Arena of Valor Beta 30 Update Patch Notes

Arena of Valor Beta 30 Update Patch Notes

In Beta 30 Update, Arena of Valor team gathered valuable suggestions from the community and continued to make adjustments in the hope of making the game a better experience for everyone.

Battlefield Adjustments

Season Games

Hey Challengers! Are you satisfied with the Launch Pad? How time flies! The benefits brought by Mildar technology will be gone soon. With the new season, we’ve optimized Vision Shards and brought everyone’s old friends back to the Antaris Battlefield.

We believe that Vision Shards have helped the losing side from being trapped in their base and shrinking their gap with the opponents, and we’ve also given Vision Shards more possibilities in the new season.In the new season, we will continue to listen to players’ feedback and make adjustments accordingly. Our goal is to keep this mechanic in the Antaris Battlefield forever at the end of the season.

Vision Shards 2.0

Comprehensive visual icon upgrade.

Slightly adjusted the position of the Sage’s Buff Vision Shard.

After activating the Vision Shard, Elves can continue to be activated by the player to gain more vision.

Gameplay: Battlefield Elves

We’ve added cute elves to the battlefield. Players who collect these elves can receive huge prizes outside the match. Of course, collecting elves does not have any balance impact during the match. Players can feel free to search for them.

Three elves will randomly spawn on the map in Ranked and Standard 5v5 if the player has not already collected the max amount of elves that day. Uncollected elves will disappear after the game has started for 12 minutes. Battlefield elves that are found and collected by the player will be counted as daily acquisitions. You can receive generous rewards for them in events.

Gameplay: Battlefield Elves

Mini-Map Improvements

We added the following information to the Mini-Map to help players more easily and clearly assess situations and battle mechanics to make more effective decisions:

Added an icon to display Crystal Barrier (Defense Tower protection mechanism).

Added icon display for the healing packs behind the first Defense Towers (only your team’s).

Added HP status display for Heroes.

Mini-Map Improvements

Battlefield Gameplay Optimization


Joystick now supports dynamic following

Behind the changes:

Previously, the center of left joystick depended on where the player first touches the screen. The center did not change with the movement of the player’s finger. This was not convenient for frequent movement and directional controls.


In the new update, we added a new setting for the left joystick. Now, the center of the joystick can follow your finger’s movement and may improve the control experience for some players.

Joystick now supports dynamic following

Vertical and horizontal margin adjustments support for the ability panel

Behind the changes:

The placement of the ability panel has not always been the most comfortable for certain users/certain mobile phone models.


In the new update, we added an ability panel margin adjustment feature under Interface Settings. Players can now move the ability panel within a certain range until they find their desired layout.

Vertical and horizontal margin adjustments support for the ability panel

Improved the highlighted indicator line when previewing and locking onto targets


In the new update, we optimized the highlighted line for directional abilities when selecting targets. It is now more accurate.

Improved the highlighted indicator line when previewing and locking onto targets
Before optimization
Improved the highlighted indicator line when previewing and locking onto targets
After optimization

Optimized default parameters for some settings


In the new update, we adjusted the default value for Camera Sensitivity and Attack Mode.

The default value for Camera Sensitivity has been increased from 20 to 80 (maximum 100). This makes it easier for players to drag the screen.

Optimized default parameters for some settings

The default value for Attack Mode has been changed from Auto-attack to Minions and Towers.

The default value for Attack Mode has been changed from Auto-attack to Minions and Towers

Clarity Optimization

Optimized the display of stacked damage numbers

Behind the changes:

For a long time, damage numbers displayed on successive attacks would block each other, making it difficult to understand how much damage you dealt.


In the new update, we adjusted the position damage numbers take when dealing multiple hits to prevent the numbers from blocking each other, and we also moved them a little to the side to avoid blocking combat special effects.

System Optimization

Hero Challenge Optimization

Behind the changes:

The Hero Challenge has been around for nearly a year and has played a large part in everyone’s gaming experience.We further optimized the Hero Challenge and Star Bonus mechanism. We hope this helps everyone have a better scoring experience!


Original Star Bonus Mechanism: Every X Wins, one star will be awarded.

Changed to 1 Rank Protection Card every X wins. Receive up to 2 extra Rank Protection Cards.

