Bless Online Dev Talk #01: Meet the Bless Team!

Neowiz Games has posted an dev blog to introduce some key members of the Bless Team. In this dev blog, you can also find out what each developer likes best in Bless Online.

Bless Online Dev Talk #01: Meet the Bless Team!

Sungjin Ko (Executive Producer)

Sungjin Ko (Executive Producer)

Sungjin Ko is our EP or head honcho and he basically runs both the development team and business team at Neowiz Bless Studio. He works with all teams to make sure everything is moving in the right direction. He continues to emphasize the core values of our studio every chance he gets, which is “connecting with our community.” The reason why he feels this is so important is the fact that we are creating a game for a global audience. Sungjin has asked the team to be ready to incorporate feedback from the players all over the world to make sure that Bless doesn’t feel like just a localized title but a game that was made for a global audience. We are sure you will see more of Sungjin!

Jaehoon Jeon (Creative Director)

Jaehoon Jeon (Creative Director)

You may remember Jaehoon from our January Dev Talk where he shared the development roadmap for the team. Jaehoon wears many hats on the Bless team as the Game Director and also the Creative Director. Basically, Jaehoon is driving Bless Online’s development. To be more precise, he analyzes the flow of the game and its content. If he finds any issues, Jaehoon first creates a plan for the fix, allocate necessary resources for the update and adjust the release schedule for implementation.

Daeeok Park (Art Director)

Daeeok Park (Art Director)

Bless Online’s Art Director Daeeok Park takes inspirations from classic console titles such as Vagrant Story, Final Fantasy Tactics and Darksiders 2. He is responsible for creating and populating the majestic world of Bless Online. He’s currently working on new concept art for the world, key characters, and classes in order to prepare the game for global audiences. He’s also creating different costumes and equipment that will be shipping with the Steam version.

Kyeongho Cheon (Audio Director)

Kyeongho Cheon (Audio Director)

Kyeongho Cheon has been our Audio Director from the very beginning of Bless Online! He’s in charge of all aspects of the sound you hear in Bless Online including the audio tech, in-game music, and sound effects. He wants to make sure that everything you hear in Bless Online sounds natural and balanced. Recently, he has been working hard on the localization of the voice over for the Steam version of the game for the past few months. If you turn up the volume while playing Bless, you will hear all the beautiful sounds that he and his team have created.

Seongil Ma (Combat Game Designer)

Seongil Ma (Combat Game Designer)

Seongil Ma is our Combat Game Designer. He’s been hard at work thinking about how to revamp the combat from the ground up for the Steam version so our fans could find it fun. We are excited to share all his hard work with everyone soon. Our goal was nothing less than rebuilding the combat system to make it very different from the one currently in Bless Online. We will be releasing this revamp to the Steam version first and we are confident that the changes will make the wait worth it. Sungil is committed to making a user-friendly and exciting combat system.


Sungjin Ko (Executive Producer): I really like taming system in Bless, especially the fact that it’s possible to tame almost every monster that you can find in the world. It also makes the game stand out from other games in the genre. When you encounter a monster in the field, try taming it instead of killing it. Collecting the monsters as your pets can be a fun way to play the game.

Jaehoon Jeon (Creative Director): Can I have two favorites? I personally love the fact that Bless Online offers a variety of content that can be enjoyed by groups. I can party up and explore various dungeons or raid any number of field bosses in different locations. You can also take the party or guild to participate in battles between the factions My other favorite aspect of the Bless Online is the fact that you can tame many different creatures to be your pets and spawn them later. You can go hunting or do quests with your pets, which makes playing the game more exciting.

Daeeok Park (Art Director): The Siege of Castra is my favorite because even though the concept is similar to other online RPGs, you get to experience massive 100 vs 100 battles in Bless.

Kyeongho Cheon (Audio Director): Dungeons! Bless offers a lot of dungeons that beckons your challenge with a level of difficulty that’s neither too easy nor impossible. It definitely scratches the itch for people who love taking risks for rewards. There are hidden tips on how to clear all the stages in dungeons. I hope you find joy in uncovering these stratagems, defeat the boss and getting that sweet loot.

Seongil Ma (Combat Game Designer): Any monster that you encounter can become your mount. This mount system is probably my favorite. You can see many different kinds of monsters in Bless Online, and they can all be turned into your mounts! Also, it’s really interesting how they can grow and be used for different purposes.


Sungjin Ko (Executive Producer): Union / Panthera / Berserker: I like playing Union’s Pantera race and the Berserker class the most. The reason I prefer Pantera is because to me they look cooler than the other races. I actually played the Berserker class the most so I got used to playing it! It’s one of the most dynamic classes. Also, I like how the axe, Berserker’s main weapon, is designed. I also recommend this to the newcomers because it’s a beginner-friendly class.

Jaehoon Jeon (Creative Director): Amistad / Guardian: I like the image of a brave medieval knight that it portrays. The other joy of playing the Guardian class is the fact that when I play in a party, I can put myself in the front line and play as a tank to absorb lots of damage.

Daeeok Park (Art Director): Hieron / Sylvan Elf / Female Assassin: Mainly because of the fantasy-like feeling that the character and original locations give off, as well as how the character moves nimbly.

Kyeongho Cheon (Audio Director): Lupus / Berserker. I think everyone who likes action should try out this class at least once. It has just the perfect balance between exciting action and laid-back gameplay. The fact that you can lure all the monsters to one place and use various combos to catch them makes the game more fun!

Seongil Ma (Combat Game Designer): Panthera / Berserker: Even though all the races and classes are great, the Berserker’s action combat style suits my play style the most and the combination looks cool when I pick the Panthera. I’d like to recommend this particular combination to the gamers out there! I’m not saying that the other races and classes aren’t as great, but this is just my preference. Go ahead and combine all the races and classes you want! I also recommend the attractive female elf and assassin combination (laughs).


Sungjin Ko (Executive Producer): First of all, I’m glad that I’m able to speak to international fans about our game. The dev team has been working really hard to get the game ready, so we are hoping to release a good game soon. Finally, I want to address the concerns regarding Pay to Win in the game. I promise you that there will be no Pay to Win elements in Bless Online. We want players to enjoy the game their own way.

Jaehoon Jeon (Creative Director): Launching a new game can be both nerve-racking and exciting for any developer. We are always racking our brains to make our in-game content even more interesting. We put so much effort into creating a game experience that you can enjoy. We hope you get to experience it and have fun.

Daeeok Park (Art Director): I hope that you can take a break from recent fads like fighting and survival games for a while so that you can enjoy playing Bless Online with your friends in a wide and beautiful fantasy world.

Kyeongho Cheon (Audio Director): One of the key elements of making MMORPGs better is the continued nurturing from the community. We hope that you will help us make Bless Online a rich and fulfilling experience by making new friends, exploring and sharing together. Please enjoy the game!

Seongil Ma (Combat Game Designer): I’m glad to be able to share my thoughts with all of you through this Dev Talk. I hope I’ll have this opportunity to do this again.

Source: Bless Steam official page.


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