Onmyoji Arena November 3rd, 2023 Update Patch Notes

November 3rd, 2023 Update Patch Notes

The November 3rd, 2023 Update sees Kosodenote’s Epic Skin, Delicate Fragrance, is available in the Skin Shop.

New Skins

Delicate Fragrance

Available Time: November 3rd, 2023 after maintenance

What’s in the name? That which we call a rose, by any other word would smell as sweet. What is love? It’s like a symphony. The rhythm may be long gone, but the melody lasts forever. A perfect match by nature, flames scorch the garden, leaving only a wasteland of thorns. Opening a dust-covered music box, the young girl extends her arms and past emotions come pouring forth.

Kosodenote’s Epic Skin, Delicate Fragrance, will be available in the Skin Shop from November 3rd, 2023 after maintenance with a 12% discount during the first week. Also, the Kosodenote “Delicate Fragrance” skin-exclusive “Custom Button: Delicate Fragrance” will be available after maintenance in Shop – General for 148 Jades. Don’t miss out!

Latest Events

Cat’s Got Your Luck

Event Period: November 3rd, 2023 after maintenance to November 23rd, 2023

Nekomata’s Cat Cafe is available for a limited time! Participate in the Cat’s Got Your Luck event for a chance to obtain skins like Sen (Heian Festival), Demonic: Waves, and Demonic: Tengudo. Every 10 draws is guaranteed to grant a skin. Come and play with the cats!

Grand Rebates

Event Period: November 3rd, 2023 after maintenance to November 12th, 2023

During the event, consume a certain number of specified items (Jade, Prayer Ema, Lucky Dice, Favor, Coins or Summon Amulet) to complete event quests and get rebate gifts. Each gift grants a rebate or a chance of free purchase!

Festive Feast

Event Period: November 3rd, 2023 after maintenance to November 19th, 2023

During the event, complete weekly quests to get rewards such as Skin Token Voucher, Prayer Ema, Skin Trial Card, etc.

Balance Adjustments


Kidomaru is a bit underpowered during the early game, making the battle experience somewhat dissatisfactory. We slightly adjusted his base Attack Damage in hopes of granting him more reasonable capabilities.

Base Attack Damage increased from 66 to 72.

Skill 1: Killing Satisfaction

Damage 15/25/35/45/55 (+20% extra attack) increased to 18/30/42/54/66 (+20% extra attack)


Vampira is currently a bit underpowered, so we increased the damage for Ability 1 Blood Bats to increase her combat prowess in the game.

Ability 1: Blood Bats

Damage from each stack of bat enhancement increased from 10/15/20/25/30 (+3.5*Level) (+11% Ability Power) to 11/16.5/22/27.5/33 (+4*Level) (+12% Ability Power).


Compared to other Marksman Shikigami, Chin is underpowered during laning. We feel that Chin’s Ability 2 Poison Feathers should be more powerful while enhanced, so we increased the ability’s damage to let Chin deal greater damage while in the Poison Feathers enhanced state.

Ability 2: Poison Feathers

Damage increased from 30/43/56/69/82 (+25% Bonus Attack) to 32/46/60/74/88 (+30% Bonus Attack).


Even after the last adjustment, Kainin’s combat capability is still too high in the early game, often suppressing the opponents. As such, we further reduced the Base Damage and Attack Damage Bonus for Kainin’s Ability 1 Flying Leaves, in hopes of adjusting Kainin’s early-game prowess and suppression capabilities to a reasonable level.

Ability 1: Flying Leaves

Damage reduced from 55/82.5/110/137.5/165 (+25% Bonus Attack) to 50/77.5/105/132.5/160 (+22.5% Bonus Attack).

Hoshiguma Doji

After adjustments, Hoshiguma Toji’s mobility in the jungle has been significantly limited. The movement speed bonus from Ability 3 Avatar of Wine Demon is only related to the base movement speed, and once Hoshiguma Toji purchases items that grant movement speed, Haste effects that weaken down to 0% will cause his movement speed to be less than normal. Therefore, we adjusted this ability’s Haste effect, so that his movement speed wouldn’t fall below normal while maintaining Hoshiguma Doji’s mobility in the early game. Also, from the last item adjustments, Hoshiguma Doji did not gain any benefits, and his capability to deal damage is lower than normal among Ninja Shikigami. As such, we increased the damage during the early game for Ability 3 Avatar of Wine Demon, improving his capabilities to gank each lane without affecting his jungling capabilities.

Ability 3: Avatar of Wine Demon

Damage increased from 60/135/210/285/360 (+80% Ability Power) to 100/165/230/295/360 (+80% Ability Power).
The Haste effect now gradually weakens over time from 160%/175%/190%/205%/220% down to 30%, as opposed to its previous decline from 200% to 0%.

Suzuka Gozen

Currently, Suzuka Gozen’s Natural Passive Sharp Weapon deals significant damage to targets within range. As a core mechanic of Suzuka Gozen, we wanted the empowered basic attack to focus more on the main target rather than the other targets. Therefore, we have made adjustments to this ability mechanics, which will reduce Suzuka Gozen’s damage dealt in teamfights. To compensate for this, we have increased the range of Suzuka Gozen’s basic attacks.

