January 15th 2021 Update Patch Notes

January 15th 2021 Update Patch Notes

The Onmyoji Arena January 15th 2021 Update sees Season 12, S12 Battle Pass and tons of item adjustments arrives.

Free Shikigami Lineup Adjustments

Onmyoji Arena will change the lineup of the limited-time free shikigami at 5:00 AM on January 18th. The new free shikigami will be Youko, Yamausagi, Shuten Doji, Enenra, Kyuumei Neko, Tanuki, Shiro, and Ittan-momen.

Onmyoji who own the God of Fortune Month Pact will have the additional free shikigami, Susabi and Miketsu.

Of these shikigami, Shiro and Ittan-momen have a difficulty of Hard. Onmyoji who have been in Heian-kyo for less than 7 days can’t use them in battle for free.

New Season Starts

Season 12 will start after the maintenance on January 15th. Please check the detailed info below:

Players’ initial tier in Season 12 will be based on their final tier in Season 11 according to the season rules. Additionally, tier inheritance rules have been altered due to the adjustments made to the Challenger tier and higher in Season 11.

Players whose highest tier in Season 12 reached Gold or above will get the avatar frame for the corresponding tier. But the Superstar frame will only be granted to players who are still in Superstar tier at the end of Season 12.

After Season 12 starts, players who participated in at least 60 5v5 matches and had an average punishment (punished matches / total matches) of less than 0.025/match in Season 11 will be granted a Season 11 exclusive skin for Hannya, Art of War: Plundering Mask. During Season 12, players who meet the requirements of claiming a rank skin can claim the Season 12 exclusive rank skin for Shiro, Virtue of War: Fragrant Snow. When Season 13 starts, players who meet the requirements will be able to claim the Season 12 exclusive skin for Kyuumei Neko, Art of War: Ninja Cat.

After Season 12 Starts, the match data of Season 12 will be added to the Season Momento.

Kyuumei Neko Art of War: Ninja Cat.

Shiro Art of War Fragrant Snow.

Changes to Ranked Match

We will be removing the Soul Fire accumulation mechanic for the Challenger tier. The Challenger tier is now separated into 5 smaller tiers. Players enter promotion matches upon reaching Challenger V 5 Fire. Winning any of the 3 matches in the next 5 battles grants an advancement to Superstar. The Soul Fire accumulation mechanic will then apply to those at the Superstar tier.

We have also made adjustments to matching restrictions for those at the Superstar tier. Players at Superstar 26 Fire and above can only solo queue.

S12 Battle Pass: Previous Cycle

S12 Battle Pass: Previous Cycle is on! From this season onward, each season’s Battle Pass will be split into two individual cycles, Previous and Next. The Previous Cycle ends on 2/25/2021. For this cycle, new Battle Pass exclusive skins, Season Skin: Superior, Return Cursed Seals, Broadcast Themes, Sakurako skins, as well as other rewards have been added.

If you spend 380 Jade, you can unlock all the content of Battle Pass and instantly claim all Battle Pass rewards of your current pass level. The rewards for this season include Broadcast Theme: Kidomaru, Return Cursed Seal: Shura, S12 Rank Skin: Superior – Melting Crystal, and Samurai X’s new skin, Horse-training Terrace. If you spend 660 Jade, you can unlock Battle Pass and get the S12 Battle Pass: Open (Precious) avatar frame, level up your Battle Pass by 15 levels and claim Samurai X’s new skin.

Also, the General Lava Secret Box is now available in this season’s Battle Pass Shop. Open it to obtain Yamawaro’s skin, General Lava. The requirements must be met in order to use it. The skin obtained from this item will not have the season mark.

The Previous Season Level Supplementary Purchase feature of the Battle Pass will be continued this season. Onmyoji who unlocked the Battle Pass but did not reach Battle Pass Level 100 in the previous season can use Jade to purchase levels for the previous season’s Battle Pass within 20 days from the start of the new season to obtain the rare rewards that they could not obtain due to not meeting level requirements.

Shiro Melting Crystal.

Samurai X Horse-training Terrace.

Item Adjustments

We will be upgrading the Item System for the new season. While we bring you new items and remake some effects, we will be incorporating the necessary stats for each position in early and mid game to lessen the number of necessary items in a build, allowing players to make a build according to an item’s features and the situation on the battlefield. We hope to bring players a whole new experience as well as provide more build options.

