New shikigami Yuki’s abilities preview

Affected by the demonic force of a great spirit, Yuki transformed from a lifeless snowman into human-form. Within his eyes is a sense of loneliness that doesn’t seem to go away. He has always been wondering what is life, and what is its purpose?

After the update on November 23rd, Yuki (VA: Marina Inoue) will be available in Onmyoji Arena Battle Royale as a new Samurai type Shikigami!


Yuki dashes towards the designated direction and deals damage to enemies on the way. Yuki can use the ability again to deal damage within a certain duration and inflict a Slow Effect to enemies within a fan-shaped area to the front for seconds.


Yuki purifies himself with Warm Wind, dispelling controlling effect and restoring HP.


After a short period of energizing, Yuki pulls out snow, charges towards the target enemy shikigami and attacks 3 times. The first attack deals damage and Freezes target. The second attack and the third attack deal damage. The 3 attacks won’t stack [Frost].


Passive Effect: Every certain period of time, Yuki’s next basic attack will make him dash towards the target for a certain distance and deal Physical Damage to all enemies within a rectangular range. When Yuki reaches a certain Lv, cooldown time will be decreased to a certain duration. Every time Yuki uses an ability to deal damage to enemy shikigami, cooldown time of this attack will be decreased.


Passive trigger: When Yuki deal damage to enemy shikigami or monsters with Basic Attack or abilities, it will trigger 1 layer of [Frost]. If a single target has stacked certain layers of [Frost], target will be frozen. After a target is under Freeze, Yuki can’t stack any more layers of [Frost] on shikigami or monsters for a cooldown time. Yuki will mark enemy shikigami under Freeze state within range and when Yuki uses a basic attack on them, Yuki will jump towards the target and deal Physical Damage to the target and surrounding enemies.

NetEase Games’ announcement on Onmyoji Arena official Facebook page.

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