Added Rank Protection reminder animation for each Division

Added Rank Protection reminder animation for each Division

Added Rank Protection reminder animation for each Division

New season restriction for Rank Protection Cards

Behind the changes:

Some players save their Rank Protection Cards from previous seasons for the next season, which causes some players to collect stars quickly and affects the overall Ranked experience.


The Rank Protection Card is now only usable in the current season.

New Gameplay: Death Match Z


Death Match Z is coming!

The Grakks went to the beach to play together and accidentally became the target of Zip’s pranks. Once the prank ends, the one with the highest HP wins!

To come out with the highest HP, cooperate with your teammate now and become the ultimate winners in this 2v2v2v2v2 duel!

Mode Entrance

Players can tap the shortcut in the main screen enter the game lobby.

Entrance 2:Casual Match – Arcade – Death Match Z

Entrance 3:Casual Match – Custom Match – Death Match Z

(Death Match Z is a limited-time game mode. After it is removed, the original Death Match mode will be restored.)

How to Play

Part 1: Basic Overview

10 players are assigned to 5 teams of 2.

All players play as Grakk (Grakk’s abilities will change)

Part 2: Winning

The game ends after 3 minutes

The teams are ranked based on the highest HP player in each team. The higher the HP, the higher the ranking.

Part 3: Interaction and Confrontation

Zip is controlled by an NPC and will continue to cause trouble on the field, hurting Grakks.

Grakk takes damage if he touches blocks on the sidelines.

You can use skills to knock back and disrupt other Grakks

Grakk can also use his ultimate to change Zip’s target

Evolution System 2.0

Behind the changes:

The old Evolution System had large gaps between levels and required players to invest a large amount of Evo Crystals to unlock upgrades. This prevented players with a small number of Evo Crystals from experiencing all upgrades the skins have to offer.

Evolution System 2.0


At each Evolution Level, players can spend a small amount of Evo Crystals to directly unlock any feature in the level. After all the features in the current level have been unlocked, the skin can be evolved to the next level.Instead of exchanging Evo Crystals for EXP, in the new Evolution System, you can only upgrade your Evolution Level when your EXP bar is full.

Each feature can be previewed separately in the system. After you unlock a feature, you can test it out in the Training Camp.

Evolution Content

Skin Artwork, In-game Effects, Main Menu Entrances, Exclusive Recalls, Exclusive Altar Animation, Special Item Customization, Special Avatars & Frames, Evolution Skin Tags, etc.

Collecting Evo Crystals

Different skins use different Evo Crystals. Evo Crystals can be purchased from the Shop with vouchers or received through the in-game systems.

Old and New Evolution System Data Migration

The level of currently owned Evolution skins will remain the same. Unused Evolution EXP will be exchanged for the corresponding skin’s Evo Crystals at the ratio of 10 EXP to 1 Evo Crystal. These Evo Crystals can be used to evolve the skin.

Hero Balance

In this update, the Arena of Valor team made a series of changes to Tanks and Warriors.We optimized the growth of Tanks and expanded their choice of lanes. At the same time, we also optimized their equipment paths, bringing neglected equipment back into the fight.In terms of hero reworks, Volkath and Marja are returning together. Errol’s ease of use has also been significantly improved.At the same time, we’ve also nerfed a few overpowered heroes in each lane.In terms of Enchantments, we weakened Enhanced Restore and Forest Wanderer, which had a tendency to be abused, while buffing other less popular Enchantments.We hope these adjustments will satisfy all Challengers.


Design description:

For a long time, Marja has been a typical battle mage who relied on continuous damage dealing.Regarding her continuous damage dealing, we hope to bring some changes in pace to Marja’s combat experience.First of all, we removed Marja’s passive. We felt that it was too passive and didn’t match the idea behind the design of her Ultimate and Ability 2’s HP Regen.Instead, we introduced a Mark Stacking Mechanism. Which we feel this is a more suitable passive for a hero focused on continuous damage dealing.We hope players will continuously use Ability 1 to increase and maintain stacks, while also gaining bonus AP, future damage, and HP Regen.We also adjusted Marja’s normal attack and added bonus Magic Damage to it. Her new normal attack can be used to fill the gap between abilities and during movement. We hope these changes bring more diversity to her play.

Overall Optimization:

Optimized normal attack animation

Optimized Ability 1’s cache mechanism to make it combo with other spells more smoothly

Optimized the response of Ability 2, making it feel more flexible to turn when casting.

