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Excellent Star Guardian Ahri Cosplay by Doremi

10 Players to Watch in the NA LCS Spring Split

New year, new me. The NA LCS underwent its biggest change yet as the 10 teams selected for franchising were announced. A massive roster shuffle followed. Even three time reigning champion TSM replaced three members. An offseason of speculation has fans making all sorts of claims, and it’s finally almost time to see who among us are oracles. And who among us are… whatever the opposite of oracle is. Pooracle? Porocle? These are the 10 players I think you should keep an eye on throughout the Spring Split.

Excellent Star Guardian Ahri Cosplay by Doremi

Here are ten teams joining 2018 NA LCS

The ten teams joining the NA LCS are the best possible blend of partners for the league. Representing talent, passion, and fan focus from within the esports community as well as expertise and legacy experience from traditional sports, these are dedicated, well structured, and ambitious organizations ready to take on the battle for NA LCS glory.

Excellent Star Guardian Ahri Cosplay by Doremi

League of Legends reveals new champion Zoe

Riot Games has revealed League of Legends new champion called Zoe, Aspect of Twilight. She will be testing in Public Beta Environment server two weeks before releases on the official servers.

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