Arena of Valor Beta 28H Update Patch Notes

Arena of Valor Beta 28H Update Patch Notes

Dear Challengers,

Arena of Valor will be offline on 14th December 2020 from 10:00 – 17:00 GMT+8 (subject to change without prior notice) for maintenance, during which the game will be updated to the new version Beta 28H AoV City.

Arena of Valor Beta 28H Update Patch Notes

Battlefield Adjustments

Hello Challengers!

We hope you have been enjoying our 4th Anniversary Party!

In future versions, the battlefield team plans to keep focusing on improving the match experience. We will also continue to resolve issues that may seem trivial but have a real impact on the player experience.

No extra EXP or Gold for Supports at the start of the match

Using Support Gemstone to gain the upper hand at the very start of the match is actually pretty bizarre and also gives some players pretty wild ideas, right?

Details: Up-and-Coming Tweak – Support gems will no longer provide additional Gold and EXP when supports’ earnings are equal to teammates.

No more Gold for last hits by Supports

Supports should not drag the team’s leveling, This could cause unnecessary complications. Therefore, we have adjusted the allocation rules of the “Modest” Support effect, so that Supports can help their teammate’s clear lanes without worrying about earning Gold.

Details: Modest rebalance – When teammates are nearby, extra Kill Gold earned from killing Minions and monsters will be divided evenly among teammates.

Quick-Buy System Tweak

After improving the quick-Buy system in the previous version, we received lots of feedback from players. Now it is time for another bold adjustment! We are happy to share our approach to Quick-Buy system adjustments, and we welcome even more suggestions for improvement from players.

Details: In the previous changes, we wanted to implement a more reasonable Quick-Buy system for players, but it also resulted in a “forced” situation where players were unable to choose, which wasn’t ideal.

The Quick-Buy system will now focus more on “next equipment-recommendation” and a “more reasonable Quick-Buy system” without rejecting other possible optimizations.

We have mainly tweaked the display priorities of the two recommendation columns: The priority between two pieces of equipment; the priority between two gears from the same equipment. In short, the recommendation columns will be smarter, more flexible, and more reasonable than before.

Special Armorylogic Optimisation

We have also optimized some special Armorylogic:

Support Equipment: When the next equipment is Support equipment, the second recommendation column will not display any other recommendations before displaying “Tier 1 Support Equipment”.

Support Equipment

Jungling Equipment: When the next equipment is Junglingequipment, the second recommendation column will not display any other recommendations before displaying “Tier 2 Jungling Equipment.

Boots: If there are boots in the Armory, even though it’s not the next equipment, the second column will still prioritize “Tier1 Boots”.


Same Equipment: We’ve noticed that players want to be able to use the same equipment in certain situations or with certain heroes, and that can be realized now!

After Tweaking: The same equipment can be recommended many times in the Armory.

Peripheral Systems

Match Results: Gold and Silver Medals

Behind the changes: We are always researching and testing how to evaluate each player in every match fairly and objectively. The current MVP evaluation algorithm only accounts for 10 players in the current match, sometimes leading to an awkward situation where many players have performed well, but only one ends up selected as MVP. Therefore, in addition to MVP, we have added a new Match Results evaluation system for players in every position. When players earn a relatively high score they will all get unique titles for each Hero Class, regardless of MVP.

Details: In 5v5 matches, Ranked Matches, and the Challenge of Valor matches, we will compare the MatchResults data for the Hero played and the data for all players with the same tier, match duration, and Hero. If this Hero’s data surpasses a certain percentage of those using the same Hero at a similar Tier, then in the MatchResults, the player will get a unique title based on this Hero’s Class, such as”Gold Medal Support’, “Silver Medal Tank”, and so on.

We have added a “Gold and Silver Medals” display to the Match Results process. The player’s gold and Silver Medal totals will also be recorded on their profile page.

Additionally, Gold and Silver Medals earned in Ranked Matches will increase Brave Points, earning gold and Silver Medals in the Challenge of Valor will also increase your Valor Points.

