[12/25] A Letter From the Devs

[12/25] A Letter From the Devs

Greetings everyone!

In order to give you a look into what we’re thinking and doing over here, we’ll start giving you an update each week about the things we’re working on and what we hope to accomplish.

First off, we’re extremely happy at North and South America (USA/Canada and Latin America servers) now being available! Many of you have joined and have provided a ton of awesome feedback for us. We’ve been continually listening to your feedback, and we want to hear even more of it! Please continue to share any your thoughts about how we could improve the game on our Reddit and Discord. We also would like to cover a few other topics this week.

New Server Hero Release Schedule (USA/Canada and Latin America Servers): The heroes that are available on USA/Canada and Latin America are currently different from the ones on the Europe server. Since these two servers are new, we don’t want to overwhelm players with too many heroes before getting USA/Canada and Latin America current with the EU. Once we feel everything is ready, we will get them caught up with EU at a faster pace.

New Server Climb the Ranks Event (USA/Canada and Latin America Servers): With the new servers opening, we want everyone to play more Ranked and climb the ranks! We’ll be giving out some prizes to those who get to the top of the leaderboards. More details here: https://goo.gl/6bkRcw

Teamwork: Since teamwork is extremely important in this game, we suggest you team up with friends that you can communicate with. We suggest posting your in-game info on our official Discord under #teamfinder. We also have channels for finding a guild (#guildfinder) and finding scrims (#scrimfinder).

AFKing: As always, we are actively finding ways of reducing AFKing as well as its effects on your gameplay experience. One way we try to reduce its effect is through the Brave Points system. This is a way to reward your gameplay efforts, since you can gain a star whenever you reach 100 Brave Points. In addition to this, we’re testing out harsher penalties for AFKing to help dissuade them from continuing to AFK! Don’t worry – we all know how annoying this can be as developers and MOBA players, and we are doing our best to remedy the AFKing situation!

If you have any questions or concerns, please continue to chat with us on Discord (join here: https://discordapp.com/invite/hwtF5zs) and Reddit. You can also add our community manager on Discord: Joseph (Joseph#2755).

Thanks and see you on the battlefield of Athanor!

-Arena of Valor Team

Source: Reddit.

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