Optimized Ability 2’s range circle display to make it more closely match its actual range.

Changed Ability 2 so that damage is only dealt when the bullet flies out, while the healing effect is only obtained when the Soul Devourer returns. This more closely matches the special effects.

Marja can no longer use normal attacks during her Ultimate.

During her ultimate, Marja can cast her Ability 1 (does not stun).


Ability Name:Shadow Leech -> Abyssal Might

Removed Passive: Marja gains 1.5% Movement Speed and 1% Cooldown Reduction for every 5% HP lost.

Added Passive:

Normal attack’s deal 100% AD + 30% AP Magic Damage.

Marja’s Ability 1 and Ultimate give 1 Abyss Mark for each unit hit (hit every hero for 3). Each mark increases her Ability Power by 10 (+3/level), Movement Speed by 5, and lasts 8 seconds.

Passive Ability Power: 10 (+3/level) -> 15 (+5 every 2 levels)

Stacking 7 Marks doubles their effect.

Ability 1:

New effect:Hitting a hero with this Ability reduces the cooldown of Ability 2 by 1.5 seconds (hitting non-hero units reduces the cooldown by 0.5 seconds)

Magic Damage:450 (+90/level) (+70% Magic Bonus) -> 400 (+65/level) (+55% Magic Bonus)

Cooldown: 7 – 5.5 -> 6 – 5

Ability 2:

Magic Damage:330 (+65/level) (+55% Magic Bonus) -> 270 (+45/level) (+45% Magic Bonus)

HP Regen: 180 (+60/level) (+35% Magic Bonus) -> 180 (+45/level) (+40% Magic Bonus) (+5% lost HP)

Recovery when hitting non-hero units:1/3 -> 1/2

Cooldown: 5s -> 8s


Removed the HP Regen and Slow Down effect when casting.

Marja enters Ghostwalk, instantly inflicting 400 (+200/level) (+60% Magic Bonus) Magic Damage and increasing her movement speed by 20% for 2 seconds.When Ghostwalk ends, she deals an equal amount of Magic Damage and silences surrounding enemies for 1s.

Errol: Tweak/Rebalance

Design description:

Although Errol has good continuous combat capabilities, his Abilities feel a bit old and inflexible in the current game.Therefore, we focused on improving Errol’s ease of use and weakened some numerical aspects to balance the changes.Additionally, Errol’s Lifesteal, HP Regen, and Defense loss mechanisms caused trouble and restrictions with equipment selection. We adjusted his HP Recovery and hope this allows him to have more diverse equipment choices.


Enhanced Normal Attack Damage:150% Bonus AD -> 140% Bonus AD, farthest locking distance 5m -> 4m.

Berserk effect:Removed Armor reduction effect. 12% Attack speed per stack -> 7 – 14% Attack Speed (grows with hero level).

The Ability Life Steal mechanism has been removed but is made up by the HP recovery provided by his Abilities.

The Energy Indicator underneath the Health bar and lock-on range helps make it more clear when you can trigger an enhanced normal attack.

Ability 1:

Improved response:Not hitting heroes no longer triggers a sweep (and corresponding stuns).

Cannot be targeted while dashing -> Gains Iron Body while dashing

HP Regen:Each hero hit returns 6% lost HP -> Each hero hit returns 4% lost HP and deals +40% Bonus Physical Damage. This effect is diminished by 75% for non-hero units.

Ability 2:

Improved responsiveness: Shortened recovery time after casting and added the ability to queue other abilities/normal attacks while chopping. Fixed the problem where using Flicker during Ability 2 would not change the skill’s direction.

After use, his next normal attack is enhanced as a dash.

While enhanced, each enemy hit gives one stack of Berserk. Stacks up to 5 times.

HP Regen:Each hero hit returns 12% lost HP -> Each hero hit returns 8% lost HP and deals +80% Bonus Physical Damage. This effect is diminished by 75% for non-hero units.

Damage:250-500 + 180% Bonus Physical Damage -> 200-400 + 180% Bonus Physical Damage


Improved response:Abilities/normal attacks can now be queued during the animation.

Each airborne attack causes Errol to slowdown by 20% for 0.5 seconds

Volkath: Tweak/Rebalance

Design description:

Although his Abilities are extremely strong, his previously clumsy controls limited Volkath’s gameplay. We optimized how his controls feel and also adjusted the way he deals damage and gets bonuses. We hope this expands the ways to play him and look forward to the return of the Lord of Darkness.


