MapleStory 2: Furnishing and housing commands

One of the biggest features approaching in MapleStory 2 is the in-depth Housing system, that lets you create and share dream houses, rocking clubs, formidable castles and so much more. If you want to get the most out of your own plot of land, check out the tips below for more details!


The Furnish menu (opened with “B” by default) is your key to decorating and customizing every part of your house, from placing blocks to purchasing new decorations and expanding the size of your home. But there’s a few special features you’ll want to utilize to make your house the best place possible.


In the Save and Load menu, you’ll be able to save up to three designs for your house, reset the whole layout and load a previously saved design. Whether the changes are tiny or massive, you won’t have to worry about having to rebuild everything from scratch.

MapleStory 2 Save and Load


By pressing the Start Decor Planning button, you’ll be taken to a clean version of your house where you can plan out your design and create a new layout for your house without having to purchase any new blocks. Try out new items, adjust the layout and when you’re happy with the design, save it for later use.

After leaving Decor Planning Mode, you can load the saved design from the Save and Load menu, conveniently purchasing any new items all at once, putting everything exactly where you wanted it.

MapleStory2 Decor Planning Mode


There’s more to customizing your house than just choosing what decorations to put where, however. Clicking on the House Settings button will bring up a menu where you can fine-tune additional settings to create the exact atmosphere you want. In addition to making your house Public or Password-protected, you can also restrict the use of Skills, Potions, Wall Climbing, Jumping and more to everyone, only your party, only you or no one at all.

Be sure to also set your preferred level of lighting, what backdrop you want to use and even what camera view you want you and your guests to use, to properly set the mood of the setting.


Among the hundreds of placeable decorations in the Furnish menu is the Entry Portal. This little arrow defines where you and your guests will enter your homestead from, letting you define exactly where the fun starts! Just go to the Furnish menu and search for “Entry Portal” to obtain and place it. Place more than one, and your guests will randomly select one of the portals.


Is your home just a little too big for you to get around everywhere easily? The Interior Portal is your solution to those troubles! Place one down, press “C” when selecting it in Furnish mode, and you can set it to teleport you and your guests to specific maps in Maple World, to your Friends or to other Interior Portals in your house!

Want to just make some shortcuts around your mansion, or create a devilishly difficult maze? The Interior Portals give you even more control and options to make your house its best!

MapleStory2 Interior Portal


As the owner of your house, you’ll have a few special chat commands to help your guests have a ball!


Anyone up for a game of super-power football (or soccer)? Typing “/hostball”, followed by a whole number between 1 and 10, will summon a ball for you and your guests to play with and send flying with your attacks and abilities. The bigger the number, the bigger the ball, and if you’re done with it, just type in “/hostball” again to get rid of it.

MapleStory2 Housing-Specific Chat Commands


Even gravity is under your command in your house! Type in “/hostgravity” followed by a number and watch your friends get some real hang time on their jumps! “/hostgravity .5” will halve the speed people in your house fall at, while “/hostgravity 2” will get them back on the ground twice as fast!


If you’ve got a gathering of friends, what’s better than playing a game of cards? The /card commands allow you to play a game of cards with your fellow players! Play some Poker, play Go Fish, or make up your own rules; the power is in your hands with these commands!

/card add [CardName] [X]: Adds X cards with the noted name to the deck (Home Owner only)
/card deal: Deals a random card to each of your guests (Home Owner only)
/card deal [CharName]: Deals a random card to the named guest (Home Owner only)
/card open_all: Reveals all cards in your guests’ hands (Home Owner only)
/card: Shows what cards are in your hand and how many cards are left in the deck
/card discard [CardName]: Discards the named card in your hand
/card handover [CardName] [CharName]: Gives the named card in your hand to the named player
/card open: Show your cards to other players
/card open [CardName]: Show the noted card to other players
/card reset: Clears everyone’s hands and empties the deck

If cards are in play, then so are dice! Typing “/roll” into chat will automatically generate a random number between 1 and 100, and display it to other players. You can also add in a number, such as “/roll 20”, to generate a number between 1 and the noted number. This can be used on any map.


Want to get the opinions of your guests in the house? Use the “/survey” command to generate a multiple-choice poll for them to answer with the following commands:

/survey open [Topic]: Initiates an Open survey, which will report the results to all guests when complete
/survey secret [Topic]: Initiates a Secret survey, which will report the results only to you when complete
/survey add [Option]: Adds the noted option to the survey
/survey start: Sends the survey to your guests
/survey end: Ends the survey and reports the results. When all guests answer the survey, it automatically ends and reports the results
/survey: If there is an active survey, see the current results of it


If you’re going to take full control of your house, there’s a few other chat commands you’ll want to keep in mind too:

/hostalarm [Message]: Displays the noted message to everyone in your house
/hosttombstone [CharName]: Kill the named player and bury them under a tombstone (incurs no revival penalty)
/hostrevive [CharName]: Instantly revive the named player
/hostkick [CharName]: Kick the named player from your house
/randomuser: Selects a player in your house at random
/randomgroup [Number]: Randomly sorts players into the noted number of groups (does not create a party)

Source: MapleStory2 Official site.


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