Arena of Valor July 21st 2022 Update Patch Notes

Arena of Valor July 21st 2022 Update Patch Notes

The July 21st Update sees balance adjustments for Nakroth, Maloch, and battlefield adjustments for Dual Dragon Gameplay arrives.

Balance Adjustments


Designer’s perspective:

As Nakroth is currently performing too well in the jungle, other junglers have had fewer opportunities to make an appearance on the battleground, so we have nerfed him appropriately in this hotfix.

We want to retain his nimbleness, but don’t want players to always use him as the initiator because of the stable control effect of his skill 1. Therefore, we have reduced the duration of his control effect.

Also, as an Assassin, Nakroth has excellent survivability and outstanding damage even when he is equipped with half-tank equipment. As a result, we’ve tweaked his damage structure to make his damage more affected by attacking equipment.


Skill 1 knock up time: 0.8s -> 0.5s

Skill 1 damage: 150 +20/Lv. +0.70 AD → 250 +20/Lv. +0.85 Bonus AD

Ultimate 1 damage: 130 +50/Lv. +0.625 AD → 220 +50/Lv. +1.0 Bonus AD


Designer’s perspective:

Maloch is currently quite weak on the Antaris Battlefield. As a heavily armored warrior who charges head-first in the front lines, the fact that his skill 1 can be interrupted means he often dies suddenly in the late game. We have made some improvements to address this.

Also, the stability of Maloch’s ultimate is far worse than that of other tanks and tank supports, so we’ve also improved this.

At the same time, Maloch still has decent damage when he is wearing full defense equipment, so we have adjusted his damage structure to make his damage more affected by attacking equipment.


Skill 1: Changed the skill so that it is now protected from being interrupted instead of returning the cooldown when it is interrupted.

Skill 1: 375 +125/Lv. +215% AD → 650 +200/Lv. +290% Bonus AD

Skill 2 damage: 45 +5/Lv. +20% AD → 45 +5/Lv. +30% Bonus AD

Skill 2 shield: 200 +70/Lv. +90% AD → 250 +75/Lv. +180% Bonus AD

Ultimate: Increased the range of the ultimate by 50

Ultimate: 450 +225/Lv. +130% AD → 600 +250/Lv. +280% Bonus AD

Battlefield Adjustments

Dual Dragon Gameplay

Designer’s perspective:

Improvements were made to the Slayer after the last update:

Slayer Vanguards aren’t able to help players advance very well because they have weak damage absorption, so we have strengthened them in this aspect.

The summoned Dark Slayer dealt too little damage to the tower, so we have made it more threatening to the tower in this update.

We hope that players will be able to create new opportunities by summoning the Infinite Slayer, but we don’t want the battlefield to be dominated by summoned creatures, so we have made them weaker.


Slayer Vanguard: Base HP from 4,500 -> 5,500

Summoned Dark Slayer: Changed the damage dealt to the tower from 0.25 AD true damage → 1.0 AD physical damage

Summoned Infinite Slayer: Base HP 25,000 -> 20,000 and Base Armor from 600 → 400

Reduced the correction ratio of Slayer Minions and the summoned Slayer’s damage dealt to 125%

Bug Fixes and Improvements

Fixed a bug that caused the special effects of Yena’s skill 2 to occasionally appear when Rourke uses normal attacks and Yena is on the battlefield.

Fixed a bug that caused the character model to not move when making normal attacks if Bright starts the match wearing the Toshiro Hitsugaya skin and battlefield resources have not been fully downloaded.

Fixed a bug that caused mini-map pings to not have a cooldown.

Fixed a bug that caused the pop-up frequency of some highlight signals to become abnormal.

Fixed a bug that prevented players from using Cleansing to dispel control effects when knocked up by Baldum’s ultimate.

Fixed a bug that caused the passive signal and highlights switch in games to not be enabled.

Fixed a bug where players were abnormally judged to be AFK.

Fixed a bug that caused the selected hero skill and Rewind to both disappear in Double Ultimate Mode after the player uses Rewind twice.

Fixed a bug that caused the check-in button of the music festival check-in event, the position of the check-in word, and the chest position to be invalid when tapped.

Fixed a bug that caused the feature that automatically sends unclaimed items to the temporary Backpack to not work when the codex is transitioning to the new one.

Fixed a bug that caused the ultimate of Butterfly–Sunken Fable to use the wrong audio.

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