Mark trigger damage:200-500 + 110% bonus Physical Damage -> 120-540 + 50% bonus Physical Damage

Shield:200 – 500 + 100% Bonus AD -> 15% of own max HP

Ability 1:

Improved response:Reduced stun duration

Base Damage:350-600 + 130% Bonus Physical Damage -> 150-300 + 100% Bonus Physical Damage

Ability 2:

Improved response:Reduced stun duration

First stage:260-360 + 60% Bonus Physical Damage -> 150-275 + 50% Bonus Physical Damage

Second stage:400-650 + 110% Bonus Physical Damage + 16% target’s lost HP -> 300-550 + 100% Bonus Physical Damage + 12% target’s lost HP


Improved response:Brought Knock Back and Transform effects forward, decreased stun duration, and allowed queueing of abilities/normal attacks during the landing animation.

Damage reduction effect:5% – 15% -> fixed at 15%

Damage:300-600 + 160% Bonus Physical Damage -> 100-300 + 120% Bonus Physical Damage

Knock Back time:1 second -> 0.75 seconds

Aleister: Nerf

Design description:

The Control effect of Aleister’s Ultimate was too strong and reliable, which lead to him being frequently banned.To give his opponents more breathing room, we slightly shortened his control effect.

Ability 1:

Slow down after stun:50% for 0.5 seconds


Cooldown:35 – 5/level -> 40 – 5/level

The Flash: Tweak/Rebalance

Design description:

We believe that The Flash’s abilities are closer to an Assassin than a Mage. So, in addition to tag adjustments, we also made some adjustments to his damage so that he can jungle like other assassins.


Boosted Normal Attack bonus damage adjustment: 200 + 20/level + 0.4 AP

Ability 2:

The last hit deals double damage when it hits the enemy. -> Starting with the second punch, each following punch deals +10% damage.

125 + 25/level + 0.25AP -> 125 + 25/level + 0.2AP

Cooldown: 6.5 – 0.3/level -> fixed at 5

New: Deals +30% bonus damage to Monsters

Ata: Tweak/Rebalance

Design description:

Compared to other Tanks, Ata’s growth is a little too low. This caused him to be locked into the Support position.We adjusted his growth curve to make it more reasonable, and to make it possible for him to choose other roles.


Damage:40 + 0.5%HP -> 10 + 1%HP

Ability 1:

Base Damage: 150 + 30/level -> 125 + 15/level

Own HP Bonus: 0.055 + 0.005/level -> 0.05 + 0.01/level

Removed diminishing effect when hitting multiple heroes.

Ability 2:

Slow down: 60% -> 50%, Stun: 1 second -> 0.75 seconds

Cooldown: 11 – 0.6/level -> 10 – 0.5/level

Y’bneth: Tweak/Rebalance

Design description:

In addition to adjusting his growth, we also changed his unreasonable Mana consumption.Additionally, its passive now provides a short Movement Speed burst.Be careful, the brush is moving.


Removed Mana Regen and changed it to 2% HP Regen per second and +60 movement speed.

Ability 1:

Damage: 250 + 50/level + 0.8AD -> 0.75AD + 4% – 9% of own max HP

Shield: 8% -> 6% of own max HP

Cooldown: 6 – 0.5/level -> fixed at 4

Mana cost: 40

Ability 2:

Damage:240 + 70/level + 0.95AD, multiple hits: + 50% -> 1.0AD +5%-10% of own max HP, multiple hits:+6% of own max HP

Cooldown: 9 -> 10 – 0.4/level

Mana Cost: fixed at 75

Ability 3:

Damage adjustments: Each seed deals 0+40/level + 1% of own max HP as Magic Damage.

Shield: 20% of own max HP -> 800 + 800/level

Cooldown: 40 -> 50 – 5/level

Capheny: Tweak/Rebalance

Design description:

Her Critical Hit rules have been unified with other shooters, only the 1.0AD part can crit.Due to the Bow of Slaughter nerf, her Physical Life Steal seal can be lifted.


Received Physical Life Steal:75% -> 100%

Ability 1:

Pulse Shot Damage:100 + 60/level + 1.0AD + 0.05AD/level -> 80 +80/level +1.12AD + 0.12AD/level

Pulse Shot Damage Mechanics:The basic value, growth value, and any AD over 1.0 cannot crit.

