Arena of Valor: Abyssal Clash Mode Introduction

Arena of Valor: Abyssal Clash Mode Introduction
Arena of Valor: Abyssal Clash Mode Introduction

In Arena of Valor, players can experience different types of battles by trying out the various gameplay modes. The following is an introduction to the content and game strategy in the Abyssal Clash Mode so that you can get the most out of it and have fun while fighting for ultimate glory.

Arena of Valor: Abyssal Clash Mode Introduction

Gameplay summary

One lane, two towers for each team, one base. The initial level is Lvl 2 and you can upgrade either basic skill. You then learn your Ultimate at Lvl 4.

Challengers will start with 800 Gold and spring water has no healing effect in this mode. Players will continue to gain experience, but there is no way to return to the base during the game, so once you leave it, items can only be purchased after you die. Health packages will appear at predetermined places along the lane.

In Abyssal Clash, each player’s Heroes are randomly selected by the system, so whether you get a good or bad formation depends on your luck. However, the formation is not the key to victory in Abyssal Clash. Success depends on each team’s gameplay and cooperation. This Mode highlights the principle of “unity is power” – the outcome of the entire battle can be affected by a single player’s death or weakness.


In Abyssal Clash, fighting formation and battle knowledge are important, but the sensible use of tips can also increase your chance of winning. Since Abyssal Clash mode has 5v5 in a single lane, you can’t use the same strategy as in classic gameplay. Here are some different scenarios and tips:

First, if you vanquish the other team after a wave and you kill a lot of people but you still survive, you’ll get a lot of Gold. You can wait a little bit and then go to the other team’s defense tower or base and let it kill you.

By this way, the other team won’t get any Gold and won’t break your kill streak. Of course, when you send out a tower, don’t forget to use your normal attack on a few towers and you’ll be sure not to lose.

Second, what do you do when you’re low on HP and want to die but the other team’s players are all still playing? This depends on the situation. If you’re a Tank or a Melee Hero, or you’re a Hero without continual damage or healing skills, then you should let the opponent kill you as quickly as possible. Even though you’ll be giving them Gold, your death is all but assured. It would be best to go home after dying and reconfigure your equipment.

Of course, it’s another matter if you have decent continual damage or healing skills. In this case, if you’re low on HP, you can continually damage strong Enemy Heroes from afar, draining them of all their health. This way, you can be a great contributing force on your team. If you have Heroes with healing skills, such as Mganga or Taara, you shouldn’t give up. You can replenish your own HP or your teammates’ HP, and be the star of your team.

Third, in the Abyssal Clash, Archers and Mages have an advantage, but they are quite fragile. Therefore, Archers and Mages with good continual damage skills are recommended. Heroes such as Kahlii, Krixi, Veera, Yorn or Mganga with great continual damage skills will be your best bets. But you better be quick on the draw if you want to use them.
We’ve just gone over all the intricacies of the Abyssal Clash. Play a round to learn more!

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