Arena of Valor Beta 34 Update Patch Notes

Arena of Valor Beta 34 Update Patch Notes

Arena of Valor will be offline on 9th December from 2:30 UTC – 9:30 UTC for maintenance. The game version will be updated to Beta 34. You will not be able to login and play the game during this period. Expected downtime is from 12/08 21:30 EST to 12/09 4:30 EST!


Bone Dragon (Spirit Sentinel) Mechanics

The devs in charge of the battlefield design are happy with the changes brought about by the relocation of the Bone Dragon. We felt the Abyssal Dragon could be further improved by moving it into a position on the map so it’s fair to both teams in terms of accessibility. This change should help reduce teams killing the Abyssal Dragon early on and having lasting impacts on the match.

Spawn/Refresh time: 70s/120s → 30s/60s

Kill Golds: 40 to 50 → 25

Kill effects:

(Removed) Bone Dragon releases a wave of energy after being defeated. All nearby units gain HP Regen and Gold Bonus after 1.5s.

(New) Bone Dragon drops 5 Spectral Souls after being defeated. Players who stand on top of a Spectral Soul will get 60 Health Points restored to their hero and receive 10 gold.

Dark Lord Slayer

Behind the changes: We felt the Dark Lord Slayer was a bit too strong with how easily it can siege towers and the Core by itself. These adjustments should help balance that power out a bit.


Base Armor: 750 -> 600

Base Magic Defense: 500 -> 400

Infinite Slayer

The Infinite Slayer has been too large a threat during the early and mid game due to its ability to break through sieges and push out lanes. We’ve lowered its base attributes a bit and also adjusted how much damage it dishes and received from towers.

Base Health: 15000 -> 12500

Damage to towers: 60+0.12AD -> 100+0.25AD

Health lost from attacking towers: 2% Max HP -> 4% Max HP

Modest Mechanics

The current Modest effect still has some issues when the jungler has less gold than the support. In light of this, we’ve adjusted how Modest takes effect.

There are two Modest effects: Modest (Jungler) and Modest (Support). The Modest effect changes based on the following

When both Modest (Jungler) and Modest (Support) are in effect in the vicinity, Modest (Support) has a higher priority to take effect over Modest (Jungler)

When there are multiple Modest (Jungler) effects in the vicinity, Modest takes effect on the hero with the least amount of gold.

Current Modest Rules

Rule 1: When a player is alone, their hero receives the full amount of gold and EXP regardless of the role they are playing

Rule 2: Whether jungling or supporting, as long as Modest takes effect, the player won’t receive additional gold from last-hits

Rule 3: Modest (Support) takes effect on Wildlings and Minion Troops while Modest (Jungler) takes effect only on Minion Troops

When multiple Modest effects are in effect, rules apply as follows:

RoleRegularJunglerSupportTakes Effect
1NoYesNoModest Takes Effect on the Poorest Jungler
3NoYesYesModest Takes Effect on Support
4YesYesNoModest Takes Effect on the Poorest Jungler
5YesNoYesModest Takes Effect on Support
6YesYesYesModest Takes Effect on Support

Farming in the Jungle

After the new update, the need to control the dragon has a significant negative impact on the junglers’ early and mid-game farming gains. In order to rectify that, we’re giving more incentive for those players who love to rumble in the jungle by increasing the rewards for killing these creeps in the early game. The benefit slowly tapers off as the game transitions from the early to mid-game and stops increasing during the mid and late game.

Kiting Wildings

Behind the changes: Wildlings have absolutely had it with the incessant harassment coming from all of you. From now on, Wildlings will return to their camps much faster after being aggroed and kited away from.


Time it Takes for Wildlings to Lose Aggro: 1.8s -> 0.75s

Time it Takes for Dragons to Lose Aggro: 1.8s -> 1.0s

Tower Lock

Behind the changes: Marksmen, especially the ones with low mobility, have it hard in the current meta. We’ve seen the pace of the game and the number of tower dives increase with the addition of Tower Lock. Because of this, we’re toning down the Tower Lock effect in the early game to even out the pace for those Heroes with shorter legs.


Skill Cooldown: 60s -> 90s

Attacker’s Tower Lock Time: 4 to 6s -> 2 to 6s

Luxuriant Tantrum

Behind the changes: Luxuriant Tantrum has been out of the public eye for a long time now. We’ve buffed its damage, so Tank Heroes are tankier in the early game.


