December 28th 2021 Hero Balance Changes

Arena of Valor December 28th 2021 Hero Balance Changes

We hope you’re all having a very merry holiday and a happy new year! Come take a seat by the fire, and grab a warm beverage, because new hero changes are here! We’d love to know your thoughts on the changes below, so be sure to let us know in the comments. Without further ado, let’s jump right into it.

Arena of Valor December 28th 2021 Hero Balance Changes

Hero balance tweaks


Right now, it’s too ambiguous and complicated to use Ignis. In successive battles it’s difficult for players to clearly know whether opponents have a Mark on them or not. At the same time, the mechanic that removes the Marks every time the effect is triggered means that it takes a lot of time to strategize to use this hero. With all of this in mind, we aim to retain Ignis’ main characteristics while simplifying his overall gameplay. At the same time, we hope Ignis players can fight enemies with normal attacks when his skills are cooling down to make his overall style more robust.


All skills can add a Mark to targets. Marks cannot be consumed after they’ve been triggered

Instead of resetting the cooldown of Skill 1, it’s now reduced by 20% instead.

Each stack of the Mark increases Ignis’ attack speed by 20% and his movement speed by 6%.

Marks can stack up to 5 times.

Normal attacks deal additional (24+4/Lv+0.1AP) damage to marked targets.

HP Regen from triggered Marks: 100+5/Lv+0.15AP -> 80+4/Lv+0.12AP

Skill 1

40% speed-up effect removed

Cooldown: 3 seconds -> 5 seconds

Mana Cost: 30+4/Lv -> 50+5/Lv

Damage: 350+30/Lv+0.5AP -> 375+45/Lv+0.55AP

Shield: 300+100/Lv+0.65AP -> 300+60/Lv+0.5AP

Skill 2

Stun Time: 0.5 seconds -> 0.75 seconds

Multiple hits of Ignis’ Skill 2 won’t trigger marks added by Skill 2


Type of damage dealt to marked targets: True damage -> Magic damage

Damage dealt to marked targets: 800+200/Lv.+1.0AP -> 800+225/Lv.+1.2AP


Last time, we placed greater restrictions on Volkath’s ability to attack towers. Although it makes the experience that fragile heroes have against Volkath more reasonable, Volkath has also become a bit awkward after losing one of his greatest strengths. We’re compensating for this by tweaking Volkath’s ultimate. This will increase his ability to continue fighting immediately and reduce the cooldown of his skills. We have also slightly increased the damage he deals in his Human Form, and we feel that these tweaks will help the dark lord make a comeback.

Skill 2

Tweaked the percentage of base kill damage of the second hit: 8% -> 10%


HP Regen: 4% max HP + 0.8 additional AD -> 6% max HP + 1.2 additional AD

Previously this did not stack even if multiple targets were hit. Now it stacks!

Healing now diminishes to 50% from the second target onward.

Cooldown: 70/65/60 seconds -> 60/50/40 seconds


Although the previous tweaks to Dirak’s Skill 2 returned him to a reasonable level in battles, they also made him weaker than everyone anticipated. We’ve upped his damage and survival values again before he completely disappears from the Antaris Battlefield.


HP deducted for every 1 Mana: 1 -> 1.5

Skill 1

Cooldown: 6 seconds -> 5 seconds


It’s no secret that Lorion has been strong for quite some time. His Skill 1 deals a lot of damage when it hits enemies multiple times in rapid succession, which makes it difficult for opponents to react and fight back. On the other hand, it deals relatively low damage if it only hits once. We believe this is a sign that the upper and lower damage of the skill are poorly designed. We have listened to feedback asking to increase the damage he deals with one hit, and have limited the total damage he can deal when he hits multiple times in a short period of time. We’re hoping this improves the experience of fighting with and against Lorion.

Skill 1

Path Damage: 200 (+40/Lv) (+0.3AP) -> 240 (+48/Lv) (+0.36AP)

New Mechanic: If Lorion’s target is hit multiple times in 1 second, the damage of subsequent hits diminishes by 50%.


Leviathon Time: 1.5 seconds -> 1.25 seconds


After the previous tweaks, Taara no longer seemed obviously weaker on the Slayer Lane than on the Support lane. But due to her low win rate on both lanes, we’ve made Taara’s Skill 2 stronger. To continue improving Taara’s performance on the Slayer Lane, we replaced the magic defense of her Ultimate with armor so that she can seize the upper hand in a battle with AD heroes. At the same time, because her Skill 1 is pretty powerful, we toned Taara down slightly.

Skill 1

Slow effect: 60% for 2 seconds -> 50% for 1.5 seconds

Skill 2

Cooldown: 7-5 -> 6-4

Damage Tweaks: 200+40/Skill Lv -> 250+50/Skill Lv

Skill 3

Armor Bonus: (80+40/Lv) -> (120+60/Lv)

Magic Defense bonus removed.


We’re improving Riktor’s performance in battle while adjusting his strength at the same time, giving him a small buff this time around.

Skill 2

Charge Time: 18 seconds – 1 second/Lv. -> 15 seconds – 1 second/Lv.


Damage Over Time: 36+22/Lv+0.1AD -> 45+30/Lv+0.12AD

Explosion Damage: 200+150/Lv+0.8AD -> 250+200/Lv+0.9AD


Zill’s current rebalance made him a bit on the weaker side from what we’ve noticed, so we’re buffing him up a tiny bit to counterbalance. Marks are a very important part of Zill’s fighting style, so we mainly reduced the cooldown of his Skill 1 this time to give players a greater fighting chance while using him. We are also looking into whether his burst damage is stable enough after increasing the risks, and we’ll be keeping a close eye on Zill after this update.

Skill 1

Cooldown time: 6 seconds -> 5 seconds


The recent changes we made to Annette were mainly focused adjusting her skills and mechanics. In terms of the role she plays, Annette is a Support hero who protects the DPS and has good control over consumption (supplements damage). She needs more magic equipment to achieve her full potential. Based on our observations, however, we believe there is room to improve her strength and experience. The greatest change was to remove the pre-cast animation of her Skill 2 and shorten the action restriction of her Ultimate, which gives players a greater margin for error when using her.


Increased the passive speed-up trigger radius from 6m -> 8m

Skill 2

Removed the pre-cast animation and slightly increased movement speed


Action Restriction Time: 1 second -> 0.5 seconds

Added: Skill 2 can be used to interrupt the skill (removes the post-cast stun after the second part of her ultimate)

Stun Time: 1 second -> 1.5 seconds

Gold and silver medal experience improvements

After the Battlefield 4.0 update, the environment of the entire Antaris Battlefield has undergone major changes. In this update, we have tweaked the evaluation criteria for Gold and Silver Medals, making the difficulty of obtaining Gold and Silver Medals similar for different heroes in the current tier.

Bug fixes

Fixed an issue that prevented players from properly closing a reminder about tags on the Profile screen.

Fixed an issue that prevented Marja’s passive from taking effect.

Fixed an issue that allowed Omen to deal true damage in his last normal attack before he is enhanced by his passive.

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