Arena of Valor Nintendo Switch Edition Now Available

The most popular mobile game in the world has made the jump to consoles as the Arena of Valor Nintendo Switch Edition takes the action-packed portable formula from its hit mobile game and delivers it to Nintendo Switch fans. Built for dual joycons and featuring completely revamped visuals for home entertainment systems, Arena of Valor Nintendo Switch Edition makes excellent use of the console’s distinct features and allows players to challenge opponents around the world from the comfort of their own home.

To celebrate the launch of Arena of Valor Nintendo Switch Edition, Tencent has unlocked all of the game’s heroes for the first three days of availability. Starting today, fans can jump in and try their hand at any of the 39 available heroes for free.

Several additional heroes will join the roster in the months following launch. Players can build a reputation for themselves on Arena of Valor Nintendo Switch Edition’s global servers, allowing competitive players to prove their status as one of the world’s most formidable warriors.

Arena of Valor fans who have already made progress on mobile devices can also get a head start with unlocking content on Switch by using Valor Club, a one-time account syncing program. After an existing mobile account is synced with a Nintendo Switch ID, players will receive a one-time allotment of in-game currency relative to the number of heroes they’ve unlocked on their mobile account. This will help already passionate players kickstart their experience on the new platform and unlock heroes immediately.

Nintendo Switch owners can play Arena of Valor Nintendo Switch Edition online with their friends even without a Nintendo Switch Online services subscription.

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