Dark and Light: January 2018 Update Patch Notes

Dark and Light Community Manager, Erebus, has announced Snail Games is finishing up testing Dark and Light next build, and will be releasing it soon. There will be an announcement in game allowing Adventurers to get to a safe place before servers go down. Below are the full patch notes for the update.

General Updates

Talos, Estel, and Ironfast Optimization

  • The slums for each of the three major cities have been relocated to assist with performance.
  • Resources have been reduced in each city which will improve performance.

Rental Sign Storage Changes

  • Players that have had their items stored away inside of these signs have had a bit of an advantage over other players since there is no way for these areas to be raided, and it wasn’t intended to have these be storage bins. We’ve changed these signs so that items can no longer be placed inside of them. Please relocate any items that are stored in these properties to avoid issues.

Magic Storage Bins

  • Magical Storage Bins are a new structure that have been added to the villages outside of each city. These bins will provide some similar features to the rental sign so that players who were storing items in this way have another option.
  • Magic Storage Bins are still unbreakable
  • There are two sizes of Magic Storage Bins. Large has a 20 slot inventory, and small has a 10 slot inventory.
  • Magic Storage bins (large) can only be rented for 7 days at a time, and rental can be renewed only 2 hours before the time expires.
  • Magic Storage Bins (small) can only be rented for 3 days at a time, and rental can be renewed only 2 hours before the time expires.
  • If items are left behind after time expires, the next Adventurer that rents the Magical Storage Bin will become the owner of them.
  • All Adventurers are able to see the Magical Storage Bin’s rental timer.
  • Each faction will currently only have one large Magical Storage Bin.
  • Each House is only able to rent one Magical Storage Bin at a time. If the House dissolves, the Magical Storage Bin will revert back to an unleased state.
  • Adventurers are only able to rent Magical Storage Bins that are inside of their faction’s city.

Libraries and Hotels have been closed in the cities until mechanical development of structures are completed.

Bug Fixes

Fixed a bug where Wind and Dark Wind Elementals attack AI wasn’t working properly.

Fixed a bug where login music wasn’t working correctly during character creation.

Fixed a bug where the waterfall near Ironfast was much louder than intended.

Fixed a bug where NPCs were in cities that had no utility.

Fixed a bug where Adventurers were spawning at incorrect locations in Ironfast.

Fixed a bug where some structures were floating in the church outside of Ironfast.

Fixed a bug where Yetis would rubberband on death.

Known Issues

We’re current aware that structures aren’t loading in fully when an Adventurer first logs into Archos. We’re deploying a small fix in this patch where if Adventurers move side to side, these structures should load in, and are continuing to look into a full fix for this issue.


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