The TES Arena of Valor League is the first pro Arena of Valor e-sports tournament in India organized by Tencent Games and Tesseract Esports.

TES Arena of Valor League

TES Arena of Valor League Recap



Over the course of two weeks, between May 5 – May 13, 32 teams will compete in a single elimination best of 3 series (Bo3). Finals will be best of five (Bo5).

Prize Pool

1st: 10000 INR + 2500 Vouchers

2nd: 5000 INR + 2500 Vouchers

3rd: 2500 INR + 2500 Vouchers

4th: 1500 INR + 2500 Vouchers

TES Arena of Valor League Recap


RO32: May 3rd – 4th, 2018

RO16: May 5th, 2018.

RO8: May 6th, 2018.

Semi-finals: May 12th, 2018.

Finals: May 13th, 2018.

TES Arena of Valor League Bracket

RO32ExDee Gaming vs Sxc Rangers2-01
RO32Plague vs xNG2-01
RO32FewGoodMen vs Invincible Gaming United2-01
RO32OMKV vs The Assassin1-2
RO32Team Unknown vs StrayDogs2-01
RO32LoveThisGame vs Done With Human0-2
RO32UNITY vs GuardUranus2-01
RO32eXiled vs War Addict Rebels0-21
RO32MeetYourMakerS vs KnockOut Club2-0
RO32Team Draco vs Gank Or Die0-21
RO32Cereal Killers vs Fury Of Five2-01
RO32Potatoes vs Crusaders2-01
RO32NatusVanguard vs LionsDen2-0
RO32Xtint Gaming vs Indian Valor0-21
RO32Dejavu vs Team Rocket2-01
RO32Absolute Zero vs FireNation2-01
RO16ExDee Gaming vs Plague2-01
RO16FewGoodMen vs The Assassin2-01
RO16Team Unknown vs Done With Human2-0
RO16UNITY vs War Addict Rebels2-11
RO16MeetYourMakerS vs Gank Or Die2-01
RO16Cereal Killers vs Potatoes2-11
RO16NatusVanguard vs Indian Valor2-11
RO16Dejavu vs Absolute Zero2-01
RO8ExDee Gaming vs FewGoodMen2-01
RO8Team Unknown vs UNITY2-11
RO8MeetYourMakerS vs Cereal Killers2-01
RO8NatusVanguard vs Dejavu2-01
SemifinalsExDee Gaming vs Team Unknown2-01
SemifinalsMeetYourMakerS vs NatusVanguard2-01
Third PlaceNatusVanguard vs Team Unknown2-01
FinalExDee Gaming vs MeetYourMakerS3-01

TES Arena of Valor League Recap


ExDee Gaming vs Team Unknown

MeetYourMakerS vs NatusVanguard

NatusVanguard vs Team Unknown

ExDee Gaming vs MeetYourMakerS

TES Arena of Valor League Recap


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TES Arena of Valor League Recap


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