New Movement Items and Exclusive Movement Item Slot

Currently, in a small number of matches that last for too long, players found it necessary to switch out their shoes for other items to attain better stats. However, this in turn makes for a less enjoyable gaming experience with the slower Movement Speed in late game.

We hope to alleviate this problem by introducing a new item slot exclusively for shoes. Players can purchase the new item, Gates of Amanoiwato, to move their shoes into the exclusive item slot to permanently receive the shoes’ stats. This will free up the original item slot to further upgrade the player’s own combat power.

We also wish to resolve the issue where Marksman shikigami have no suitable intermediate Movement item to use and to ease back on the farm speed of Marksman shikigami in mid game, so we will be making some downward adjustments on the base Attack Speed and stats of Marksman shikigami while we introduce new Movement items for them.

Gates of Amanoiwato – New

Can only be purchased if you own an intermediate Movement item. Does not take up item slots.

Spirited: Moves the intermediate Movement item you already own into the exclusive Movement slot.

Flexible Kogake – New

Stats: +45 Movement Speed, +20% Attack Speed, +5% Basic Attack Damage

New Main Stats Term

Due to item stat limitations, a single item tends to be suitable for only one type of shikigami even though the effect or active ability of these items appear universal.

We hope by introducing the new Main Stats term, the Main Stats will change to adapt to the bonus Attack stat of different shikigami types. Some items will be changed to the new Main Stats term, including Raja Warhammer, Ravening Zither, Summer Ashes, and Nether Crossbow. This way, we hope different types of shikigami will be able to choose items best-suited to their play style without any stat limitations.

1 Main Stats=1 Attack Damage or 1.5 Ability Power (For special double bonus shikigami, 1 Main Stats=0.7 Attack Damage+1 Ability Power.)

Raja Warhammer

Adjusted 75 Attack to 75 Main Stats.

Nether Crossbow

Adjusted 20 Attack to 20 Main Stats.

Ravening Zither

Adjusted 110 Ability Power to 80 Main Stats.

Summer Ashes

Adjusted 120 Ability Power to 80 Main Stats.

Effect adjustment: Ability damage causes the target to take magic damage equal to 2% of their Max HP within 3 seconds. Can stack up to 4 times with each stack containing a built-in cooldown.

Defense Adjustments

Currently, Tank shikigami are comparatively weaker than Warrior shikigami when it comes to laning, lane clearing, and late game teamfights. We hope to improve the combat situation of Tank shikigami by adjusting item cost-performance ratio and introducing new items.

We will be introducing the new item, God-killing Halberd. This item carries an active ability that will grant Tank shikigami some damage taking capabilities in teamfights. We will also be making adjustments to Fire King Lance, Vaisravana Drum, Ninth Heaven Wing, Soul Grabber, and Yata no Kagami to improve Tank shikigami performance in various situations.

God-killing Halberd – New

Stats: 150 Armor + 150 Magic Resist.

Active – Demon Visage: Immediately gain a Haste effect. If damage is dealt to enemy shikigami within the next 5 seconds, temporarily increases your Max HP according to the number of enemy shikigami nearby.

Fire King Lance, Vaisravana Drum

Adjusted damage to 30+3% bonus HP.

Soul Grabber

Adjusted effect cooldown from 6 seconds to 4 seconds. Can be triggered against minion waves.

Adjusted Movement Speed Reduction to target from 20% to 30%.

Adjusted own Movement Speed Increase from 10% to 15%.

Ninth Heaven Wing

Removed the 10% Cooldown Reduction.

Increased maximum stacks from 3 stacks to 5 stacks.

Adjusted Damage Reduction for each stack from 2.5% to 2.4%.

Yata no Kagami

Deactivation duration after taking damage from shikigami/non-shikigami has been reduced from 8/6 seconds to 7/3.5 seconds.

Support Item Adjustments

Due to the comprehensive nature of the cost-performance ratio of support items and the buffs from certain items, the actual support provided is highly homogeneous, resulting in less options. Thus, we will be making an overall adjustment to support items.

Currently, the first support item options are differentiated according to effect and stats. We plan to integrate the stats of the first items to grant Support shikigami more items to choose from according to their team’s current situation.

We also added some new items and remade the effects of some items to increase the item support for Support shikigami entering battle, in hopes that this will give various Support shikigami the ability to choose items according to their own and their enemy’s characteristics.