Lane Selection mode: The Role Swapping function

Behind the changes: It has already been 2 years since everyone was introduced to the Ranked Match Lane Selection mode. We hope that the LaneSelection mode enables everyone to choose the Hero they are familiar with and to battle in the position that they are good at, allowing players to have fun with precise matching. We also received a few suggestions regarding the LaneSelection mode, such as the Lane Selection system compelling players to choose the corresponding Hero and only having one position for each lane rather than two. But as for the issue of matching duration, we have never made any major alterations.

We discovered that when the Lane Selection mode starts, even if the system allocates a position to the player, some players still do not comply with the designated Lane Selection and change roles on their own, even taking another player’s role. In order to address this problem, we have added a special Role Swapping function to the Lane Selection mode. We hope this makes it more convenient for players to sensibly change roles while avoiding any unnecessary misunderstandings.

Details: When the Lane Selection mode starts, the Role Swapping function will become available during the Banned Heroes stage. Players can initiate role swapping with other players to make it easier for everyone to adjust the lineup.

Please strictly comply with the roles allocated in the Lane Selection mode. After the match, the penalty system will compare the allocated roles with those taken by the player to see if they match. If there is a need to swap roles, we encourage everyone to actively use the Role Swapping function.

Match Environment Improvements

With this modification, we are concentrating our efforts in hopes of helping people who ask, “Why have I been penalized, but they haven’t?” In order to resolve this problem, we reconfigured the application’s code framework to improve and adjust all penalty rules. From now on, everyone will notice the following changes to the report system: System deductions and report deductions will be calculated separately so that players can clearly understand which reports will and will not include deductions.

There will be no extra deductions for mul reports to exclude the possibility of report bullying.

The results of each report will go into effect immediately. You will no longer need to wait 5 minutes for the system processing.

The following are specific modifications to the determination rules. We welcome and value everyone’s suggestions and opinions.

Offline AFK determination improvements


Added different deduction criteria for different Tiers: The higher the Tier, the higher the deduction for violations.

Added determination logic to address AFK at the Altar and cases when the intermittent operation is intentionally used to evade AFK determination.

Added dynamic penalty criteria for different match lengths because the AFK impact is greater at later points in the match. The longer the match duration, the the AFK determination criteria.

Improved the function where players who unavoidably go AFK and receive a lesser penalty after they actively return to the game.

For players who have been offline, have not performed any actions, or have gone AFK for a long period of time, the system will deduct 1-6 points from their Credibility Scoredepending on the different modes and Tiers. Players who go AFK for unavoidable reasons will reduce their penalty to a certain degree if they actively return to the game. If the incident is reported by another player, 2 points will be deducted in addition to the system penalty.

Verbal abuse determination improvements


Improved the determination logic for the swear word library. In-match verbal abuse will be met with muting penalties.

New verbal abuse determination rules will be combined with the in-match text chat report function to determine whether to mute the offender.

The system will make a determination based on the content of the player’s speech and the verbal abuse they are reported for. Players found guilty of abusive behavior will be muted for 1 day and suffer a 2-point Credibility Score deduction.

Passive behavior determination improvements


Penalty criteria modifications: Removed the more complicated Gold sharing determination and replaced it with MVP score determination. This is a better fit for people’s perception of passive behaviour.

New algorithm logic: Compares the players score with teammates’ scores during the determination, to avoid the player being erroneously found guilty of passive behavior when teammates’ scores are all very low in a one-sided match.

The system will compare the MVP score, KDA, and Participation of the Hero being used by the player with the scores of other players on the same team. The damage reduction ratio will be compared with the standard for the given Class. If more than two of the following: MVP score, KDA, Participation, and damage reduction ratio don’t meet the standard, then 1-6 points will be deducted from the CredibilityScore, depending on the mode, Tier, and outcome of the match.

Wrong role determination improvements


Improved algorithm for determining wrong roles. The system will compare the final role result after using the RoleSwapping function and the actual roles taken in the match to make a comprehen determination.

