November 1st 2019 Update Patch Notes

Let’s check out Onmyoji Arena November 1st, 2019 Update Patch Notes. This update sees new shikigami Enma make her official debut on the Heian-kyo battlefield.


Onmyoji Arena will change this week’s lineup of limited-time free Shikigami on November 4th, 2019. The new free shikigami are Lord Arakawa, Youko, Kaguya, Vampira, Yumekui, Enenra, Aobozu, Shuten Doji, Kubinashi, and Tamamonomae.

Of these shikigami, Shuten Doji, Kubinashi, and Tamamonomae have a difficulty of Extreme. Onmyoji who have been in Heian-kyo for less than 7 days can’t use them in battle.


This update sees Enma make her official debut on the Heian-kyo battlefield. Her Solemn Royalty dyed skin and Lunar Glow rare skin will also be available to purchase in the Skin Shop.

Lord of the Underworld Pack and Lord of the Underworld Box will be available at a 22% discount in the General Store. Buy the pack or box to summon Enma and get the Favor items, Eight Petals x8 or Evolution Amulet x1. Exclusive pack and box will be available till 23:59:59 on November 7th, 2019. Don’t miss out!


1. Oitsuki

Oitsuki’s Ability 2 (Crescent Moon) provides extremely high gains but the hit rate is relatively low, while her Ability 3 (Moonchaser) has a long cooldown. This means that her battlefield performance is not sufficiently stable. We will increase the range and decrease the Ability Power of Oitsuki’s Ability 2, and reduce the cooldown of her Ability 3.

Ability 2: Crescent Moon

Increased Ability range from 250 yards to 280 yards.

Decreased Ability Power bonus from 95% to 85%.

Ability 3: Moonchaser

Ability cooldown reduced from 14/13.5/13/12.5/12 seconds to 12 seconds for all levels.

2. Kyonshi Imoto

The tempo of Kyonshi Imoto’s trait is somewhat low for a Ninja shikigami. We will suitably reduce the time required for the little jump of her trait.

Trait: Let’s Play

Kyonshi Imoto does a little jump whenever she uses an ability or her beloved pet Tomato returns to her side. The time required for this little jump will be reduced from 0.5 seconds to 0.42 seconds.

3. Yasha

When Yasha’s trait deals damage to an enemy shikigami, he increases his own Attack Damage. His Ability 1 can also increase Attack Damage. These two factors mean that Yasha’s gains from items can be too high. That’s why we will suitably decrease the gains from Yasha’s trait and suitably reduce the Base Damage from his Ability 1 marks to keep his strength in check during the early game.

Trait: Deadly Pursuit

Reduced Bonus Attack Damage of each layer from 8% to 5%.

Ability 1: Shura

Adjusted Base Damage of marks from 75/92.5/110/127.5/145 to 65/82.5/100/117.5/135.

4. Shiro Mujou

Shiro Mujou’s Base Damage is quite high but his Ability Power bonus is quite low. This allows players to use a lot of defensive items and deal heavy damage at the same time. That’s why we will move some of the Base Damage of his ultimate ability to Ability Power bonus to reduce his damage gains while he is using defensive items.

Ultimate Ability: Hands of Hell

Adjusted damage from 80/130/180 (+20% Ability Power) to 70/105/140 (+25% Ability Power).

5. Aobozu

The cooldown of Aobozu’s Ability 3 is short while he is in the Demonbane Form. This allows players using Aobozu to frequently dash and knock up opponents. We will increase the cooldown of Aobozu’s Ability 3 and slightly reduce the Bonus Damage of his Ability 2.

Ability 2: Divine Greatness in Demonbane Form

Reduced damage from 75/120/165/210/255 (+75% Bonus Attack Damage) to 75/107.5/145/182.5/220 (+60% Bonus Attack Damage).

Ability 3: Fortification in Demonbane Form

Increased cooldown from 6 seconds to 8 seconds.

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