Arena of Valor Beta 35 Hotfix Patch Notes

Arena of Valor Beta 35 Hotfix Patch Notes

Beta 35-1 Hotfix

The Arena of Valor Beta 35 Hotfix 1 (Feb 22) sees balance updates for Lumburr, Lorion, Zanis, Thorne, and Chaugnar arrives.

Hero Balance Adjustments


Behind the change:

Lumburr has returned stronger than ever after being redesigned, mainly because his knockback allows him to better protect his teammates, so we’ve reduced some less conspicuous attribute bonuses to keep things balanced. As the tweaking of his Skill 2’s cooldown has given him an explosive boost to his mobility, we’ve reduced his stable movement speed accordingly.


Base Movement Speed: 380 -> 370


Armor and Magic Defense Bonus: (80 +12/Lv.) Armor and (60 +9/Lv.) Magic Defense -> (60 +10/Lv.) Armor and (40 +8/Lv.) Magic Defense


Behind the change:

As Lorion is too powerful in the early game, he is able to rush into a crowd of enemies fearlessly and take them all on. So, we will slightly reduce his strength in the early game.


Damage dealt by each shock: 180 +20/Lv. +0.35AP -> 155 +22/Lv. +0.35AP

Each Base Heal: 45 +6/Lv. +0.15AP -> 36 +6/Lv. +0.15AP


Behind the change:

Zanis’ overall win rate is low and he relies too much on the effects of his Ultimate, so we have enhanced his other skills appropriately to improve his performance in frequent and minor skirmishes. In addition, as Zanis’ attributes don’t grow as much as other similar warriors, we’ve taken this opportunity to tweak this as well.


Attack Growth: 12.7 → 14.8

Skill 1:

Base Damage: 200 +25/Lv. → 250 +30/Lv.

Skill 2:

Base Damage: 180 +30/Lv. +0.7AD → 200 +35/Lv. +0.8AD

Life Steal: 10% +2%/Lv. → 20% +2%/Lv.


Behind the change:

Thorne has a relatively high win rate as a whole, especially because the combination of his high damage in the late game with his mobility is too powerful. In consideration of his Marksman class, we’ve decided to mainly restrict his mobility this time.

Skill 2:

Removed the effect that increases speed.


Behind the change:

After being redesigned, Chaugnar relies on stacking his Skill 2 to absorb damage for his team. However, the excessive mana cost of his Skill 2 tends to cause his elephants on the battlefield to run out of mana. So, we’ve reduced the mana cost of Chaugnar’s Skill 2.

Skill 2:

Mana Cost: 40 → 30

Battlefield Rebalance

Iron Defense Line

Behind the change:

The time distribution of the early and middle stages of Antaris Battlefield is currently unreasonable as players spend too long in the early game (Iron Defense Line protection) and too little time in the middle game. Once either side takes down their opponent’s outer tower, it will be quite easy for them to take down the second tower soon after that. In this update and the previous update, we tweaked things in favor of the weaker side with the Catch-up mechanism and freed up some space for us to shorten the early game to a more reasonable range to balance the time distribution of the early and middle stages of the game.


Iron Defense Line Disappears In: 5 min -> 4 min

Wave in which the Ballista Appears: Wave 10 -> Wave 8

Sudden Death Prevention Mechanic

Behind the change:

We’ve found that in some extreme cases, the sudden death prevention mechanic drags the game into an endless battle, so we’ve adjusted the speed reduction effect slightly.


Tower 2’s Speed Reduction: 80%, 10s -> 60%, 10s

Infinite Slayer

Behind the change:

At present, it is slightly more difficult to kill the Infinite Slayer in games that last more than 15 minutes, which makes teams with the upper hand reluctant to take down Infinite Slayer as part of their attack plan. So, we’ve made it slightly easier to kill the Infinite Slayer.


Infinite Slayer’s Base Attack: 1,000 -> 900

Infinite Slayer’s Base HP: 80,000 -> 70,000

Bug Fixes and Improvements

Fixed a bug that caused Zip’s Skill 2 to suck the creatures summoned by the Infinite Slayer into his belly.

Optimized the display of information in Player Info: Restored the display of Conqueror on the main page, and restored the display of the number of heroes/skins collected on the model display page.

