Paladins announces battle royale mode Battlegrounds

Paladins developer, Hi-Rez Studios, has announced this free-to-play hero shooter is getting a battle royale mode called Battlegrounds. The 100-player mode will be releases later in 2018.

Paladins: Battlegrounds will be free-to play, and drops 100 players into 20-minute matches set on a large map. There, teams of players fight over the loot of “more than four dozen outposts” and chase “zeppelins that drop legendary gear” as encroaching fog corrals them into ever-tighter skirmishes. The last team standing wins.

Hi-Rez said, Paladins: Battlegrounds was “designed from the ground up to be played in teams,” and will retain the main game’s class-based team composition. Mounts will also be usable.


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