Time to Take Effect: 5s -> 3s

DPS: 1% of Max HP -> 2% of Max HP

Cooldown: 25s -> 20s

Defensive Equipment

Behind the changes: We’re taking a look at defensive equipment tweaking them a bit to balance their effectiveness. The Aegis is having its range bumped up and overall is going to be easier to use. On the other side, Shield of the Lost is having its Armor slightly lowered. We want each of these items to have their place in the game, and not one that is baseline better than the other.


Knight’s Plate Attack Speed: 20% -> 15%

The Aegis Range: 3m -> 5m

Shield of the Lost Armor: 300 -> 275

Enchantment: Frost

Design description: We don’t want this blue orb to take up an equipment slot for every hero.


Time to Take Effect: 180s -> 300s

Holiday Equipment

With the arrival of Winterfest, mischievous rascals have come out of the woodwork! Players can now purchase the special item, Mischief Snowball, from the Equipment Shop. Go turn your friends and foes into snowmen!

*This equipment only takes effect in 5v5 matches.

Support-related Rebalance

Eminence has been removed

Behind the changes: We want roaming equipment to provide similar-level support to roaming heroes. Eminence was granting additional gold to heroes who gave assists to their teammates in such a way that offensive roamers (even those who don’t gank as much) gained more gold than traditional roamers. We’ve removed Eminence but increased the stacking effect so the roamers’ impact will not diminish too much.


The Eminence’s assist bonus has been removed

Time to Stack: 40s ->30s; max stack 10 -> 16

Earth Support Equipment: Health from each stack 80 -> 60, bonus from all stacks 800 -> 960

Fire Support Equipment: Base Attack 25 -> 30, Attack from each stack 4 -> 3, bonus from all stacks 40 -> 48

Water Support Equipment: Ability Power from each stack 6 -> 5, bonus from all stacks 60 -> 80



Behind the changes: Obliterate poses too big of a threat to fragile heroes in early and mid game. We’ve tweaked its damage formula so that it will deal damage to all classes more consistently.


Obliterate: (500 Damage + Level*50) -> 10% of target’s Max HP, cooldown 30s -> 45s


Behind the changes: Cleansing has become the meta for supports, which has made the other Arcanas obsolete. Cleansing’s short cooldown pretty much covers the window period of the opponent flashing in and starting a teamfight. We hope that by prolonging the cooldown, there’ll be more impact on when this ability is used.


Cooldown: 60s -> 90s

Enchantment Tweaks

Angelic Guardian

Behind the changes: After the update where a bug concerning shield growth has been fixed, Angelic Guardian appeared a bit overpowered, so we’ve dialed back its stats.


Shield Stat: 550 (+60/Level) -> 400 (+30/Level)


Behind the changes: Games have become increasingly fast-paced, and there has been a surge of players requesting they receive more gold in game. Our vault has been dwindling to the point of bankruptcy, so we’ve limited the amount of gold Alchemy provides.


Single-instance Gold Gain: 20 -> 16

Total Gold Gain: 900 -> 800

Battlefield Experience Optimization


When pressing a skill, the indicator is locked onto the target for the duration:

Background: For Challengers using Smart Casting, long-pressing a skill does not make the skill indicator move and lock onto the target when moving. This tends to create incorrect expectations as to where the skill is going to land. To address this, we’ve made some optimizations.

Specific Optimization: For some skills with a designated direction or location, we’ve made it so that the skill indicator refreshes its direction or location in real-time when it’s being long-pressed. This way, Challengers can make a better judgment when it comes to how a skill should be released.

Battlefield Experience Optimization

Skill indicator being frequently interrupted when controlled or banned from using skill:

Background: Sometimes when trying to release a skill with the help of the skill indicator, the indicator could be interrupted after being controlled or silenced by the enemy and calls for the need to drag the indicator again. When control effects are brief but many, the interruptions could negatively impact the gaming experience. To address this, we’ve made some adjustments.

Specific Optimization: When the indicator is showing and the character has been controlled or silenced, the indicator will no longer be interrupted. Rather, it will turn red, and when the skill can be casted again, the indicator will turn blue.

Skill indicator being frequently interrupted when controlled or banned from using skill

Moving and Turning:

Background: Some heroes look unnatural when they turn and move after casting a skill. To address this, we’ve made some optimizations.

Specific Optimization: Some heroes will look more natural when they turn and move after casting a skill, for example, Raz turning after enhanced normal attack’s blinking.

Clarity Optimizations

Visual Effect Clarity Optimizations:

Background: With the implementation of more heroes and skins, some visual effects have become indiscernible in team fights. We’ve decided to comb through all visual effects and optimize them. This time around we want to focus on optimizing warning and terrain visual effects that are not displayed clearly or correctly in Low Graphics.

