Spells are the Onmyoji Arena player skills. Two can be used at one time. They are unlocked following player leveling.


Subdue: Deal 425 (+43*Level) True Damage to monsters or minions. If the target is a monster, also recover 150 (+10% Max HP) HP.


Cleanse: Cleanse misfortune by imediately removing all control effects and granting immunity to all control effects for the next 2 seconds.


Barrier: Protect yourself and allied shikigami who are near death by creating a shield that can obsorb 125 (+25*Level) damage for 3 seconds. The effects of the shield will be reduced by half if it is cast again within 15 seconds.


Flash: Instantaneously disapear and reapear at the selected location.


Bind: Sacrifice Attack to bind enemy shikigami. Decreases damage dealt by 20% to damage dealt by enemy shikigami by 50% and target’s Movement Speed by 40% over 3 seconds. Become invalid when target is more than 1200 yards away.


Pace: Increase Movement Speed by 30% for the next 10 seconds.


Corrode: Corrode the enemy shikigami, dealing 40 (+15*Level) True Damage and exposing their Vision for the next 4 seconds, dealing a cumulative amount of 40 (+19*Level) True Damage.


Heal: Active the shikigami’s potential. Immediately recover 125 (+25*Level) HP and reduce damage taken by 15% for the next 3 seconds.


Seeker: Summon two ghost spirits to automatically search for enemies. After the targets are found, their vision is exposed and their Movement Speed is reduced by 35% for 2 to 6 seconds. Extended according to the time the spirits have to search.


Shift: Chant to 4 seconds before teleporting to the location of the specified Turret or minion. The spell may be canceled by casting the ability again. At the same time, recover 50% of the CD time.