Introduction to Classes: Tanks, Warriors, Mages, Assassins, Marksmen, and Supports

Introduction to Classes: Tanks, Warriors, Mages, Assassins, Marksmen, and Supports

In Arena of Valor, two squads of five players will face off for glory. Heroes are the avatars of the players on the Athanorian battlefield. Your knowledge of your hero’s abilities and the character class are the first steps towards victory! Heroes are divided into six classes within Arena of Valor: Tank, Warrior, Mage, Assassin, Marksman, and Support.

Due to their unique abilities, some heroes can have multiple classes. Players can clearly see the characteristics of the six classes in the hero interface. Aside from this, you can also check the class of their chosen hero at the character selection screen during a match.

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Tank Class Heroes

Tank class heroes fulfill the role of the meat shield of the team. If you’re a fearless warrior who wishes to charge through the forefront of battle, then tank class heroes are undoubtedly the best suited for you. Disrupting the enemy’s formation and drawing their fire is the core use of tank heroes. Thus, they also shoulder the heavy burden of initiating team battles.

Warrior Class Heroes

Warrior Class Heroes excels in close quarter melee combat combining the ability of dealing damage and tank. Warrior Class Heroes are the backbone of the team and they are suited to fight in any situation. At the same time, they have multiple item sets and play styles. In a real combat situation, we will prepare item sets based on the team’s composition and battle situation to balance the team’s overall offensive and defensive capabilities.

Mage Class Heroes

Mage Class Heroes are the core of the team’s offensive capabilities dishing out large damage via magic. Using their spells and abilities to obliterate everything in their way is what all mages desire. Normally, Mage heroes all have powerful magical damage capabilities and a certain amount of control abilities to ensure that they can quickly defeat enemies with high armor. But due to their poor survivability, they can be vulnerable targets for the enemy’s attack.

Assassin Class Heroes

Assassin Class Heroes are the masters of burst damage thus, they are quite difficult to use. If you’re someone who enjoys the thrill of seeing the enemy fall to zero almost instantly then Assassin Class Heroes are your best choice. Assassin Class Heroes often combine excellent movement abilities with damage abilities. However, due to their lower basic HP than other heroes, Assassin Class Heroes rely on the Summoner’s ability to access the situation and timing as well as their mastery over the hero to maximize their potential.

Marksman Class Heroes

Through steady and consistent physical damage, Marksman Class Heroes are also the core of a team’s damage output. Different from the ability based on burst damage of Mages, Marksman prefers suppressing their enemies from afar and dishing out non-stop physical damage. But their fragility and lack of survival skill are their biggest shortcomings putting them in a position where they are dependent on the protection and support of their allies.

Support Class Heroes

Support Class Heroes value functionality. Normally, they are unable to deal substantial damage or have noticeable defensive abilities but they have the important missions of protecting their allies, supporting their attacks, and guiding the initiations of team fights. Support players can also be the MVP. According to the different styles of the team, some teams require a tanker support hero who can share the burden of the tank with higher offensive capabilities. Whilst other teams require a functionality-based support hero who can protect teammates in dire situations and provide buffs to control and enhance magical damage.

Your choice is closely tied to the teams’ needs in real combat. A team will need to choose 5 out of the 6 classes above to form. Utilizing different combinations of heroes can bring forth different chemical reactions for the team and the right mix of combinations will allow you to demonstrate your advantage.

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