Specific Optimization: Visual Effect Clarity Optimizations (emphasis on Low Graphics): Iggy’s Skill 1, Rourke’s normal attack, Kahlii’s Skill 1, Maloch’s Skill 1 and Ultimate, Liliana’s Skill 1, Fennik’s Skill 1 Mark, Violet’s Skill 2 and Ultimate, Xeniel’s Skill 1, and so on.

Visual Effect Clarity Optimizations

Visual Effect Clarity Optimizations

Visual Effect Clarity Optimizations

Visual Effect Clarity Optimizations

Optimization of Underlying Mechanics

Optimization of the order of determining the effects of some skills.

Background: We’ve noticed how Challengers still get killed or controlled having cast Invincible or Uncounterable skills, and these skills go into cooldown. For example, Marja gets killed the moment she uses her Ultimate, or Murad is controlled by Aleister the moment he uses his Ultimate. We think these phenomena have an adverse effect on understanding the skills and enjoying the game, hence the optimizations.

Specific Optimization: We’ve optimized the order of determining the effects of various skills. For effects that are in effect simultaneously, effects with a defensive nature such as Invincibility, Uncounterability, HP Regen, and so on, have precedence over damage and control debuffs.

The Highlight Broadcast feature is here!

Background: Though killing another player is a feat deserving of praise, a lot of spectacular moves pulled off by players are being overshadowed by the Kill Broadcasts. We want to provide those supporting their team and pull off awesome moments around the map feel more accomplished and acknowledged. To achieve this, we’re added the highlight system which will announce specific moments players are achieving.

New Content: Added a highlight broadcast system which announces praise for the following accomplishments:

Crucial Steal: Steal a Slayer or Dragon kill from the opponent when the Slayer or Dragon is at very low HP

Crucial Steal: Steal a Slayer or Dragon kill from the opponent when the Slayer or Dragon is at very low HP

Crucial Destroy: Take down a Base Tower alone when losing the match

Great Crowd Control: Control multiple enemy heroes, resulting in a teamfight victory

Great Crowd Control: Control multiple enemy heroes, resulting in a teamfight victory

Teamfight Initiator: Initiate a teamfight using a control skill and win the teamfight

Damage Dealing Machine: Deal a ton of damage to enemy heroes and help teammates get kills

Damage Dealing Machine: Deal a ton of damage to enemy heroes and help teammates get kills

Meat Shield: Take a ton of damage for ally heroes and help teammates get kills

Turn the Tides: Kill the enemy hero chasing after you when you are low HP

Crucial Protection: Help an ally escape and survive in a clutch situation

Change of Clothes: Quickly change into something that helps you survive and kill an enemy player.

To handle the sudden increase in broadcasts, we’ve enabled a highlight broadcast slot on the left side of the screen. To make the screen free of clutter, highlight broadcasts triggered by all players will be displayed on the left hand of the screen in a prioritized order. Feel free to pull off those montage-worthy moves!

System Optimization

Tutorial Optimization

Optimization of Beginner Stages and Tutorials

We’ve optimized the tutorials for a whole new gaming experience. The duration of a stage is now more reasonable, and there’s a lot less distraction. These changes aim to make the tutorial experience feel smoother.

We’ve combined the game objective tutorial, triggered tutorial, and other tutorials to help players grasp the basic techniques needed to enjoy Arena of Valor.

Optimization of Beginner 7-Day Login and Road to Glory

Background: We feel these systems are not incentivizing enough for new players, so we’ve decided to optimize the sign-in interface.

Details: Players who have just signed up can collect valuable heroes and skins whenever they sign in for the first 7 days and whenever they level up for the first 16 levels.

Optimization of Guest Linking

Background: Guest players face the risk of having their account stolen and their data lost upon signing into Arena of Valor. We’ve optimized the process of linking a guest account and incentivized linking with more rewards.

Details: There’s now an Account Settings tab in Settings for guest account linking.

Settings can now be directly accessed via Lobby, Contacts, and the Valor Ticket Purchase interface.

Better rewards will be sent via Mail after successfully linking your account. .

Auto Skill Upgrade and Equipment Purchase for New Players

Background: We think purchasing equipment and upgrading skills in a match are not intuitive for new players. To combat this, we want players to focus more on the controls.

Details: When a player has equipment available for purchase and does not purchase after 5 seconds, there’ll be a notification arrow. After a while, the recommended equipment will be automatically purchased for the player. When a player has an upgradable skill but does not upgrade it after 5 seconds, there’ll be a notification arrow. After a while, the skill will be automatically upgraded for the player.