Ability 2:

Pulse Shot Crit Rate (per stack):1.5% + 0.3%/level -> 1.5% + 0.5%/level

Wisp: Nerf

Design description:

Wisp’s barrage mode made her a little bit too powerful. We slightly weakened her ranged explosion to make her strength more reasonable.

Ability 1:

Barrage Mode’s explosion ratio for non-primary target:50% -> 40%

Bright: Nerf

Design description:

After Butterfly was weakened, Bright took over the Jungle throne. We’re slightly reducing his True Damage because it was too powerful late game.


Mark True Damage:12 + 1/level + 0.1AD -> 12 + 2 every 3 levels + 0.08AD


Mark True Damage: 18 + 2/level + 0.15AD -> 18 + 1/level + 0.12AD

Cooldown: 60 – 10/level -> 60 – 5/level

Removed the initial 0.5-second Invincibility effect when casting.

TeeMee: Nerf

Design description:

We tried to improve TeeMee’s popularity by giving him increased income. However, this did not work out as planned. Despite played more often by a minority of players and in high-tier games, TeeMee is still not played frequently.We temporarily removed the latest change and are looking for taking him to a more reasonable direction in the future.

Increased income: 25% -> 20%

Airi: Tweak/Rebalance

Design description:

While Airi’s win ratio is normal from a data standpoint, we noticed that some players complain about her weakness early game. Before level 4 she has difficulty fighting other heroes in the Dark Slayer lane. So, we made adjustments to her Ability Power, improved her enhanced normal attack, and made her Ability 1 deal more damage to non-hero units. These changes will help her survive the early game. To keep her balanced, we removed two attributes the are relatively unimportant in her kit, the damage from Ability 2 and the attack speed bonus given by her Ult.


Enhanced Normal Attack:120% Bonus Physical Damage -> 150% Bonus Physical Damage

Ability 1:

Damage to non-heroes:60% -> 100%

Ability 2:

Removed damage


Removed attack speed bonus

Arthur: Buff

Design description:

Arthur’s post-ultimate stun duration was reduced, as it was affecting his smoothness and was not necessary.

Ability 1:

Stun Duration: 0.1s -> 0.25s

Cooldown: 10 – 0.5/level -> 8 – 0.4/level (Cooldown will begin automatically after hitting an opponent or timing out)

Fixed an issue where the range indicator of enhanced normal attack did not match the actual attack’s range.

Ability 2:

Damage: 100 + 25/level + 0.4AD + 0.4AP -> 40 + 20/level + 0.5AD + 1% own max HP


Arthur’s stun duration after landing has been reduced by 0.4s

Raz: Tweak/Rebalance

Design description:

We made technical adjustments to solve Raz’s excessive use of his Ability 2 in the late game.

Ability 1:

Damage:480 + 60/level + 0.91 AP -> 550 + 60/level + 1.0AP

Ability 2:

Damage:550 + 70/level + 0.9AP -> 500 + 80/level + 0.8AP

Magic Defense Reduction:50 + 40/level -> 50 + 30/level

Cooldown:4.0 – 0.4/level -> fixed at 3


Damage:720 + 180/level + 1.37AP -> 800 + 200/level + 1.3AP

Lorion: Optimization

Design description:

We realized that Lorion’s combo could be smoother and more timely, so we made a few adjustments.Additionally, to avoid his Ability 2 from accidentally being used, we made a few changes to its casting method.

HP Growth: 315 -> 275

Ability 1:

Improved response:Now you can use your Ability 2 or Ultimate at any time during his Ability 1.

Ability 2:

Charge time: 13 – 0.8/level -> 15 – 1/level

Cooldown: 2->4

Modified the casting mechanics for Ability 2 when the Dark Orb is inside Lorion:

Random Cast -> Cast only when there are units around (to help avoid players misjudging the distance for Ability 2)

Aoi: Tweak/Rebalance

Design description:

We have made some adjustments to Aoi’s ease-of-use and fixed some bugs.


Fixed a bug where her ultimate could not interrupt her enhanced normal attack.

Now, when her enhanced normal attack is interrupted by casting her ultimate or moving, it will not cost marks.