In the Lane Selection mode, players who fail to follow the preset configuration will receive a system warning message in certain situations. 1-3 Credibility Score points will be deducted for serious offenses.

Note: Due to the reconstruction of system algorithms, Report History before the update will be cleared.

Antaris Battlefield

Toro (EU)


Passive: Tough Hide

Toro is immune to Control during ability casting.

Skill 1: Bull Rush

Toro charges in the target direction, dealing 80% of AD(4% of max HP) physical damage to enemies in his path and knocks them into the air for 0.75 seconds. Toro also gains a Shield that absorbs 250(+8% of max HP) damage for 3 seconds.

Movement distance: 5 meters -> 6 meters.

Cooldown: 9/8.5/8/7.5/7/6.5 seconds -> 8 seconds.

Skill 2: Battlecry

Toro bellows with rage and gains 60% damage reduction. He also deals 100% of AD(+5% of max HP) physical damage to nearby enemies and reduces their movement speed by 50% for 1.5 seconds.

Can be interrupted by Ability 1: Bull Rush or Ultimate: Cracked Earth.

Cooldown: 10/9.4/8.8/8.2/7.6/7 seconds -> 7 seconds.

Ultimate: Cracked Earth

Toro leaps to the target area and stomps the ground 3 times. The first 2 stomps deal 40% of AD(+2% of max HP) physical damage and slow enemies by 50% for 1 second. The third stomp deals double damage and knocks nearby enemies into the air for 1.5 seconds. Can be interrupted by Ability 1: Bull Rush or Ability 2: Battlecry.

Cooldown: 40/35/30 seconds > 45/40/35 seconds.

Movement distance: 5 meters > 7.5 meters.

Butterfly: Gameplay improvements


Design Description:

Butterfly’s Win Rate was lower in some areas. Her Passive widened the gap between her upper and lower limits. As an assassin, the ability to kill enemies on her own was not enough—it would be hard to use when you were at a disadvantage, and her Ultimate’s damage reduction refresh also made it hard for enemies to counter when she had the advantage. So, this mechanism was improved. Hopefully, this makes Butterfly more of a threat and more stable when
fighting alone, and allows for more playstyle possibilities.

Basic Attributes:

Movement speed: 400 -> 380


When Butterfly defeats a Hero, she will stack 2 Assassin’s Marks, and when she assists or kills a Monster or Minion, she will get 1 more stack. When 3 stacks are reached, the next ability can be used without a cooldown.

Ability 1:

Butterfly swings her blade in a full arc at nearby enemies dealing 200(+40/Lv.) (+60% of AD) physical damage (damage is increased by 25% for each enemy hit).

Gains a shield capable of absorbing 400 (+80/Lv.) (+120% of AD) magic damage for 2 seconds, during which movement speed is increased by 50%.

Cooldown: 6s -> 8s.

Ability 2:

Butterfly throws her sword, dealing 200 (+40/Lv.) (+60% of AD) physical damage to the enemies in its path. The first enemy takes 1.5x damage and their movement speed is reduced by 50% for 1.5 seconds.

Hitting an enemy raises Butterty’s attack speed by 25% (+5%/Lv,) increases her critical chance by 10% for 5 seconds.

Stacks up to 2 times.

Cooldown: 9-6s -> 6s.


Butterfly swiftly leaps toward the specified target (she herself cannot be targeted during the leap), dealing 400 (+100/Lv.) (+90% of AD) physical damage and marking her target for 3 seconds. If the target has already been marked, this adds 12% of lost HP as true damage. When the effect ends, 35% of the damage dealt with the target (10% for non-Hero units) becomes HP Regen. If the target dies, the Ultimate cooldown is immediately reset.

For 3 seconds after hitting the target. the normal attack damage taken decreases by 50%.

Hitting marked units with normal attacks will shorten the cooldowns of abilities 1 and 2 by 0.5 seconds (+0.25s/Lv.)

Cooldown:13.5-1.2/lv -> 18-3/lv.