Other Optimizations

Screen Flickering Upon Starting App

Background: We want to shorten the time it takes for players to open, load, and play Arena of Valor.

Details: The game will now load when the app is opened, and the screen starts flickering. Challengers can now dive into battles quicker!

Optimization of Additional Resource Downloading

Background: We found that the current additional resource download system is pretty much a mandatory thing for players and does not cater to players who have limited storage space. Thus, we’ve optimized this download system.

Details: Additional resources will be divided into Required Resources and Supplementary Resources. When there’s a new update, only Required Resources will be automatically downloaded in sequence. When resources are being downloaded, players can choose to pause or start each individual resource. Resources manually selected to download will be moved to the top of the download queue. Players can tap “Delete All” or delete supplementary resources individually to make space on their mobile devices.

Ranked Match Portals Merge

Background: We want players to have a consistent and reliable experience when entering Ranked Matches, so we’ve made adjustments to how players can enter Solo Rank and Multiplayer Rank matches.

Details: There is now a single portal called [Solo/Multi Rank] which when tapped, directs players to the Room interface.

Hero Profile Update

Background: In the previous version, we updated the Hero Story Profiles and promised we’d expand on them every update. Here’s the first round of updates, and we wish to bring more hero stories soon, to satisfy your thirst for the lore!

Details: Adjustment and expansion of all hero profiles; Adjustment of some hero chronicles; Addition of some hero spin-offs and relationships.

Hero Rebalancing

Annette: New Gameplay

Design description: Annette is not very popular, perhaps due to her being kind of weak. She has been a Jack of all Trades which doesn’t always give her a clear purpose or reason to be picked over other Supports. To help with this we’ve decided to change all her skills giving her a more defined identity.

The new and improved Annette will have more emphasis placed on dealing damage, surviving, and protecting the DPS. We’ve also removed Skill 2’s stun and the Ultimate’s terrain obstacle so she’s not too strong of a force early game.

Basic Attributes:

Armor: 130 -> 140

Normal Attack:

Range: 7.5m -> 6.5m


Annette gains the blessing of the wind, increasing her movement speed by 10% when there are teammates around her and increasing her Mana regen and skill cooldown speed when she is moving.

Skill 1:

Annette summons a tornado at the target location that lasts for 2.5s: It deals (135/160/185/210/235/260+0.27 AP) Magic Damage to enemies every 0.5s and reduces their Movement Speed by 20-40%.

Range +0.5m, pre-cast time increased from 0.2s to 0.4s

Cooldown: 8s

Skill 2:

Annette fires a wind orb in a target direction, gives herself a shield, moves back a short distance, and gains 30% Movement Speed for 2s:

It deals (350/400/450/500/550/600+0.5 AP) Magic Damage to enemies it hits.

It grants a shield that absorbs (450/530/610/690/770/850+0.9 AP) damage to teammates it hits.

Range +2m

Fixed an issue that caused the indicator to not match the destination

Fixed an issue that caused the size of the bullet’s effect to not match the skill range

Cooldown: 15s-12s

Ultimate: Annette immediately knocks back (unaffected by Resistance) the enemies around her, dealing (200/300/400+0.4 AP) Magic Damage. She creates a Wind Circle at her original position for 3s and becomes invincible and unchoosable during this time.

Enemies that come into contact with the Wind Circle take Magic Damage and are stunned for 1s.

Teammates are immune to control effects when they are inside the Wind Circle.

This skill can be used again after 1s to interrupt the channel.

Determination radius: 4.5m +0.5m

Added a red special effect warning for enemies

Cooldown: 80s-60s




Shield: (11%–25%) -> (275+75/Lv+1.75 AD)

Additional Shield increased by Normal Attacks after seal break: 3% of own max HP -> (60+15/Lv+0.25 AD)

HP Regen: 8% lost HP -> 5% lost HP (+1% for every additional 100 AD)

Skill 1:

Additional damage dealt to Minion Troops: 60% -> 80%


Cooldown: (50-5/Lv) -> (60-10/Lv)



Skill 1:

Healing: 10% of max HP ->6% (+1% for every additional 100 AD)

Damage: 150+30/Lv+0.6 AD -> 120+18/Lv+0.75 AD

Skill 2:

Damage: 80+16/Lv+0.3 AD -> 60+10/Lv+0.4 AD

Dash and slash additional damage: 100+24/Lv+0.4 AD -> 72+16/Lv+0.54 AD


Base Damage: 300+150/Lv -> 150+75/Lv+0.4 AD

Damage over time: 60+30/Lv -> 30+15/Lv+0.08 AD

Damage Blocked: 70+35/Lv -> 60+40/Lv




Damage: 1.35 AD -> 30+1.2 AD


Max damage received from single attack: 8% of own max HP -> 10% of own max HP

Lu Bu

Rationale: Lu Bu is great at dealing lots of damage over time due to his high passive Attack Speed, and his advantage is further enhanced by his Jungler role. Therefore, we want to reduce his strength in the early game while ensuring he can grow sufficiently to become powerful in the late game.



