.8s. Dash forward, swing your axe when colliding with enemies or reaching its maximum travel distance, dealing 650 damage to enemies within the nearby round area.
Calamity BlastCD: 3.1s. Consume a Calamity Charge to fire a projectile in a direction, dealing 850 damage.
Power SiphonCD: 14s. Create a powerful funnel that absorbs damage from the front for 4s. Bonus Damage: For every 100 damage obsorbed, you store a Calamity Charge. You may store up to 4 Calamity Charges.
ReanimateCD: Energy Gained. Gather surrounding energy and return Terminus to life after 2.5s and deal 2000 damage to enemies in the zone.


Level up to active a talent. You can level up 5 times, and each time you level up you can select from a set of two different talents.

Movement speed increased by 20%.2Gain 10% damage reduction per Calamity Charge.
Gain 20% area damage reduction.3Calamity Charge stores 30% faster.
Basic attacks reduce healing by 50%.4CC duration reduced by 50%.
Max health increased by 35%.5Critical chance increases by 20%.
Reduce cooldown of Calamity Blast by 3s.6Massacre Axe deals double damage.


Emerald (Unlocked in Awards)

Emerald (Unlocked in Awards) Paladins Strike


Master skin in Paladins Strike

Shogun (Unlocked by Crystals)

Shogun (Unlocked by Crystals) Paladins Strike