Carano Chess

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Carano Chess is a new turn-based game mode in Arena of Valor. Carano Chess is an ancient game which passes down in magicians. After D’arcy uses heroes as the chess and change the rules, the game mode spreads in the college.

Light Chaser (April 2020) Update Patch Notes


Hero Store Arena: Use gold to get heroes pool randomly. If you’re not satisfied with the pool you get, you can change it again by using gold.

Hero Store Arena

Preparation Area: All heroes you buy will wait in the preparation area, preparing to fight.

Preparation Area

Battle Area: There are two sections in the chessboard. We need to put our heroes on the blue area and the rival’s heroes will show up in red area after the battle starts.

Battle Area

Round and Time: Showing which round and what time it is.

Round and Time

Synergy between Heroes and Item Area: The status of heroes combo and item will be shown up in the right side bar. There is a button at the right-down corner, which can open or close the hero store area.

Synergy between Heroes and Item Area


Mode Entrance: There is a quick match button in the lobby page to match players in chess mode.

Mode Entrance

Recruit Heroes: The rarity of heroes are different, shown by the frame color. The rarity of hero will decide how much money it costs.

Recruit Heroes

Arrangement: We have to arrange the heroes we get in the right position on the chessboard. Protect the carry heroes.


Chess Upgrading: We can upgrade our chest to put more heroes on the chessboard. Maximum player level is 9.

Chess Upgrading

Heroes Upgrading: Merge three same heroes to increase hero’s level. Maximum hero level is 3.

Heroes Upgrading

Items: In the PVE round, we can get items by killing monsters. Hero with items will be more powerful.


Synergy: Every hero has class and group, two kinds of combination. If heroes with both combination exceed a certain number, the combo effect will be activated.