Mganga: Gameplay improvements


Design Description:

Mganga’s overall win Rate was on the low side. His poor mobility and slow Bursts made him tough to play, so his mechanics have been improved. Hopefully, this will extend his power when encountering opponents in the early stages and clashing, and his value to the team will become more obvious.


When Mganga’s normal attacks and Abilities 1 and 2 hit an enemy, this adds 1 Voodoo Mark, dealing 27+1/lv+(5% of AP) magic damage every second and decreasing the enemy’s magic defense by 4% and their healing effect by 6% for 5 seconds. The effect can be stacked up to 5 times.

Ability 1:

Mganga hurls a poison vial towards the target position, which explodes and deals 130(+14/Lv.) (+24% of AP) magic damage and reduces movement speed by 30% for 2 seconds.

Leaves puddle of poison that deals 65 (+7/Lv.) (+12% of AP) magic damage every second for 3 seconds.

At set intervals, Mganga can craft 1 poison (under cooldown reduction) and store a total of 3 vials.

Poison vialcharge time: 14-0.8/lvs -> 13-0.6/Ivs

Ability 2:

Mganga hurls magic items in the specified direction, dealing 100 (+20/Lv.) (+30% of AP) magic damage to any enemy he hits and reducing their movement speed by 30% for 2 seconds.

Every enemy hit will add 1 Heal Mark to himself, recovering 12 (+3/Lv.) (+4% of AP)HP every second and increasing his movement speed by 4% for 5 seconds.


With himself as the center, Mganga deals 200 (+100/Lv.) (+50% of AP) magic damage to all enemies ina wide area. Each Voodoo Mark on the target deals an extra 50% damage.

At the same time, the Heal Mark on Mganga will spread to all teammates within range.

Mganga gains a shield that can absorb 400 (+200/Lv.) (+40% of AP) damage, which increases by 20% for every Heal Mark stack. Lasts 5 seconds.

Cooldown: 18/15/12s -> 27/24/21s.



Design Description:

His passive abilities not only provide good continuous damage but also higher burst damage. Also, his stats growth and equipment attributes also provide multiple advantages in the later stage. Therefore, we’ve reduced his passive skill effects and growth.


Damage: 27% AD (increases by 2% at Lv. 4/7/10/13) -> 23% AD (increases by 1% at Lv.4/7/10/13).

Movement Speed Bonus: 30% -> 20%.

Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman

Design Description:

Wonder Woman’s Ability 1 has not only provided her with mobility, control ability, and survivability but also with impressive damage output. Therefore, we’ve reduced her damage output.

Ability 1:

Damage: 80% AD(+3% + 1%/Lv of target’s Max HP) -> 67% AD (2% + 1%/Lv of target’s Max HP).



Design Description:

Qi’s ability combo requires more specific scenarios and skill for higher damage output. Therefore, we’ve strengthened her to survive longer in battles.


HP Regen: 120 +20/Lv -> 120 +30/Lv.

Ability 1:

Damage: 200 +40/Lv. (+70% AD) -> 240 +50/Lv. (+85% AD).

Ability 2:

Damage: 75 +15/Lv. (+33% AD) -> 90 +18/Lv. (+40% AD)

Armor Reduction: 15 +7/Lv -> 20 +8/Lv.



Design Description:

As the battlefield environment changes, Violet’s marksmanship in Dragon Lane was somewhat lower than expected, so we’re rebalancing her earlier abilities accordingly. At the same time, we’re also studying equipment effects on her balance and may continue to make adjustments on the equipment.

Ability 1:

Damage: 200 +20/Lv. -> 250 +20/Lv.

Mana Cost: 35 +5/Lv-> 30 +4/Lv.

Hero and Skin Resets



The once destroyed Omega has returned reborn and is now roaming the Antaris Battlefield.

Class: Tank.

Lane and role: Dark Slayer/Support.

