Chess Rush July 14 Update Patch Notes

Tencent Games has released new patch for Chess Rush to fixed game issue and improved overall game performance.

Grandmasters, we’ve made some updates in the new patch available now on Android (and of course they will be on iOS very soon)! If you have encountered issues listed below, we highly recommend that you update Chess Rush from Google Play (or App Store when the iOS new patch is ready).

In the new patch, we:

1. Fixed an issue where players were stuck at 80% when loading.

2. Fixed an issue where Gold Voucher I and Gold Voucher II were unusable.

3. Fixed displayed text errors.

4. Improved connection-related issues.

5. Improved overall game performance.

Player’s suggestions are very important to us, because they provide us with insights on how to make the game better as we go forward. Please contact our customer service if you have any issues in the game.

Tencent Games announcement on Chess Rush official Facebook page.

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