Attack Speed per stack: 10% -> 6% (+1% at Lv. 4/7/10/13)


Rationale: Valhein’s performance is starting to fall behind in the current meta, so we have increased his combat radius in the hope that his strength in the mid and late game can rival other Marksmen. We have also made improvements to address how his red darts tend to make the Tower attack him. Finally, we have tweaked the damage of his red darts as their damage structure did not conform with the rule that “only 1.0 AD of Marksmen’s enhanced Normal Attacks can hit critically”.



7.25m -> 7.5m


Red Dart damage:

Part that can hit critically: 0+9/Lv+1.15 AD → 1.0 AD

Part that cannot hit critically: 75+0.65 AP → 100+24/Lv+0.7 AP

Red darts no longer deal area damage when hitting Towers.

Skill 1 and 2:

Range: 7.5m -> 7.75m


Rationale: When Armor weave was nerfed last time, Skud ended up in a terrible position, so we have increased some of his attributes to make his strength normal again.



Additional HP changed from 10% -> 15%


Rationale: After fixing the bug affecting his shock frequency, Lorion has been quite powerful, and the fast pace of the current version has further magnified Lorion’s advantages in the early game. We’ve decided to weaken his healing when fighting multiple enemies to limit his strength in small-scale team fights in the early game.



When shocking multiple heroes or minions, his recovery effect is reduced by 50%


Rationale: Elsu is like a fish in water in the current fast-paced environment, so we have decided to cut down his firepower appropriately.


Skill 2:

Damage: 1,000-1,600+2.4 additional AD -> 900-1,450+2.25 additional AD



Skill 1

Damage: 225+35/Lv+0.25 AP -> 225+35/Lv+0.2 AP

Skill 2:

Shield: 600+80/Lv+0.9 AP+0.1 additional HP -> 500+70/Lv+0.7 AP+0.08 additional HP

New: When the main class of the targeted ally is Marksman, Mage, or Assassin, Shield is increased by 50%


Cooldown: 24/21/18s -> 30/27/24s

Each Tier Damage: 60+30/Lv+0.2 AP -> 70+35/Lv+0.12 AP

Speed-Up effect: 30%(+1% for every 50 AP), diminishing to 10% within 2s -> 40%(+1% for every 50 AP), diminishing to 20% within 2s


Design description: Even with the restricted speed of his final flight last patch, Zata’s charging speed is too fast. We’re slowing him down a bit more, so players have more options when going against him.



Changed the range of feathers from 7.5 -> 6.5m No longer exposes the vision of surrounding enemies


Rational: Recently, the Gilded’s assets have shrunk due to the long-term environment, so he has to adjust his firepower expenditures.


Skill 2:

Damage: 450+100/Lv+1.0 AP -> 500+90/Lv+0.75 AP


Rationale: Xeniel has become an easy squishy mark for the Slayer Lane’s Support position, and everyone wants a piece of him. To help him out we’ve strengthened the shield of his skill 1 to make him a bit tougher


Skill 1:

Basic Shield (450-1,000) → (550-1,300)

Cooldown: 10s → 9s

Waiting time for the explosion: 2.5s -> 1.5s


Rationale: We have improved the versatility of Baldum’s passive damage reduction to help him adapt to the ever-changing Antaris Battlefield.


Skill 2:

Damage type: Physical Damage -> Magic Damage

Damage: (50+6/Lv+0.3 AD+0.07 Armor) -> 45+6/Lv+0.3 AD+0.1 Armor)

Damage reduction effect: Reduces your Physical Damage taken from 25%-50% ->

Reduces your Physical Damage taken from 20%-40%


Design description: We have made the passive easier to use so that Lumburr’s hands won’t be as tied in group fights. We’ve also increased his effectiveness in combat during the early game in the hope that he will return to the Antaris Battlefield.



Radius: 5m → 8m

Effective target: The nearest teammate within range → the teammate with the lowest HP within range

Effect: 80+10/Lv Armor and Magic Defense → 80+12/Lv Armor and 60+9/Lv Magic Defense

Skill 1:

Damage: 230+50/Lv+1.0 AD → 275+50/Lv+1.0 AD


Rationale: As the king of a nation, Thane needs to have enough basic combat power to take care of petty monsters.


