Lesley Cheergunner coming to Mobile Legends

The Mobile Legends: Bang Bang developer, Moonton, has announced two new skins Referee and Cheergunner are coming to the game. Lesley Cheergunner is now available for pre-sale and Harley Referee will unlock for free in the upcoming Champion event.


The Sniper Lesley dresses up for Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Bruno Cup 2018 as the lovely Cheergunner!

Lesley Cheergunner - Screenshot 1

Lesley Cheergunner - Screenshot 2

Lesley Cheergunner - Screenshot 3

Lesley Cheergunner - Screenshot 4

Lesley Cheergunner - Screenshot 5


Harley is always full of tricks! This time, the playful trickster has decided to control the field by throwing red and yellow cards left and right!

Harley Referee - Screenshot 1

Harley Referee - Screenshot 2

Harley Referee - Screenshot 3

Harley Referee - Screenshot 4

Harley Referee - Screenshot 5

Harley Referee - Screenshot 6

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