Fixed an issue that caused some quests to not appear in the Daily Quests and Challenge Quests from the Codex.

Fixed an issue that caused Ishar–Day of the Dead (Latin America) to not appear.

Fixed an issue that caused Arthur– Crescent General (Europe) to not appear.

Beta 35-2 Hotfix

The Arena of Valor Beta 35 Hotfix 2 (March 8th, 2022) sees balance updates for Paine, Slimz, Elsu, Wisp, and Valhein arrives.

Hero Balance Adjustments


Behind the change:

Paine has been strong after the last round of tweaks. In general, assassins should focus on killing single targets, but Paine’s enhanced normal attack, which deals damage to an area, is too powerful against a group of enemies, so we have nerfed the damage of Paine’s passive against non-primary targets.


The first enhanced normal attack made after using a skill deals 1.75 times damage: The effect applies to all targets along the way -> The effect only applies to the main target (regular enhanced normal attack damage is dealt to other targets)


Behind the change:

It is very easy to hit targets with Slimz’s Skill 1 in close range, but the skill also greatly increases Slimz’s movement speed, so we have decided to remove this effect.

In addition, the stun effect inflicted on enemies hit used to grow stronger incrementally, and we have adjusted this to make it more smooth. Previously, the stun effect at the max range would jump from 1.75s to 2.5s, which is too abrupt. It will be rebalanced to cap the stun time to 2s, but it will increase more smoothly.

Skill 1:

Increase own movement speed after hitting an enemy hero: 30%-80% -> 0-80%.

Stun effect against enemy heroes: 0.5s-2.5s -> 0.5s-2s (the changes are also applied at medium and short range).


Behind the change:

If Elsu hasn’t been seen by enemies or is still invisible, the red warning line of Elsu’s Skill 2 cannot be seen. From the perspective of balanced fighting, we don’t think this is very ideal, so we have adjusted this to allow Elsu’s enemies to use this warning line against him.

Skill 2:

New Mechanic: Potshot’s warning line is visible in the field of view. (Note: In the original version of the skill, this cannot be seen without Elsu’s vision, and this also applies to invisibility)


Behind the change:

Wisp’s passive enables her to make excessive use of the might buff. As her wildling-clearing efficiency is particularly high, her win rate as a Jungler is way too high. For this reason, we are limiting the effect of her passive on wildlings to balance her strength as a Jungler.


New Mechanic: The additional magic damage of the passive does not apply to all wildlings.


Behind the change:

Valhein is weak in all stages of the game and needs a lot of care. The structure and special effects of Valhein’s passive’s enhanced glaives are quite complicated, which means beginners need to invest a lot of time and effort to understand how to use him. In this round of tweaks, we have sorted and simplified the structure and functionality of the enhanced glaives in the hope that this will help players understand and use him.

We have also increased his overall damage to make Valhein stronger. At the same time, we have made it easier for him to stack his passive to increase his stutter-stepping efficiency.


Red Glaive: 100 +24/Lv. +0.7 AP +1.0 AD magic damage ——> 160 +30/Lv. +0.7AP magic damage and 1.0 AD physical damage

Blue Glaive: 75 +9/Lv. +0.55 AP +0.75 AD magic damage, recovery of 20 HP and 5 mana ——> 80 +15/Lv. +0.55 AP magic damage and 1.0 AD physical damage, without the recovery of 20 HP and 5 mana

Yellow Glaive: 75 +9/Lv. +0.55 AP +0.75 AD magic damage and stun for 0.25s ——> 1.0 AD physical damage and stun for 0.5s

Damage type structure: Pure magic damage -> 1.0 AD physical damage (can trigger critical hits) + other magic damage (cannot trigger critical hits)

Increased movement speed effect: 5% per stack, up to 6 stacks; each stack lasts for 2s -> 7.5% per stack, up to 4 stacks; each stack lasts for 2.5

Skill 1:

Damage: 275 +35/Lv. +1.0 AD +1.0 AP -> 300 +40/Lv. +1.35 AD +1.0 AP

Cooldown Time: 9s-0.4s/Lv. -> Fixed at 7s

Bug Fixes

Fixed a bug that caused Apocalypse, Loki’s Curse, and Frost Cape to perform 2 enhanced normal attacks in a row.