Skill 1:

Damage: 60+15/Lv+0.35 AD -> 80+25/Lv+0.5 AD

Skill 2:

Damage type: AD → AP

Wonder Woman


Skill 1:

Damage: 0.67 AD +the target’s max HP (2%+1%/Lv) -> 100+60/Lv +2% of the target’s max HP (+1% for every additional 80 Physical Damage)

Damage reduction proportion: 15%+1%/Lv -> 10%+2%/Lv


Shield: 600+200/Lv +12% of your max HP -> 600+200/Lv+1.0 AD


Rationale: Superman’s continuous collisions have his enemies shouting in pain. As his most outstanding feature is his control skill, we are more inclined to weaken his damage (especially when he is wearing full tank gear) to restrict his strength.



The HP bonus of all skills: 10%->8%

Skill 2:

Cooldown: 12s -> 14s


Rationale: Astrid’s Ultimate yields high rewards, pairing that with Skill 2 makes it very difficult to play against. To balance things out a bit, we’ve removed the ability for her to use Skill 2 while charging.



Removed: She can use her Skill 2 during her Ultimate.


Rationale: Aoi is still one of the best heroes in higher ranked matches, so we’re making some adjustments to bring her in line with other Heroes.


Skill 1:

Base Damage: 250-400+1.0 AD -> 375-625+1.4 additional AD

Shield: 10% of max HP -> 300-600+1.0 additional AD

Skill 2:

Charge time: 13s-9s -> 15s-12s

Base Damage: 100-200+0.6 AD -> 150-300+1.0 additional AD

Impact Damage: 10% of the target’s max HP +0.6 AD -> 10% of the target’s max HP (+1% for every 100 additional AD)

When Dragon Claw or hook are interrupted, the amount of charge that is returned is reduced from 50% -> 33%


Base Damage: 50-90+0.3 AD -> 80-120+0.4 additional AD

Second-Hit Damage: 600-1,000+1.5 AD -> 800-1,200+2.0 additional AD


Rationale: Krizzix is often not picked by players, and we want Challengers to start using him again. We gave him a fresh pair of shoes to increase his speed and also decreased the cooldown on his ultimate.


Skill 1:

Own speed-up: 30% -> 40%


Cooldown: 45-5/Lv -> 40-5/Lv


Rationale: We have been re-examining the base attributes of all heroes recently to avoid situations where heroes deviate from their class as this makes them different to similar heroes who should provide a similar experience and interferes with players’ perception. Ata is an example of this because his passive gives him powerful sustainability, which has made his physique seriously inferior to similar tanks or even heavily armed warriors. We’ve adjusted his physique so that it is more in line with his class, but we’ve also nerfed his passive to keep things balanced.

We’ve recently been looking at the base attributes of all Heroes. We’ve noticed that some Heroes have been deviating from what their class is supposed to excel at.

A good example of this is Ata. Ata’s passive gives him great sustainability but doesn’t have the physical stature that a tank is supposed to showcase. To put him in line with other tanks, we’re going to be adjusting his base stats and scaling, while dialing back his passive a touch to make him feel better to play.



Passive HP Regen: 50% HP Regen from Hero hits and 25% HP Regen from Minion Troop hits -> 45% HP Regen from Hero hits and 20% HP Regen from Minion Troop hits

Base Armor: 135 -> 145

Growth Armor: 18.2 -> 23.5

Growth HP: 305 -> 335

Ultimate damage: 250+75/Lv+0.9 AD -> 300+150/Lv+1.0 AD


Rationale: At this stage, Batman is too weak in the jungle. The high amount of lost HP means Batman needs to deal a lot of damage in a short time, which makes him need a lot of gold quickly to be effective. Since it’s easier for him to get gold in team fights, we’ve seen him in the support lane more than in the darkness of the jungle. To help with this, we’ve reduced the delayed damage of his Skill 2 and increased the damage of all his skills.


Skill 1:

Damage: 215+45/Lv+0.85 AD -> 240+55/Lv+0.9 AD

Skill 2:

Cooldown: 9.6s-0.8s/Lv -> 9s-0.8s

Damage: 165+31/Lv+0.57 AD -> 200+50/Lv+0.75 AD

Delayed damage: 24% of lost HP -> 12% of lost HP


Damage: 660+170/Lv+1.88 AD -> 700+200/Lv+2.0 AD


Rationale: Florentino has occupied the top position in the Slayer Lane for a long time, and there are still some major issues with countermeasures despite making several changes, which is not in line with our overall goal.

