PUBG joins StarSeries i-League

StarLadder has announced they jointly with ImbaTV reached an agreement with PUBG Corporation for orgnisation of the international 3rd-party-tournament (organised by independent tournament organisers) in the game title PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS.

The tournament will be co-branded “StarSeries i-League PUBG”. It will take place between 1st and 4th of March 2018 in “Kiev Cybersports Arena”, Ukraine.

StarSeries i-League PUBG

One of the most important features is that the tournament will be organised in a team-format only (Squad mode). The tournament organisers will directly invite 16 strongest teams from all over the world. The prize pool will amount to $100,000.

Regional distribution of direct invites:

  • North America: 4 teams
  • Europe: 3 teams
  • China: 3 teams
  • CIS: 2 teams
  • Asia: 1 team
  • South America: 1 team
  • South-East Asia: 1 team
  • Oceania: 1 team

During the years of 2016 and 2017 StarLadder and ImbaTV have successfully organised 14 worldwide tournaments in CS:GO, Dota 2 and Hearthstone with the LAN-finals in Shanghai, Los Angeles, Minsk, Kiev, Moscow.

Source: StarLadder official site.


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