Paladins Strike Update 2.0 Patch Notes

Welcome to the notes for Paladins Strike Update 2.0 Patch Notes, where we share information about newest champion, game features, promotions, and other changes to Paladins Strike.

Paladins Strike Update 2.0 Patch Notes

Paladins Strike Update 2.0 Patch Notes 1



Sha Lin joins the Realm.


Improved smoothness and controls for all Champions.

Note if the improved controls feel “off” to you, please adjust sensitivity from the Settings menu.

Champions with spread weapons (e.g. Barik) have a new maximum damage rule, which scales with Runes.

Map variables now scale based on the match’s average Champion Rune level (for real this time).

Various performance optimizations.


Players must now complete at least 10 matches to be promoted each week.

Starting locations modified to make “spawn camping” more difficult.

Increased distance between each starting location and its respective escort point.

Increased size of the capture objective.

Modified environment objects, adding new bushes, removing some walls, etc.


All bases are now invulnerable unless an enemy Juggernaut is present.

User Experience

Various improvements to the HUD.

Various improvements to button responsiveness.

Various improvements to the audio management system.

Various improvements to Global Chat.

Players must now be at least level 10 to participate in Global Chat.

Added VFX for opening Chests.

Added VFX for when Champions are defeated.

Added a reconnect prompt if a disconnect (or freeze) occurs during a match.

Added a Runes preview feature for Champions in the character selection screen.

Added a swipe option to switch between multiple pages when opening lots of Rune Chests.

Added minor improvements to the new player tutorial.

Added a Sha Lin Avatar for playing 50 matches as Sha Lin.


Mystery Boxes now have a separate menu outside the Store.

Winter is upon us.

Logan was spotted in the Realm!

Warning! A hazard has been detected.

Logan’s Secret Stash was added to the Store.


Paladins Strike added an events system for new limited time promotions. Here are some upcoming events:

May – Master Sha Lin. Unlock the newest Champion and make him stronger in battle.

May – Wreck the Realm. Dominate enemies across all modes with different Champions for rewards.

June – Hyper Loot Weekend. Earn bonus Rune Chests for a limited time.


Improved client performance when minor network loss occurs.

Improved region-locking, allowing for softer restrictions on matchmaking.

Improved server scaling capabilities, allowing us to solve certain problems without maintenance.


Fixed a critical bug for some users where the game displayed a black screen on app launch.

Note the Black Screen of Death bug is not resolved for all users; we will continue working on this.

Fixed a bug where inaccurate ping values were being displayed.

Fixed a bug where trial cards were not working in Siege.

Fixed a bug where Hi-Rez login was not trimming spaces from auto-complete, which caused login failures.

Fixed a bug where some Super Runes failed to display a bonus value.

Fixed a bug where Double Gold Cards were consumed in matches even after reaching the Gold cap.

Fixed a bug where players could use code to modify text in Global Chat.

Various client optimizations and other fixes.

Paladins Strike Update 2.0 Patch Notes 1



Base health reduced from 4900 to 4700.


Blunderbuss damage increased from 160 to 200 per shot.

Blunderbuss maximum damage limited to 1400 per enemy.


Shotgun maximum damage limited to 1600 per enemy.


Salvo now correctly generates Dragon Punch energy.


Vine pre-fire delay slightly reduced.


Base health increased from 2100 to 2300.

Sniper Mode cooldown reduced from 8 seconds to 2 seconds.


Cannon damage increased from 250 to 300.

Cannon maximum damage limited to 1250 per enemy.

Shell Shield health increased from 4000 to 5000.

Shell Shield now properly blocks Viktor’s Frag Grenade.

Shell Shield now properly blocks Fernando’s Flame Lance.


Dread Serpent fear duration reduced from 4 to 2 seconds.


Base health reduced from 2500 to 2400.


Miniguns maximum damage limited to 1200 per enemy.


Base health increased from 2200 to 2350.

Smoke Bomb now always penetrates through shields for its blinding effect.


Frag Grenade damage increased from 350 to 550.


Illusory Mirror damage reduced from 250 to 200.

Illusory Mirror no longer pierces through shields.

Illusory Mirror no longer pierces through absorbs.

Illusory Mirror no longer pierces through environment collisions.

Paladins Strike Update 2.0 Patch Notes 1


Paladins Strike Sha Lin


LongbowLongbow: Fires an arrow that deals 800 damage and bounces off walls. Each bounce increases damage by 25%.
Impaler ArrowImpaler Arrow: Replaces your next Longbow attack with an arrow that deals 600 damage, but knocks an enemy backward. If the enemy collides with a wall, a 2 second stun will be applied. If the enemy collides with another enemy, both will become stunned. Restores 1 weapon energy on use.
WithdrawWithdraw: Leap backward and become stealth for 3 seconds. A mirage is left at Sha Lin’s original location.
Heat HazeHeat Haze: Become stealth, recover weapon energy at double rate, and move 50% faster. Last for 10 seconds. Each attack creates a mirage after a short delay.


Talent 1LevelTalent 2
Movement increased by 20%2Recovery increased by 35%
Critical chance increased by 25%3Heat Haze charges 100% faster
CC duration reduced by 80%4Max health increased by 25%
Max health increased by 25%5Critical damage increased to 175%
Ability cooldowns reduced by 35%6Basic attacks deal 25% more damage


Aero (Unlocked in Awards)

Paladins Strike Sha Lin Aero (Unlocked in Awards)

Desert Prince (Unlocked with Crystals)

Paladins Strike Sha Lin Desert Prince (Unlocked with Crystals)

Paladins Strike Update 2.0 Patch Notes 1
Source: Paladins Strike Official site.

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