Arena of Glory Winter 2019: Schedule, streams, and results

The Arena of Glory Winter 2019 is the 7th Arena of Glory season hosted by Garena Vietnam for Arena of Valor professional teams in Vietnam. Eight teams will compete in the double round robin group stage, with the top four teams continuing to playoffs.

Arena of Glory Winter 2019



Double Round Robin.

All matches are played in a Bo5.

Top four team advance to the playoffs.

Use global ban and pick rules.


King of the Hill Single Elimination Bracket.

Grand Final is Bo7.

All other matches are Bo5.


The prize pool for the tournament is 2,000,000,000 VND (Vietnamese Dong).

1Team Flash700,000,000 VND
AIC 2019
2HTVC IGP Gaming350,000,000 VND
AIC 2019
3VEC In The Dark250,000,000 VND
4Swing Phantom200,000,000 VND
5FAPtv150,000,000 VND
6Mocha ZD Esports130,000,000 VND
7Adonis Esports120,000,000 VND
8Cerberus Esports100,000,000 VND


Arena of Glory Winter 2019 teams

ZD Esports renamed to Mocha ZD Esports with sponsor from Viettel Media on August 25th, 2019.

Cerberus Esports accquired Overclockers on August 20th, 2019.



Round 1
MZ316:00 July 271ITD
FL219:00 July 273SP
FTV216:00 July 283IGP
ADN319:00 July 281CES
Round 2
ITD016:00 July 313FL
SP219:00 July 313FTV
CES116:00 August 013IGP
ADN019:00 August 013MZ
Round 3
FTV319:00 August 022CES
SP113:00 August 033ITD
ADN016:00 August 033IGP
MZ119:00 August 033FL
Round 4
CES216:00 August 043ITD
FTV319:00 August 042ADN
FL316:00 August 071IGP
SP119:00 August 073MZ
Round 5
ITD116:00 August 083IGP
SP319:00 August 080ADN
MZ316:00 August 091FTV
FL319:00 August 091CES
Round 6
FTV316:00 August 101ITD
IGP319:00 August 101MZ
SP316:00 August 112CES
FL319:00 August 110ADN
Round 7
FL316:00 August 130FTV
SP119:00 August 133IGP
ITD316:00 August 140ADN
MZ319:00 August 141CES
Round 8
ADN316:00 August 242CES
FL319:00 August 240SP
FTV016:00 August 253IGP
MZ019:00 August 253ITD
Round 9
FL216:00 August 283FTV
ITD319:00 August 282ADN
MZ316:00 August 291CES
SP019:00 August 293IGP
Round 10
FTV216:00 September 073CES
ADN019:00 September 073IGP
SP116:00 September 083ITD
MZ019:00 September 083FL
Round 11
CES216:00 September 113ITD
SP319:00 September 112MZ
FL116:00 September 123IGP
FTV319:00 September 121ADN
Round 12
FTV316:00 September 141ITD
SP319:00 September 140CES
IGP316:00 September 151MZ
FL319:00 September 150ADN
Round 13
ITD116:00 September 183IGP
FL319:00 September 180CES
MZ116:00 September 193FTV
SP319:00 September 191ADN
Round 14
CES016:00 September 213IGP
SP319:00 September 210FTV
ITD316:00 September 221FL
ADN319:00 September 222MZ
1HTVC IGP Gaming40-12+28P0P
2Team Flash36-15+21P0P
3VEC In The Dark29-27+2P0P
4Swing Phantom27-28-1P0P
6Mocha ZD Esports26-29-3P0P
7Adonis Esports15-38-23P0P
8Cerberus Esports18-41-23P0P


Round 14
ITD319:00 September 281SP
FL3October 120ITD
IGP4October 122FL


YouTube StreamGarena Live Stream


Liên Quân Mobile official homepage.

Cao Thủ Liên Quân official Facebook page.

Garena Liên Quân Mobile official YouTube channel.

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