Sha Lin

Sha Lin is a cunning ranger who relies on sand magic and deception to keep his distance. Sha Lin is able to trick his enemies with fleeting mirages while bouncing long range arrows for extra damage.

Sha Lin in Paladins Strike


LongbowFires an arrow that deals 800 damage and bounces off walls. Each bounce increases damage by 25%.
Impaler ArrowReplaces your next Longbow attack with an arrow that deals 600 damage, but knocks an enemy backward. If the enemy collides with a wall, a 2 second stun will be applied. If the enemy collides with another enemy, both will become stunned. Restores 1 weapon energy on use.
WithdrawLeap backward and become stealth for 3 seconds. A mirage is left at Sha Lin’s original location.
Heat HazeBecome stealth, recover weapon energy at double rate, and move 50% faster. Last for 10 seconds. Each attack creates a mirage after a short delay.


Level up to active a talent. You can level up 5 times, and each time you level up you can select from a set of two different talents.

Movement increased by 20%2Recovery increased by 35%
Critical chance increased by 25%3Heat Haze charges 100% faster
CC duration reduced by 80%4Max health increased by 25%
Max health increased by 25%5Critical damage increased to 175%
Ability cooldowns reduced by 35%6Basic attacks deal 25% more damage


Aero (Unlocked in Awards)

Sha Lin Aero skin in Paladins Strike

Desert Prince (Unlocked with Crystals)

Sha Lin Desert Prince skin in Paladins Strike