Boosted Normal Attack bonus damage: 120 + 0.35AD -> 150 to 220 + 0.45 additional AD

Ability 1:

Casting range in flying mode:5m -> 5.5m

HP Regen: 125 to 250 + 0.2AD -> 130 to 280 + 0.45 additional AD

Ability 2:

Displacement and movement speed in her sprinting state have been reduced by 10%

Abilities and normal attacks can be cast sooner while hooked in the air.

The circular warning effect for enemies is the same as Aoi’s field of view -> The field of view is the same as the dragon claw that grabbed a wall (enemies can see the warning effects earlier)

Bash Damage: 200 to 400 + 1.2AD -> 10% target’s max HP + 0.6 AD

Change time: 12 to 9 seconds -> 13 to 9 seconds

Added a 3.5-second interval when finishing flying/dashing (this can be reduced by the fourth enhanced basic attack)

Fixed an issue where her attack would trigger early when flying.

Fixed the problem where Iron Body was not activated when sprinting

Fixed an issue where the range indicator did not match the hook’s actual range.


Fixed a bug where damage take too long to be determined.

Added a special effect to show where the ability will release backwards.

Riktor: Tweak/Rebalance

Ability 1:

Road Form Damage Reduction: 15% + 1%/level -> 15% + 2%/level

Brush Form Knock-up: 3.5s from the front, 0.7s from the back -> 3s from the front, 1s from the back. 6% damage -> 3% + 1%/level.

Riverbed Form: Charge distance 6.5 -> 5.5

Movement speed 25m/s -> 16.5m/s

Dash Base Damage for all Forms: 40 + 16/level -> 20 + 20/level

Strike Base Damage: 100 + 40/level -> 50 + 50/level

Boosted Normal Attack bonus damage:0 to 150 -> 0.3AD

Ability 2:

75% self-slow added during block

Charge time: 18s – 0.6/level -> 18s – 1/level

Cooldown: 5s -> 5s – 0.6/level


Design description:

Due to powerful functionality (ability to stun towers) and good stats, Omega’s win rate as Support has been higher than it should be.We wanted to keep Omega’s key characteristics in being able to stun towers, so we balanced him by weakening his damage output and increasing his period of weakness.

Ability 1:

Cooldown: 9s -> 10s

Ability 2:

On-hit base damage: 25 + 50/level -> 25 + 40/level

On-hit percent damage: 4% + 1%/level -> 3% + 1%/level


Design description:

Brunhilda’s Jungling speed was a bit too fast, which lead to her Jungle win rate in specific lineups being much too high. To combat this, we made some changes to restrict her Jungle efficiency.


New: Attacking small Monsters does not stack her passive.


Design description:

Although Butterfly’s current win rate is not too high, as an assassin with strong finishing abilities in team-fights, she was a bit too mobile. So, we focused on weakening her Ability 1’s speed-up and Ultimate’s range, while supplementing her abilities in other places.

HP Growth: 257 -> 300

Ability 1:

Cooldown: 8 s -> ~6 s

Speed-Up: Rapidly diminishes

Ability 2:

Cooldown: 8 s -> ~6 s

Attack Speed/Critical Hit effect duration: 5s -> 4s, Attack Speed bonus: 25 to 50% -> 30% to 60%

Ability 3:

Movement distance: 7m -> 6.5m

Movement speed: 35m/s -> 20m/s

Recoil time: +0.133s


Design description:

Toro is weak overall, and his Ability 2’s damage reduction and Ultimate’s control effects are not influential enough in team fights. So, we strengthen these abilities.

Ability 2:

Cooldown: 7s -> 6s

Ability 3:

Slow: 50% -> 80%


Design description:

Due to his lack of range and low mobility, Thorne was weak against many Marksmen in Dragon Lane. To combat this, we strengthen him.

Ability 1:

Cooldown of his 3 magic bullets: 6s -> 8s

There is no longer a time limit for recording magic bullet sequences.

Ability 2:

Boosted Normal Attack range: 7.5m -> 9m

New: After hitting enemies with a Boosted Normal Attack, Thorne gains a 30% movement speed acceleration for 2 seconds.

Ability 3:

Cooldown now begins after firing bullets.

Equipment Tweaks/Rebalances

Trick Blade

Trick Blade’s crafting path is now easier to follow. Ability/Normal Attack using Mages can consider it as a first choice equipment.

Total cost: 920 -> 820

Ability Power: 60 -> 50


In addition to reducing the price to make it easier to buy early, we also added Movement Speed to help short-range mages more easily deal Enhanced Normal Attacks.

