Arena of Valor: 10 Tips for Superman

As you know, Superman will be offered as a permanent gift to all EU fans connected in Arena of Valor on Sunday, Nov 26th. The greatest superhero has amazing powers that only a few people will be able to control. Great powers mean great responsibility. Here are 10 tips that will help you to control and use the superpowers of the Man of Steel.

1. Superman has two passive states/modes: ground and flight. Ground mode will have 3 abilities and flight mode have 3 other abilities. Try to distinguish these two modes and 6 abilities in a practice match before to go live.

2. Superman’s speed = energy. Whenever Superman moves in ground mode, he regenerates energy and can access his flight mode. Try to walk (even by turning around) and stay in flight mode as much as possible.

3. Superman in flight mode can have additional speed and physical damage. Two good features for an Assassin: Superman can destroy low health enemies from a long-range distance easily.

4. In flight mode, Superman can pass over obstacles and surprise enemies.

5. Superman has defenses against crowd control. Try first to bait an enemy to use crowd control on Superman, then use your purifying skill to recover your movement and increase your speed and damage, then strike the enemy to go for the kill.

6. We recommend you to buy a pair of “Gilded Greaves” for Superman.

7. Behind the enemies lines, his skill, “Kryptonian Strength”, can help you push the enemies towards allies and towers.

8. Superman is good carry. Each time you finish destroying a wave, look for opportunities to walk, reach flight mode and help your teammates.

9. When your allies are getting low on life, use “Speeding Bullet” to smash the ground and push away enemies, giving time to your allies to escape.

10. Superman is a Warrior/Tank, which means his core role is to charge into the enemy to deal massive damage and knock them down for a few seconds.

11. After a charge, Superman will be vulnerable while in ground mode. Try to move to brush to reach flight mode while in hiding.


If you try to defeat Superman:

Try to block or slow his speed to force him to return to walking mode.

As a Marksman, try to escape as soon as possible if you see superman coming.

Source: Reddit