October 18th 2019 Update Patch Notes

Let’s check out Onmyoji Arena October 18th, 2019 Update Patch Notes. This update sees two new Ranked Match Season 7 starts and tons of adjustments arrives.

October 18 2019 Update Patch Notes


Onmyoji Arena will change the lineup of the limited-time free shikigami on October 21st, 2019. The new free shikigami will be Ebisu, Kuro, Jorogumo, Hana, Dodomeki, Tanuki, Komatsu, Maestro and Higanbana.

Of these shikigami, Komatsu, Maestro and Higanbana have a difficulty of Extreme. Onmyoji who have been in Heian-kyo for less than 7 days can’t use them in battle.


Season 7 will start after the maintenance on October 18, 2019. Please check the detailed info below:

Players’ initial tier in Season 7 will be based on their final tier in Season 6 according to the season rules.

Players whose highest tier in Season 7 reached Gold or above will get the avatar frame for the corresponding tier. But the Onmyoji frame will only be granted to players who are still in Onmyoji tier at the end of Season 7.

After Season 7 starts, players who joined at least 60 5v5 matches in Season 6 with an average punishment rating of less than 0.025 per match (number of punishments/total matches) will receive Jorogumo’s S6 exclusive Art of War skin, Art of War: Venom Bite.

During Season 7, players who meet the requirements of claiming a rank skin can claim the Season 7 exclusive rank skin for Kuro, Art of War: Scarlet Scythe. When Season 8 starts, players who meet the requirements, can claim the Season 7 exclusive skin for Hououga, Art of War: Plume of the Sacred Flame.

After Season 7 Starts, the match data of Season 6 will be added to the Season Momento.

After Season 7 Starts, all players’ shikigami Power will be reset a certain amount based on their Power from Season 1 to Season 6.


All-new Fun mode, Duel Grounds, available now! You can join battles via Fun – Mystic Realm – Duel Grounds.

Players will take part in 1v1 battles on the narrow lanes of Duel Grounds. You can set the victory conditions for even purer competition of skills! Duel Grounds also supports creation of rooms, so players can carry out 1v1 battles against friends via Battle – Custom Game – Duel Grounds.


Battlefield Adjustments

As the battle environment in the middle lane of the current 5v5 battlefield is too dangerous, leading to unfriendly survival conditions for shikigami farming in the middle lane. As such, we have made some adjustments to the terrain of the river in the middle lane.

Map for Elite tier and above: The brush location on the middle lane has been moved outwards in both directions, and the length of the walls along the river in the middle lane have been slightly increased.

Map for Diamond tier and below: Removed the row of brush near the river in the middle lane.

Adjustments to Team Forming Rules

Optimized the team forming rules. The tier level of the room owner will no longer be used to determine whether teams can be formed. Instead, it will be determined by the overall tier situation of teams in the room.

Adjustments to Monsters

Decreased the stats of monsters in the maps of Casual Matches and Ranked Matches for Elite tier and below.


Onmyoji Arena has adjusted and upgraded onmyodo with the hopes of providing more strategic selection so that you can have different gameplay experiences with the same shikigami by using different onmyodo combinations.

Onmyodo Layout Adjustments

For previous onmyodo, you could select from 3 stats with each stat taking up 2 slots. However, there were almost no shikigami who required selection of different stats at the same time. Because of this, we have combined the same type of stats, doubling their value and combining them into the same slot. Also, we have added a slot for ability-type onmyodo. We hope that this will provide more strategic combinations for the shikigami.

You can select the following for the first ability-type onmyodo slot: Mortality, Shatter, Soul Ward, Clairvoyance.

You can select the following for the second ability-type onmyodo slot: Feather Sigil, Fox Blaze, Kiai, Omen Starlight.

You can select the following for the third ability-type onmyodo slot: Witch’s Prayer, Scud, Umbrella Shield, Shadow Hunt.


Onmyoji Arena has added 3 all-new onmyodo to the selection for the middle slot. These include Spirit Fish Protection—increase ability to take damage for tanks, Occult: Pursuit—increase attack speed burst for a short duration, and Sorcery: Change, which has a special gameplay.

Spirit Fish Protection: If damage taken within 5 seconds is equal to 10% of Max HP, Armor and Magic Resist is increased by 80 plus 35% for 3 seconds. At the same time, (8*level) magic damage is dealt to surrounding enemies every second. Cooldown: 20 seconds.

Occult: Pursuit: If enemy shikigami are hit with basic attacks 2 times within 5 seconds, attack speed is increased by 30 (+4*level)% for 3 seconds. Cooldown: 15 seconds.

Sorcery: Change: After leaving the battle for 3 seconds, you can switch to a spell that you carry. After using that spell or after 60 seconds, it will switch back to the original spell. Cooldown: 90 seconds. This ability can be used 100 seconds after the start of the battle. After switching, the cooldown of the spell is 3 times that of the original.