Passive: Surviving Memory

Passive: Surviving Memory

Omega is inherently a machine of war, capable of dealing damage to Defense Towers. The fragments of war in Omega’s memories are interwoven with his powerful abilities. Every 6 seconds, Omega charges the lance in his right hand, adding Overload to his next normal attack and casting Holy Thunder. Holy Thunder deals 4% of Omega’s max HP in physical damage to targets within range, and an additional 200 + 30/Lv (+8% of max HP)physical damage to Minions and
Monsters (increases with level) and stun defense Towers for 2 seconds.

Ability 1: Rampage

Ability 1: Rampage

Mana cost: 50+5/lv.

Cooldown: 9 seconds.

Omega enters Rampage mode for 4 seconds. During this time, Omega gains a 150+50/lv+(8% of max HP) shield and an extra 20%/24%/28%/32%/36%/40% to his movement speed, dealing 100+40/lv+ (50% of AD)physical damage to any enemies he makes contact with and briefly knocking them away for 0.5 seconds.

Passive: The moment Rampage is activated, Omega gains a diminishing 12%-40% movement speed bonus for 2 seconds (increases with level).

Ability 2: Veda Tech

Ability 2: Veda Tech

Mana cost: 65+5/lv.

Cooldown: 10-0.6/lv seconds.

Omega deploys 5 Energy collectors that spin around himself, each dealing 1% of Omega’s max HP (+20% of AD) in physical damage to enemy Heroes. Energy collectors charge Omega’s shield when they hit enemy heroes, reducing the Rampage cooldown time by 0.5 seconds and the Passive cooldown time by 1 second. When all 5 collectors hit enemies, Omega unleashes a whirlwind bash, dealing 50+50/Iv+1.0AD+ (5%+19/Iv of max HP) physical damage to nearby enemies and stunning them for 1 second.

Ability 3: Land of the Saints

Ability 3: Land of the Saints

Mana cost: 100/115/130.

Cooldown: 50-5/lv seconds.

Omega uses tremendous force to spin his shield around him at high speed, creating an impenetrable barrier field that lasts for 2.5 seconds. It deals 40+20/lv (+40% of AD) (+2% of max HP) physical damage to enemies who try to get past it, knocking them back for a short time(a target can be knocked back up to 4 times), and blocks ranged normal attacks that would have normally hit Omega or friendly Heroes in the area.

Additional changes related to Omega Revamp

Revamped Omega, Sage with an all-new story.

Related Skin Reset.

Backpack Function Improvements

Backpack tab improvements

Behind the changes:

The development of AoV has vastly increased the number of different item types. The demand for different items varies greatly among players. The original Backpack tabs can no longer adequately offer players clear and convenient classifications. Therefore, we have refined the Backpack tab Classifications so that you can find the item you are looking for with much more ease.


In the Backpack screen, the tab categories on the left have been changed to All, Recent, Gift Packs, Trial Cards, Battle Effects, Other, and Arcana, Recent will display new items recently acquired by the player. Gift Packs will display Chest and GiftPack items that can be opened. Trial Cards will display all Hero and Skin TrialCards. Battle Effects will show all kinds of special effects.

Backpack tab improvements

Sell All function improvements


We have improved the Sell All function criterion, after which the Hero and Skin Trial Cards that you own will automatically be added to the Sell All list. The redemption token items you have owned for a long time will also be added to the suggested list of items you can sell.

Sell All function improvements


10v10: Due to Omega’s rebalance, Omega will be temporarily disabled in 10v10. At the same time, we’ll issue 8,000 Astral Coins to all players (thanks to the Classic Omega funds for bearing this cost).

Carano Chess: Omega ability rework Land of the Saints – Omega creates a protective field that lasts 2.5 seconds and blocks ranged normal attacks. The field deals 150/250/350 magic damage to nearby enemies every 0.5 seconds.

Bug Fixes and Other Improvements

Fixed a bug where Iron Body was displayed when Superman was using abilities while flying.

Fixed a bug that caused enemies to only be inflicted with 1 stack of ability effect when Azzen’Ka’s abilities hit enemies multiple times ina short period of time.

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