Chess Rush Guide: The Elite Warriors Lineup

It’s time for a new lineup strategy. Today we’d like to introduce a less common Warrior Lineup! Let us know how you like it!

Chess Rush Guide: The Elite Warriors Lineup

Lineup & Combos

6 Warriors + 2 Warlocks + 2 Goblins + 2 Undead + 2 Oceanborns + 2 Humans + 2 Beasts

6 Warriors: Increases armor of all ally Warriors by 100.

2 Warlocks: Increases life steal of all allies by 15%. Excess health from life steal becomes a shield.

2 Goblins: Attack speed +15 for all allies. Attack speed +15 extra for ally Goblins.

2 Undead: Reduces the armor of all enemies by 20.

2 Oceanborns: Increases magic resistance of all allies by 20.

2 Humans: Restores 3 mana every second for all allies.

2 Beasts: Increases attack damage of all allies by 10% (can be inherited by pets summoned).

Recommended Order of Purchase

Level 1-5: Icetusk, General Puffer, Voodoo Elder, Gluttony, Werewolf.

Level 6-7: General of War, Berserker, Kraken, Misfortune and heroes above.

Level 8-10: Keep upgrading heroes mentioned above. Try to upgrade all heroes that cost 1-2 manas to 3 stars.

Strategy Priorities

In the early and mid game, try leveling up and get a strong 6-Warrior combo. Try to upgrade Berserker to 2 stars. When you are on the upper hand, level up and get more “add-on” heroes to gain Undead, Warlock, Goblin, and Oceanborn combos so that Warriors, especially Berserker deals more damage.

Lineup Features

Advantages: A strong 6-Warrior combo creates considerable amount of armor against physical damage for all Warriors. With enhanced magic resistance from the 2-Oceanborn combo, Warriors on the front row can form a solid defense. At the same time the smaller 2-Goblin, 2-Undead, 2-Beast, and 2-Warlock combos perfectly fit into Warriors’ physical attacks and extends their performance.

Disadvantages: although this lineup is more flexible throughout different stages of a game compared to other lineups, its damage relies heavily on a 2-star Berserker and how you use items. This lineup can also have a different Warrior in place of Berserker to allow for more flexibility, but it requires a deep understanding of different lineups and combos.

Recommended Formation

Front Row: Icetusk, General Puffer, Gluttony, Werewolf, General of War.

Back Row: Voodoo Elder, Berserker, Kraken, Misfortune.

Source: Chess Rush Facebook.

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