Fashionable Trinket, Asakusa Glow, Astrolabe

Stats adjustments: 250 HP + 30 Main Stats + 50% HP Regen + 50% MP Regen + 10% Cooldown Reduction + 6% Movement Speed.

Adjusted the Active Haste effect of Fashionable Trinket from 3 seconds to 3.5 seconds, Haste Extent from 40% to 50%, and added a 50% Slow Effect Reduction.

Adjusted cooldown of Asakusa Glow from 50 seconds to 35 seconds.

8ft Magatama

Stats adjustments: 80 Armor + 600 HP.

Adjusted effect so that it now grants Armor to yourself and nearby ally shikigami.

Glittering Dream – New

Stats adjustments: 80 Armor + 550 HP + 100% HP Regen.

Swayed Dreams: When a strong control effect is inflicted on an enemy shikigami*, restores a certain amount of HP to self and a nearby teammate with the lowest HP. Cooldown of 4 seconds.

The definition of a strong control effect is a control effect that causes the enemy to completely lose control. These include: Stun, Knockup, Freeze, Charm, Taunt, Harden, Polymorph, Sleep, Suppress, Fear.

Little Bells

Removed the 5% Movement Speed from stats, and added 10% Cooldown Reduction.

Effect adjustment: The healing and shield granted to teammates will enhance the damage of their next basic attack within a certain period of time. The damage is pegged to the amount of healing and shield, and can be stacked.

Gold Hachiman Do

Stats adjustments: 575 HP + 60 Armor and Magic Resist + 5% Movement Speed.

Golden Armor: Reduces output by enemy shikigami within a certain range. After inflicting a strong control effect on an enemy shikigami, this effect will be doubled for 3 seconds.

Magic Adjustments

At the moment, for the majority of Mage shikigami, their strong period is not obvious and they have a certain disadvantage when facing off against some Marksman shikigami when laning. In regards to item options, as there are too many components to their core items, the overall item order in the early and mid game is quite fixed. We will therefore make the following changes:

Increased the Base Armor of some Mage shikigami to adjust their laning strength.

More of the necessary stats required for early and mid game will be incorporated into their first item.

As lane clearing capability is the universal need for all Mage shikigami, we hope to reduce the need of lane clearing capability of Mage shikigami from items without affecting their lane clearing speed by removing the damage to minions from Izanami’s Scepter and adjusting the stats of the minion waves.

Adjustments have been made to the price-performance ratio of some items, and effects of some items which have not met expectations have been remade.

Mandala Sutra

Adjusted Ability Power from 135 to 145.

Added 8% Movement Speed.

Shichimen Tennyo

Added 10% Cooldown Reduction.

Added 8% Movement Speed.

Adjusted HP from 450 to 400.

Adjusted MP from 300 to 250.

Tale of Izumo

Adjusted Ability Power from 180 to 155.

Percentage Ability Power adjusted from 13 + 2*level to 4 + 2*level.

Adjusted maximum from 35% to 40%.

Izanami’s Scepter

Removed the Movement Speed stat.

Adjusted Ability Power from 135 to 145.

Effect will not be triggered against minion waves.

Minion Wave Adjustments

Reduced overall HP and increased Armor to ensure the adjusted lane clearing capability of Mage shikigami after the adjustments made to Izanami’s Scepter.

Marsh Moon

Removed the Movement Speed stat.

Adjusted Ability Power from 135 to 145.


Adjusted Cooldown Reduction from 20% to 10%.

Added 5% Movement Speed and 20% Attack Speed.

Night Parasol

Effect Redesign: Gains 80% Damage Reduction which decreases over 0.6 second upon taking damage from shikigami. The Damage Reduction effect will reset if no damage is taken for 30 seconds.

Mage Shikigami Adjustments

Increased Base Armor by 7.

Attack Adjustments

To increase the item options of Marksman shikigami and their suitability, we have made the following adjustments to Marksman shikigami items and HP Steal items:

The necessary stats required for early and mid game will be incorporated into the commonly chosen first items for Marksman.

Even out HP Steal stats.

Adjusted the base stats of Marksman shikigami to suitably delay the time needed to fully equip Marksman shikigami.


10% Attack HP Steal.

Adjusted Attack Damage from 60 to 40.

Fusion adjustment: Dragon Gun + Genji Longbow + Redmark Katar.

Heaven’s Thunder

Added 10% Attack HP Steal.

Adjusted Attack Speed from 50% to 35%.

