Ryoma Survival Toolkit

Ryoma Survival Toolkit

When you’re playing against Ryoma, be extra careful to where you stand. The distance between you and Ryoma decides everything.

Starting at level 1, Ryoma can use his passive to poke enemies, giving him a huge advantage both when attacking and defending in the jungle.

Ryoma’s second ability can easily hit enemies after he use his passive on them. With the combo of his passive and second ability, Ryoma can poke enemies whenever he wants in early stages of the game.

Ryoma’s first ability is basically a shorter-distance Flicker that deals damage. It can be use to chase enemies or dodge enemy abilities.

Ryoma’s ultimate can restore a chunk of health when it hits enemy heroes, allowing for amazing effects when combined with his other abilities.

Though his Ultimate only retores half as much health when it strikes non-hero enemies such as jungle creeps, minions and dragons. It still allows Ryoma to restore his health anytime he wants.


Ryoma is not tanky at all, and can be easily killed using a control ability, such as Arum’s Ultimate.

Ryoma’s passive has a 5-seconds cooldown, and it’s hard for him to execute combos without it. When Ryoma’s blade stops flashing it mean his passive is cooling down. If you take this opportunity to chase him down, you’ll have a much better chance of killing him.

Pick Krixi to counter Ryoma. Simply use Krixi’s second ability to interrupt Ryoma’s Ultimate, so he won’t have enough health to surrvive until his other abilities cool down.

When you’re ganking other lanes (mostly when playing a low-health middle lane hero), make sure the grass is clear with abilities like Raz’s second ability, or just avoid the grass entirely. Then Ryoma will have to waste his time chasing after you.

Move from side to side while retreating to avoid Ryoma’s second ability.

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