Florentino’s frequent displacement and stuns can be used with his Ultimate to avoid being controlled. Once he makes the first move, his enemies will find it almost impossible to fight him, so the focus this time is to remove the stun of his Skill 2. However, given his win rate, we have also removed the Energy system, nerfed the area damage of his Skill 2, and increased the stun time of his Skill 1.


Removed the Energy system


Removed the 0.5s speed-up of Readily Engage

Skill 1:

Stun Duration: 0.5s -> 0.75s

Cooldown: 8s-6s -> 9s-7s

Skill 2:

Phase 1: Reduced the slow down percentage from 50% -> 90%

Phase 2: Removed knock away (stun)

Reduced the cooldown of Skill 1: 0.5s-1s -> 1s

Changed his role from attacking single heroes to attacking groups of enemies with area damage


Rationale: Zill’s popularity has increased after the last round of tweaks and has taken the crown of top Assassin. However, in terms of our future goals, we want all Heroes to have their own value in battle and a reason to be picked. He’s currently a bit too far ahead of Heroes, so we’re making some adjustments to bring him more in line with everyone else.

The main problem with Zill is the combination of his Ultimate with his passive marks gives him very high burst damage. This combo makes him extremely powerful and difficult to fight against. However, we still want Zill to feel like what you know and love, so we’re making a few different adjustments to his kit.

First the bad news to all our Zill mains. To give other Heroes more options, we’ve removed the marks from his Ultimate, added a post-cast stun to his Skill 2, decreased the slow on his Skill 1, and decreased the range of his normal attack a bit.

On to the good news, Zill’s passive has been adjusted to no longer do additional damage to wildings and instead to additional magic damage to enemy Heroes. His Skill 1 has been given a damage increase base and with scaling, and now also receives a shield when Skill 2 hits an enemy.

The goal with these changes is to give Zill more damage and survivability during fights instead of only waiting for the perfect opportunity when his ult is off cool down.


Removed: Additional damage to Wildlings

Added: Normal Attacks deal an additional 30(+10/Lv.) (+0.15 AP) Magic Damage to enemies with Marks of the Wind

Marks of the Wind Duration: 5s -> 3s

Normal Attack:

Range: 4m -> 3m

Skill 1:

Range: +0.5m

Bullet width: +0.5m

Bullet speed: Increased by 40%

Phase 1 damage: 300+60/Lv+0.6 AP -> 330+65/Lv+0.65 AP

Phase 2 damage: 200+40/Lv+0.4 AP -> 220+45/Lv+0.45 AP

Slow down percentage: 50% for 1.5s -> 20-40% for 2s

Skill 2:

Movement: Flicker -> 0.2s process with 0.2s post-cast stun

Cooldown: 10s->10-8s

Added: Gains a shield that can absorb 350+70/Lv+0.75 AP damage after hitting a hero


Hitting enemies no longer adds passive Marks of the Wind

Cooldown: 40s-32s -> 40s-30s


Rationale: Volkath has gradually become the nightmare of Marksman heroes. The focus of this round of rebalancing is to make him easier to fight. The benefits of Volkath’s Ultimate Doom Lord status have been removed to make it more difficult and riskier for him to attack the Tower. As compensation, we have increased the stats while charging and adjusted the damage of his Skill 1 and Skill 2 to increase his stability and applicability, but we have reduced his max burst damage.

Skill 1:

Base Damage: 150+30/Lv+1.0 AD -> 200+40/Lv+1.2 AD

Added: Hits slow down targets by 90%, and the effect of this diminishes quickly within 1s

Removed: The damage increase effect of Skill 2’s mark on targets

Fixed a description bug: Skill 2 should stun the target for 0.75s. The wrong description of 1s has been fixed

Skill 2:

Mark Duration: 5s -> 3s

Second-Hit damage: 300+50/Lv+1.0 AD +12% of the target’s lost HP -> 300+60/Lv+1.0 AD +8% of the target’s lost HP (+1% for every additional 50 AD)


Normal Attack damage in Overload mode: 20/60/100+1.0 AD -> 100/200/300+1.3 AD and triggers Normal Attack special effects. When hitting an enemy hero, recover 4% of your max HP +0.8 additional AD (does not stack when there are multiple targets)

Removed the 15% damage reduction in the Overload status

Second-Hit damage: 100/200/300+1.2 AD -> 100/200/300+1.3 AD

Removed the Uncounterable effect during the second phase

Second-Hit Knock Back Duration: 0.75s -> 0.5s

The Doom Lord status (immune to death) is fixed for 3.5s and takes effect the moment phase 2 starts

Removed the Attack Speed and Movement Speed bonus of the Doom Lord status, as well as the 25% HP Regen after the status ends.