Attack range increased from 575 to 600.

Natural Passive: Sharp Weapon

Pursuit Shadow adjustments: Pursuit Shadow now penetrates the target, dealing (+125% (+1.5%*Current Level) Attack) (+5*Current Level) Physical Damage to the main target, and 60% Physical Damage to other pierced targets. (Damage before the adjustment: (+125% (+1.0%*Current Level) Attack) (+5*Current Level), with a 10% reduction per additional target pierced, to a max of 50%.)

Increased Pursuit Shadow attack range from 625 to 650.


Aoandon currently exhibits excessive dominance in the bottom lane during the early stages of the game, presenting an overwhelming menace to other Marksmen. Therefore, we reduced her attack range and damage for the early game. To balance her performance in the bottom and mid lanes, we reduced her Armor but increased her Magic Resist to provide a more reasonable experience for her opponents.

Reduced base Armor from 57 to 40.

Increased base Magic Resist from 60 to 68.

Ability 1: Butterfly Shadow

Adjusted attack range from 675 to 615/630/645/660/675 along with the ability level.

Reduced base damage from 30/45/60/75/90 to 30/40/50/60/70.


Ryomen is currently having difficulty competing in the top lane, so we improved his overall damage output and damage-taking capability in hopes that he will be able to hold his ground during battles and be a threat to the enemy back-row. Also, we increased the displacement distance for Ability 3 Thundering Windrunner to enhance his pursuit capabilities, and changed the healing mechanism for his Natural Passive Eyes of Wrath from healing over time to immediate healing which is more helpful.

Natural Passive Eyes of Wrath:

Changed Fujin healing effect from healing over time to immediate healing.

Ability 1: Godly Might

Armor and Magic Resist gain from each enemy Shikigami adjusted from 4/6/8/10/12 to 5/7.5/10/12.5/15.

Ability 2: Thunderous Wind

Reduced cooldown from 8/7.5/7/6.5/6 to 7/6.5/6/5.5/5.

Ability 3: Thundering Windrunner

Increased the displacement distance from 400 to 450.

Ultimate Ability: Divine Combo

Damage from each hit increased from 130/190/250 (+60% Bonus Attack) to 140/210/280 (+80% Bonus Attack).


To improve the stability of Ebisu’s third ability Fickle Fortune, we have slightly increased the duration of the stun effect and also expanded the casting range of the ability. We hope that Ebisu will have a better performance on the battlefield.

Ability 3: Fickle Fortune

Adjusted Stun duration from 0.5/0.625/0.75/0.875/1s to 0.75/0.875/1/1.125/1.25s.

Casting range increased from 400 to 450.

Onmyodo Adjustments

Currently, Tank Shikigami are slightly weaker compared to Samurai Shikigami. We increased the damage and shield from Divination Sigil in hopes of granting Tank Shikigami better early-game performance without affecting their late-game combat capabilities. Also, as Occult: Pursuit cannot frequently provide attack speed effects, granting reduced benefits to Marksman Shikigami, we lowered its cooldown and increased its duration.

Divination Sigil: Damage and shield adjusted from 15 (+5*Current Level) (+4% Bonus Max HP) to 30 (+6*Current Level) (+4% Bonus Max HP).

“Spirit Fish Protection: Increase dual resistance attributes from 35 (+45% additional dual resistance) within 3 seconds to 55 (+55% additional dual resistance).

Increase damage per second from 10 (+10 * current level) to 20 (+10 * current level).”

Occult: Pursuit: Reduced cooldown from 15s to 12s, attack speed buff duration increased from 3s to 4s.

Adjustments and Improvements

Optimized mail display and deletion logic. Now, after claiming rewards, the rewards claimed will still be shown in the mail, and the mail will no longer be automatically deleted. Also, after this version update, you can select to delete mail individually or in batches.

Fixed the issue where the displayed range and actual range of the Ability Indicator do not match.

When setting the Ability Wheel to Centered on Finger, a portion of Ability 1 may sometimes fall outside of the screen, making it difficult to drag Ability 1 downwards. We adjusted the size of the Ability Wheel when under this mode to improve operation accuracy.

Strengthened the contrast of the HP Bar before/after triggering Slay, and improved the visual quality of the HP Bar for targets that can be Slayed, making it clearer to see during combat.

Free Shikigami Lineup Adjustments

We will change the lineup of the limited-time free Shikigami at 5:00 AM on November 6th, 2023. The new free Shikigami will be Tesso, Shouzu, Ryomen, Kyuumei Neko, Tamamonomae, Kingyo, Akaname, and Puppeteer.

Onmyoji who owns the God of Fortune Month Pact will have the additional free Shikigami, Kuro, and Onikiri.

Of these Shikigami, Puppeteer has a difficulty of Hard. Onmyoji who has been in Heian-kyo for less than 7 days can’t use her in battle for free.

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