Iron Blade Update 4 Patch Notes

The Iron Blade Update 4 is available on iOS and Windows! Android users will be able to download the update in a matter of days.

Iron Blade Update 4 Patch Notes

1. Autoplay

Automatic basic attacks and blocks! You can now effortlessly breeze through challenges in Autoplay mode. Lean back and enjoy the ride.

2. Christmas Specials

Get ready for winter and dress up for the Holidays! Win Special Santa Gear from Boss Hunts and relish in the snow that has fallen upon the Fortress. The first Holiday Event is starting later this week! Stay tuned for more details.

3. Gear Sets

Collect Special Item Sets in all four rarities and unlock unique bonuses! Gear Sets are collections of up to eight defined items. Forge mighty gear and unlock awesome perks. Equip complete sets to become unstoppable!

4. Brutal Difficulty

Rise to the challenge of a fourth difficulty! Complete campaigns on brutal and reap new and improved rewards. Respect for all players that venture in total brutality.

5. Ascendance

Be ready to face the challenges of brutal difficulty by super-evolving your maxed gear! A new upgrading mechanic unlocks new tiers and hundreds of new levels for your gear! Upgrade your maxed out items unlocking up to 100 new levels per ascendance tier. Get to a whole new level in Iron Blade!

6. Improvements requested by our players

Navigate the menus like a professional sailor. The screens are now easier to operate and rather straightforward.

Daily Dungeons now always give guaranteed materials.

Greater chances of gaining stronger troops in legendary troops.

Added legendary troops to the brutal difficulty!

The re-connection speed has dramatically improved.

The game’s size has been greatly reduced. You can now rejoin you “lost” Alliance and reap the rewards!

Source: Iron Blade Facebook Official page.


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