Rationale: Riktor’s Skill 2 is quite complicated and far exceeds the power of other non-ultimate abilities. In this round of rebalancing, we’re removing his immunity to control in order to give enemies more options against him.

Even though Riktor’s damage is great while in full defensive gear, we want to provide more options when purchasing items, and give him more of a reason to stand and fight while on land. To do this, we’re adjusting his passive, Skill 1 and Skill 2 to give more benefits from either offensive or defensive items, while still maintaining survivability.


On Land: Increases Attack Speed from 15%-57% -> Increases Armor and Magic Defense by 12%

Skill 1:

Refresh the cooldown by 100% when hitting an enemy. This can only be triggered once every 4s -> 3s

Enhanced Normal Attack damage: 1.5 AD -> 1.25 AD

On Land: Get 15% damage reduction for 3s when hitting an enemy Hero -> Hit any enemy to gain 30% to 60% Attack Speed for 3s

When in a Brush: Deals additional Physical Damage equal to 3%-8% of max HP -> Deals additional Physical Damage equal to HP (+1% for every 80 additional AD)

When on the Creek: Deals additional Physical Damage equal to 3%-8% of the target’s lost HP -> Deals additional Physical Damage equal to 5% of the target’s lost HP (+1% for every 60 additional AD)

Skill 2:

Immune to all damage and debuffs -> Immune to all damage. This is interrupted if controlled by an effect other than paralyze or slow down

Decrease own Movement Speed: 75% -> 50%

On Land: Added “does not lower your Movement Speed”.

When in a Brush: Remove “does not decrease your Movement Speed and changed damage from 300+60/Lv+1.5 AD -> 350+70/Lv+1.75 AD


Rationale: Dirak is relatively strong, and his Skill 2 is difficult for enemies to evade based on the warning effects because it can attack from a long range and has a quick cast animation. His Ultimate is also an ultra-long-range attack, so the pre-cast immunity to control has been removed.

Skill 2:

Increased the ban period in the second phase by 0.5s

Cooldown: (13-1/Lv) ——> (11-0.6/Lv)


Removed the pre-cast immunity to control


Rationale: This time, we’ve tweaked Taara’s HP loss from her passive and the additional attack conversion ratio to make Taara less beefy while increasing her attack. Taara’s Skill 2 has also been adjusted to change True Damage to Physical Damage.


Amount of current HP lost when using skills and the Ultimate: 4%/8% → 6%/10%

Attack Damage increased for every 1% HP lost: 3-6 → 3-7

Skill 2:

Cooldown: 6s → 7s-5s

Damage: 150-300 Physical Damage + 4(+0.5% additional AD) % of the target’s max HP True Damage → 200-400 Physical Damage +(60%AD) Physical Damage

Bug Fixes

Fixed a bug that caused Enzo’s Skill 1’s drag control effect to be affected by the enemy’s Resistance.

Fixed a bug that caused the indication of the enemy’s remaining HP on the left side of Max’s Ultimate’s icon to be inaccurate.

Fixed a bug that caused Baldum’s Normal Attacks to target unchoosable enemies after his Ultimate hits an enemy.

Fixed a bug that caused Zip’s Skill 1 to stun Diaochan despite her passive shield.

Fixed a bug that caused Elsu’s Skill 2 to hit heroes outside the indicated range or the special effect.

Fixed a bug that prevented the effect of Cursing Gaze from triggering when Hayate hits a hero with a skill.

Fixed a bug that caused the attack special effect to trigger when Tachi triggers a mark.

Fixed a bug that caused Tachi’s Skill 1’s actual range to be slightly greater than the indicated range.

Fixed a bug that caused Murad’s Skill 1’s duration to be inconsistent with the skill description.

Fixed a bug that pulled all enemies to the same place when D’Arcy’s Ultimate hit multiple enemies.

Fixed a bug that caused Laville’s Skill 2’s shield to be unable to block the control effect of Y’bneth’s Ultimate.

Fixed a bug that caused Lumburr’s passive to not take effect in certain situations.

Fixed a bug that caused heroes to be controlled while using Frost.

Fixed an issue that caused the subsequent effects of enhanced Normal Attacks and Skill 2 to take effect even though the enhanced Normal Attack and Skill 2 have been interrupted.

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