Barik is a sturdy frontline who is excellent at holding a point. He can create a fortress for his team by building turrets and shields around an area.

Barik Paladins Strike


BlunderbussCD: 0.5s. A short range blunderbuss that shoots 9 pellets that deal 200 damage each and can deal up 1400 damage total.
BarricadeCD: 15s. Deploy a barricade that provides cover. Barricade lasts for 5s and absorbs up to 1400 damage.
TurretBuild a turret that fires at enemies for 200 damage per attack and lasts until destroyed. You may deploy up to 2 turrets. Turrets too far away from Barik will be destroyed.
Dome ShieldCD: Energy Gainned. Deploy a Dome Shield for 5s with a Flamethrower turret inside that deal 150 damage per 0.2s.


Level up to active a talent. You can level up 5 times, and each time you level up you can select from a set of two different talents.

Max health increased by 20%2Movement speed increased by 20%
Recovery increases by 20%3Gain 25% area damage reduction
Basic attacks deal 20% more damage4Critical chance increases by 25%
Gain 20% basic attack damage reduction5CC duration reduced by 50%
Ultimate charges 200% faster6Ability cooldown reduced by 30%



Barik Aqua skin in Paladins Strike


Barik Blacksmith skin in Paladins Strike


Barik Santa skin in Paladins Strike


Barik Login skin Paladins Strike Central