Introduction to Pinging: Just Ping It!

Arena of Valor Beginners Guide: Introduction to Pinging

Arena of Valor is a fast-paced competitive multiplayer game. Communication and coordination within your team are vital to ensure victory. To help with this, AoV has a context sensitive built-in ping system that is easy to use.

The ping button prompt is placed on the top right corner of the screen in a match. To use it, long-press the ping button and point your finger to the triggerable area to send your team the corresponding ping. In addition, players can click the map button on the top right corner to expand the map and send pings by tapping the corresponding location on the map.

Of course, players have the option to block ping sound effects and voiceover from other players to prevent interference during the battle.

Video by Arena of Valor / Level Infinite.

Battle Alert Pings

When players are on the move, they can send their estimated arrival time to teammates by tapping their location on the map. Players can request support from teammates by dragging the ping button prompt to their own hero.

When the player is hidden in the grass, drag the ping button prompt to the grass to instruct teammates to hide themselves and ambush together.

When a player is outside of the grass, dragging the ping button prompt towards the grass will notify teammates to be careful of an enemy ambush.

Wilderness Status Ping

When Abyssal Dragon, Dark Slayer, or your own BUFF exists on the map, players can give corresponding attack commands to their teammates by tapping the corresponding monster directly on the map, or by dragging the ping button prompt to the relevant monster.

If a monster has yet to respawn, dragging the ping button prompt will notify players of the corresponding monster’s respawn time.

Personal Status Ping

Players can notify teammates their skills are ready by dragging the ping button prompt onto their hero’s skills. Dragging the ping button onto a skill in cooldown will alert teammates of the cooldown timer.

When a hero dies, the player can drag the ping button prompt onto the death countdown to inform their teammates how long it will take to revive.

In addition, players can inform teammates they are returning to base by dragging the ping button prompt onto the Recalling button while in Recall.

Enemy Status Ping

When the enemy has disappeared from a lane, the player can send an Enemy Missing Ping by tapping on the lane.

When the enemy reappears, tapping on the lane will signify how many enemies are present.

Situation Alert Ping

Players can prompt teammates to defend structures by tapping their defense tower on the map or by dragging the ping button to the tower. When the player is not in a mid-recall state and drags the ping button prompt to the Recall button, it will remind teammates to return to base.

Furthermore, players can send scores to teammates by dragging and dropping the ping button prompt onto the scoreboard.

There are hundreds of different ping options in Arena of Valor. Players should use them strategically to give themselves and their team a leg up on the competition.

Be aware that the Ping button is only a notification. The key to victory lies in making the right informed decisions.

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