Fixed a bug that caused the movement distance of the combo of Raz’s Ultimate and Flash to be slightly short.

Fixed a bug that caused Thorne’s Skill 1 to have an extremely low chance of not being able to select magic bullet.

Fixed a bug that Airi’s Valentine’s Day Avatar Chest and Hayate’s Valentine’s Day Avatar Chest cannot be opened.

Beta 35-3 Hotfix

The Arena of Valor Beta 35 Hotfix 3 (March 31st) sees balance updates for Rourke, Nakroth, and Superman arrives.

Hero Balance Adjustments


Rourke currently has a low win rate before these tweaks. One reason is that Rourke’s compatibility with his original core equipment Blitz Blade had been significantly reduced after some mechanics were tweaked. Another reason is that Rourke is more dependent on his early-game advantages, which makes him unable to benefit much from the catch-up mechanism.

This time, we’ve enhanced Rourke’s relatively weak mid-to-late game capabilities and tweaked some non-standard movement and physique parameters to help Rourke regain some of his past glory.

Basic: Growth Attack Speed: 2% -> 3%; standardized normal attack stun time parameters (stun: 0.3s → 0.333s)

Skill 1:

Enhanced the normal attack damage of single arrow shots: 225 +0.75AD -> 200 +30/Lv. +0.75AD; reduced the stun time after using enhanced normal attack (stun: 0.5s → 0.4s)

Skill 2:

Increased the movement speed (move 4.5m in 0.43s → move 4.5m in 0.4s)


Shield: 1200 +600/Lv. -> 1200 +800/Lv.


After the previous wall judgment tweaks, there has been a slight increase in Nakroth sticking in walls when moving at maximum speed. And the previous nerfing of the red jungler weapon 3-piece core set as well as the removal of the extra area judgment of his ultimate have caused Nakroth’s win rate to decrease without any stat tweaks.

In this round of improvements, we tweaked his ultimate to give it a damage reduction effect so that he has another way to survive extreme situations. At the same time, we also increased his passive income to help him develop faster and become stronger in the early game.

Passive Attack Speed:

40% for 2s -> 50% for 3s


Grants 25% damage reduction while channeling


Superman seems tired after the last round of nerfs to the damage bonus of tanks. We actually want Superman to be more like a warrior, so we have compensated for it by increasing his AD bonus suitably in the current round of tweaks to make him more powerful in battle when using damage-enhancing equipment.

All skills’ Aero Traveller collision damage: 1.0AD +8% max HP bonus -> 1.15AD +8% max HP bonus

Skill 1:

Breath Damage: 175/Lv. +1.5AD -> 175/Lv. +1.75AD

Heat Vision Damage: 175/Lv. +1.5AD -> 175/Lv. +1.75AD


After about 18 minutes into a game, even the losing side will have a full set of equipment. If the momentum isn’t leaning towards any side yet at this stage, the game will enter a long stalemate.

We’re trying to reduce some meaningless waiting time so that Challengers won’t run out of patience in an overly-long drawn-out battle.

Infinite Slayer Tweaks

We previously made Infinite Slayer refresh once every 4 minutes to give the losing side breathing space between the two waves.

After the introduction of the catch-up mechanism in the previous version, the difference in the economy of both sides has been reduced to a certain extent, and even the losing side is generally able to have a full set of equipment after 18 minutes, so we have shortened the refresh interval of the Infinite Slayer accordingly.

Refresh interval: 240s -> 210s

Minion Growth Parameters

Increased the growth parameters and limits of minions after 15 minutes. It is expected that minions will become significantly stronger after 20 minutes, which will make it harder for defenders to kill minions quickly outside the base.

Minions’ HP growth after 15 minutes: 10% -> 12.5%; increased the HP growth limit from 500% → 600%

Attack Growth: 7.5% -> 10%; increased the Attack growth limit from 400% → 500%

Standardized the armor and magic defense growth limit to 200%

Bug Fixes and Improvements

Fixed a bug that caused Yue’s lobby background to display abnormally.

Restored the Profile – Historical Legend Title feature to allow players to search for past Legend Titles.

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