Onmyodo Remake

Occult: Panther Eyes will only grant a Movement Speed bonus when moving towards enemies. There is a lot of restriction on its use, but the buff effect provided is not high enough. We have redesigned this onmyodo, in hopes that it will provide a certain amount of buff when both attacking and retreating.

Occult: Haste (replacing Occult: Panther Eyes)

If accumulated damage to an enemy shikigami reaches 15% of their Max HP within 3 seconds, a 30 (+1.5*level)% Movement Speed bonus and a 50% Slow immunity is granted. This effect decays over 3 seconds to a 9 (+0.45*level)% Movement Speed bonus and a 15% Slow immunity that lasts for 3 seconds. Dealing damage to enemy shikigami will refresh the duration. Cooldown: 30 seconds.

Umbrella Shield: Changed “Increases Armor and Magic Resist of self when under a great controlling effect” to “when casting ultimate ability, increases Reduce Control by 20%. Cooldown: 30 seconds”.

Mortality: When attacking enemy shikigami who have higher Max HP than yours, the damage dealt increases according to the percentage of HP that is higher. When Max HP is 60% more than yours, the damage dealt is 6% more at most.

Clairvoyance: Every seal or assist on an enemy shikigami, or sealing 3 monsters, will permanently increase your Max HP by 0.4%, up to a maximum of 10 times. At maximum, Max HP will be increased by an additional 2%.

Omen Starlight: Restore 15 (+5%*lost HP) HP to self after dealing damage to enemies, restoring an additional 50% HP if the damage is dealt to enemy shikigami. Cooldown: 15 seconds.

Onmyodo Adjustments

To allow Sorcery: Star to support shikigami in continuous battle, we have changed the damage increase effect at full stacks to Life Steal and Spell Vampire, in hope that this will provide a certain survivability on top of the damage bonus. At the same time, we have also made value adjustments to the other onmyodo in the middle slot, so that the buffs provided by onmyodo in the same position are similar.

Sorcery: Star: The additional 2% increase to damage at full stacks have been changed to 5% Life Steal and Spell Vampire.

Divination Sigil: Adjusted damage and shield’s extra Max HP bonus from 6% to 7%.

Sorcery: Protect: Adjusted damage and shield’s Max HP bonus from 10% to 12%.

Occult: Panther Maul: Ability Power bonus adjusted from 10% to 18%, and extra Attack Damage bonus from 25% to 35%.

Summon: Purgatory: Minions will not trigger Purgatory, and the damage range has been increased from 200 yards to 240 yards. Ability Power bonus adjusted from 10% to 15%, and extra Attack Damage bonus from 25% to 32.5%.

We have also made value adjustments to onmyodo in the other slots.

Movement Speed: Adjusted from 3%*2 to 1-8% (increasing with level).

Cooldown: Adjusted from 5%*2 to 1-10% (increasing with level).

Magic Resist: Adjusted the value of Slot 1 from 8*2 to 19.2, and the value of slot 2 from 10.5*2 to 25.2.


S7 Battle Pass has been updated! This season, apart from S7 exclusive Battle Pass skin, Return Cursed Seal and other rewards, there will be a new Battle Pass Shop available. In this shop, you will be able to redeem for S8 Battle Pass EXP Packs, Battle Pass Treasures and other items. Opening Battle Pass Treasures will give you a chance to get S4 Art of War Skin·Superior, item effects, and other rare rewards!

If you spend 680 jade, you can unlock this season’s Battle Pass rewards including Kyuumei Neko’s new skin, Impostor Maid, Broadcast Theme: Enma, Return Cursed Seal: Underworld, S7 Art of War Skin·Superior, Battle Pass Skin Chest and other rare items. If you spend 1280 jade, you can unlock Battle Pass and get the exclusive avatar frame of S7 Battle Pass, level up your Battle Pass by 20 levels and claim a Skin Chest and Kyuumei Neko’s new skin.

At the same time, for this season, we have also optimized the usage rules for the Lv. 100 reward, S7 Art of War Skin·Superior. After obtaining this item, players will be able to try out using this kind, with the trail period being until the start of the next season.


Single-target Casting Indicator

Added the single-target casting indicator. Changes to the type of single-target casting indicator can be made via Settings – Control Settings.

Daily Quests – Heian-kyo Mahjong Fight

Added a new random quest related to Mahjong Fight to Daily Quests. Complete it to get Mahjong Koban rewards. Incomplete quests will be saved in this quest slot, up to a maximum of 3 incomplete quests.

Blacklist Feature

Added the blacklist feature. Players can blacklist other players who they don’t want to be on the same team as on the results screen. After blacklist them, they will not be on the same team again for one week. Players can blacklist a maximum of 3 other players each week. The blacklist will be cleared on Monday. This feature is temporarily not available to Challenger tier and above.