Total cost: 2190 -> 2100, Ability Power: 200 -> 180, New: +5% Movement Speed

The Aegis

Despite being a purely Physical Defense item, its slowdown effect when being attacked was also useful when facing enemy casters.We want this item to be more inclined towards Physical Defense, so we swapped its effect with Shield of the Lost.

Passive swapped with Shield of the Lost. Now it reduces the attack speed of surrounding enemies by 30%.

Shield of the Lost

After swapping passives with The Aegis, Shield of the Lost’s income was a bit too high.We slightly weakened its Armor and shortened the duration of its Enhanced Guardian.The latter is intended to reduce the impact of this effect on enemy poke-type mages but has little effect on enemy Warriors and Marksmen.

Armor: 360 -> 300

Passive swapped with The Aegis. It no longer reduces the attack speed of nearby enemies, now it reduces the attacker’s attack speed by 30% and movement speed by 15% for 3 -> 2 seconds.

Odin’s Will

Enhanced versatility. Even as support you can enjoy some of this item’s speed boost.

Armor: 200 -> 225, New: +5% Movement Speed, Passive: Every stack of speed buff for taking damage: 2% -> 1%

Amulet of Longevity

Heroes who receive Bonus HP from their ability effects should consider using the Amulet of Longevity.After reviewing the buyers of this item, we found that their survivability was due to their abilities more than the item.So, we removed the armor stat and replaced it with 10% Cooldown Reduction.

Recipe: Greaves of Protection+ Necklace of Vitality +Light Armor -> Greaves of Protection + Necklace of Vitality + Magic Ring

Attribute: 2000 HP + 100 Armor -> 2000 HP + 10% Cooldown Reduction

Mantle of Ra

Armor: 200 -> 225


Armor: 300 -> 250

New: 250 HP

Enchantment Tweaks/Rebalances

Enhanced Restore

We felt that the HP Regen Enhanced Restore provided in the late game was a little too strong. So, we decreased the amount of bonus HP Regen.

HP Regen: 640 + 20/level -> fixed at 660

Holy Summoner

As a Marksman Enchantment, it is pretty weak. This causes Marksmen to choose other Enchantments.Since Marksmen have been dealing a sufficient amount of damage, we are more inclined to strengthen it in terms of range.

Holy Spirit Range: 8.5 -> 9.5 meters

Forest Wanderer

Forest Wanderer’s abuse is more obvious than that of Holy Summoner. So, we weakened its excessive burst damage.

Damage: 10% -> 8% of own max HP

Visceral Boost

Reduced Visceral Boost’s negative effects to encourage players to develop more possibilities around the item.

Lane Monster income reduction: 40% -> 25%

Curse of Death

This item was slightly too versatile.So, we adjusted the second damaging effect to make it more useful for assassins finishing off their targets, rather than as a way to damage enemies during the laning phase.

Second Damaging Effect:80 + 8/level + 0.5 additional AD + 0.3AP -> 6% of target’s missing HP + 1% for each additional 100 AD or 200 AP

Duo Race Update

Updated art resources such as track guardrails and random item models.

10V10 Update

Airi’s Abilities have been reset and restored. Original Expertise and Levels will be retained.

Bug Fixes and Other Improvements

We changed the class of certain heroes. Such as changing The Flash and Paine from Mage/Assassin to just Assassin. We also removed the Support label from Maloch and Allain. This updated labeling system represents our design goal of optimizing heroes’ abilities according to their Class.

Fixed the problem where bullet animations deviated from their actual path and special effects for Marksmen, such as Tel’Annas and Yorn.

Wonder Woman: Use the Energy Indicator below the Health Bar to know when you can trigger her enhanced normal attack.

Krixi: Adjusted the indicator range for her Ability 1 to make it better match its actual range.

Annette: Adjusted the indicator range for her Ultimate to make it better match its actual range.

TeeMee: Fixed a bug where Ability 1 cannot reduce cooldown.

Paine: Fixed a camera movement bug when casting and canceling his Ultimate.

Yena: Fixed a bug where the direction of the second stage of her Ability 1 did not match the animation.

Lu Bu: Fixed a bug where the third stage of Ability 1 knocked back enemies but did not deal damage at large distances.

Riktor: Fixed a bug where Ability 2’s charge time was inconsistent with its description.

Tulen: Fixed Ability 2’s abnormal cooldown bug.

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