Paladins Strike Dev Insights: A New Look For 2018

Paladins Strike developer, Paladins Strike, has posted new developer insights post on the official site to chat about CB04 and share an overall update on their plans for early 2018.

Hi everyone. Today I’d like to chat about CB04 and share an overall update with you on our plans for early 2018. I also want to quickly apologize for not posting in the last few weeks; I was away on personal leave and have been busy with the team since my return. I know, it’s not an excuse! But I hope you will forgive me.

Alright, let’s jump into the preview for CB04, starting with gameplay. Similar to Summons, we are updating Siege to improve the overall experience. Our new Siege map will have a more robust environment (inspired by the Fish Market from Paladins) with new routes for players to create more strategic gameplay around the capture point. We also solved some problems with the payload’s travel path that should make defending easier than before. We want Siege to be as fun and competitive as possible, and these changes are designed to make the mode better in both categories. Of course, we will be looking for your feedback on these adjustments and whether you feel the gameplay is improved.

Paladins Strike Dev Insights: A New Look For 2018

For content, Tyra will be joining the Realm, along with two more Champions as we move through the first six weeks of 2018. However, we also have plans to test updates to some existing Champions in order to create more variations in control and playstyle. This means experiments with manual aiming for primary weapons, ability modifications, and other tests. I hope you will keep an open mind and be supportive as we work hard to make the game appealing to a broad audience, while also adding more depth to the core gameplay.

Paladins Strike Dev Insights: A New Look For 2018

I’m also pleased to share that we are making big technical improvements to the stability and overall architecture of Paladins Strike. We don’t want games that you win to end in a draw, nor do we want your game to crash when you are in an important match. We hope to expand our device compatibility with CB04 so that more Android users than ever before can download and enjoy Paladins Strike without memory issues or having to rip the .APK because of restrictions on Google Play (which we set for your benefit). Our technical improvements are not complete, but this update should be a significant step forward in creating a world-class experience for everyone who plays Paladins Strike.

Lastly, included in CB04 is an update to the entire UI that modifies the flow and better aligns with the Paladins universe. We know there is more we can do to improve navigation for new and veteran players alike, and will be carefully studying your interactions with this UI. There are a lot of features we want to improve, add, and/or polish. This is one step in that journey.

Paladins Strike Dev Insights: A New Look For 2018

Hopefully you enjoyed the preview for CB04. There will be detailed patch notes and more information during the week of HRX, and I encourage you to watch the Hi-Rez Keynote at 9:15 am (ET) on Thursday, January 4th for one or two bonus announcements.

As for the next few months, there is tons planned for Paladins Strike. Aside from the tests with Champions I shared above, we will continue to refine our game modes and technology. We are also discussing the best way to keep players engaged for years to come, including new features for progression, social, and more. There are some fun mechanics we want to test (buildings with limited vision, for example), updates to the Talent system, and many other changes that we will talk about more in 2018. We also plan to add more regions to Soft Launch, including the Philippines, which will build on the community foundation that you have helped create. There is a lot we need to complete before we can exit Soft Launch and release Paladins Strike to everyone, but our team is focused on making that happen in the first half of 2018. I can’t promise you we will achieve that goal; releases are often delayed and the road ahead is a long one. But, I sincerely appreciate your support and we will continue to drive forward on your behalf.

As always, feel free to leave your comments on /r/PaladinsStrike and I will be happy to respond. Thanks, and see you next time!

— Lionheart

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