Effect has been adjusted so that it can now crit, and removed the bonus damage to minion waves.

Fusion adjustment: Dragon Gun + Genji Longbow + Redmark Katar.

Omoikane’s Bow

Adjusted price from 2,100 coins to 2,250 coins.

Added 10% Life Steal.

Adjusted Attack Damage from 55 to 50.

Adjusted Cooldown Reduction from 15% to 10%.


Adjusted damage from 35% Attack to 20 + 35% Attack.

Adjusted Ability Cooldown Reduction from 1 second to 1.5 seconds.

Adjusted Slow duration from 1.5 seconds to 1.2 seconds.

Fusion adjustment: Dragon Gun + Katar + Redmark Katar.

The HP Steal stat from Juzumaru, Heaven’s Thunder, and Omoikane’s Bow cannot be stacked.


Adjusted damage from 40 + 50% Attack to 20 + 35% Attack.

To prevent some shikigami from being negatively affected by the adjustments to Marksman shikigami items, we have adjusted the boost that Kyuumei Neko and Hone Onna receive from Otenta.

Kyuumei Neko

Adjusted damage coefficient of Otenta from 0.5 to 0.7.

Hone Onna

Adjusted attack effect coefficient from 0.45 to 0.65.

Ame-no-habaya – New

Stats: 35% Attack Speed + 22% Magic Penetration + 22% Armor Penetration.

Golden Kite Effect: Stacks on self when attacking enemy shikigami. At full stacks, basic attacks will deal bonus damage (considered as attack effect) and Movement Speed will be increased.


Adjusted Attack Damage from 110 to 90.

Adjusted Attack HP Steal from 20% to 10%.

New: +15% Attack


Adjusted Life Steal and Spell Vampire from 8-18% to 6-12%.

Adjusted Attack from 75 to 85.

Adjusted Armor from 80 to 90.

Eye of Orochi

Adjusted Attack HP Steal from 15% to 10%.

Adjusted Attack from 100 to 85.

New: 55 Armor.

Redmark Katar

Adjusted Attack HP Steal from 10% to 7%, and added the stat term of the same name.

Adjusted Attack Damage from 25 to 20.

Adjusted price from 640 coins to 570 coins.

Dragon Gun

Adjusted Attack Damage from 40 to 20.

Adjusted price from 750 coins to 480 coins.

Marksman Shikigami

Adjusted Attack and Attack Speed growth.

Jungle Mechanics Adjustments

Under the current monster mechanics, gathering multiple monsters together to attack them at the same time will increase jungling efficiency, leading to jungler shikigami with AoE attacks having an obvious higher jungling efficiency compared to jungler shikigami with single-target output. With this adjustment, during battles between shikigami and monsters, when the shikigami is attacked by another monster, the first monster will immediately disengage from battle and return to its original position. We have also adjusted the overall HP of monsters, to balance the changes in jungling efficiency of jungler shikigami with AoE attacks.

Title System

Added the Title System, in which you can set the title that you like after getting it via Personal Panel – Title Settings. Other players can also see your title on your Personal Panel and the Chat screen.

Okami Set System

Added an option to select the corresponding Okami Set according to common gameplay in the Okami Set screen.

Combined the set and onmyodo builds from the same Okami in the Okami Set screen.

Added the Okami Likes Recommendation feature. You can enable this option in the Settings screen, after which you will be recommended items sets in-game according to Okami Likes.

After a match, you will be able give a Like to the Okami who created the set that you used in the match.

Latest Events

Sylph Returns

Event Period: January 15th after maintenance to January 28th, 2021.

Hone Onna’s 1st Anniversary skin, Sylph Soul will make its return to the Skin Shop for a limited time! It will be available from January 15th to January 28th, 2021.

Defense Bounty

Event Period: January 15th after maintenance to February 21st, 2021.

During the event, complete quests to receive Soulcaller Talismans. These talismans can be used in a future event to draw rare character shards.

Mahjong Chess Optimization

You will now be able to see the opponent you will be facing for the turn beforehand at the beginning of each turn.

At the beginning of each turn, if the Tile Box is locked and there are empty slots in the Tile Box, the empty slots will be randomly filled with new tiles at a rate according to your current level.

Optimizations and Adjustments

Adjusted the display rules of frequently used shikigami during banning mode. Also, you can now tap on your teammate’s avatar to view the lanes of their recent matches and the corresponding frequently used shikigami.

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