Arena of Valor Beta 11 Update FAQs

Arena of Valor Beta 11 Update has arrived with tons of new features. Following are Arena of Valor new version FAQs from Tencent Games.

1. How does the “Highlight Reel” and “Free Record” work in the game?

Highlight Reel: Enable this feature in Settings -> Record Settings, then you’re ready to record your highlight moments in the Antaris Battlefield. All exciting moments will be automatically recorded and be combined into a single video.

Free Record: Enable this feature in Settings -> Record Settings, then you can begin recording by tapping the camera icon on your screen.

Important: You cannot enable these two features at the same time.

2. What are the minimum device requirements to use Highlight Reel and Free Record features?

To ensure each player can have a good gameplay experience, we have some restrictions on the devices that can enable these two features.

The following iOS devices that have these functions enabled:

– iPhone 6s/iPhone 6s Plus/iPhone SE/iPhone 7/iPhone 7 Plus

– iPad mini 4/iPad Pro

– iPhone X will be available for use after the next version

The following Android devices that have these functions enabled:

– Devices with a processor better than Snapdragon 820 (RAM 3G or above, System Android 5.0 or above)

All devices need to have enough storage space to store the video files created by these functions.

3. Where can I find the gameplay recordings?

You can find them in game in two ways:

a. In Settings at the bottom-right corner, tap “Watch Clips”.

b. In Player Info at the bottom-left corner, tap “Videos”.

4. How can I share these videos?

You can directly share them on your Facebook page by tapping “Share”, otherwise you can also copy the link and share it anywhere. You can also open the link in your browser and download the video to your computer.

5. Why do I have low quality recordings?

You can go to Settings -> Record Settings and enable the HD Record feature, then you can get high quality videos. Please note that HD recording feature puts a significant load on your device’s performance and may cause lag. Be careful!

6. I already enabled the Highlight Reel and got a Mega Kill in the match, but it wasn’t recorded? Why?

When the match ends, a notification will pop up at the match result interface. Please make sure you tap “Create” to generate the video, otherwise you’ll have nothing saved.

Also, if you switch your screen to another app, return to the home screen or not have enough storage space in your phone, the Highlight Reel recording will automatically stop. Be sure to keep the game open on your screen during the entire match, or you may miss an amazing moment!

7. How do I send/request a skin from my friend?

Go to Shop from the lobby, then you can see a “Gift Center” on top of the interface. That’s the place where you can send skins to your friend or request them from your friend.

8. Why can’t I send or request a skin from someone even if we’re already in-game friends?

For sending or requesting skins, both players need to meet following requirements:

a. You must be friends for more than 3 days.

b. You both need to reach 15 level or above.

c. You can only send or receive 5 skins at most in one day.

9. Why I can’t find the previous Backpack icon and also the Talents icon in the lobby?

In the new version, we’ve reorganized the entrances in lobby in a better way. The Backpack has been moved to the left side of lobby, while Talents has been combined into Armory with the Equipment.

Source: Arena of Valor Official Forum.