Arena of Valor Beta 29 Update Patch Notes

Arena of Valor Beta 29 Update Patch Notes

The Arena of Valor Beta 29 Update sees Airi revamp, new game mode Duo Race, new relationship system, new targeting mechanism and tons of adjustments arrives.

Relationship System

Behind the changes:

We’ve noticed that some of you have been looking for a way to form deeper relationships with their friends in the game. The current Friend System cannot satisfy this demand. Therefore, we are introducing the new Relationship System in this update that will allow players to establish new relationships with their friends beyond the current Friend System and unlock cool in-game effects and excellent rewards.


The Friendship System has been optimized, and the Relationship System has been added.

Once players meet the Friendship Score requirement in the system, they will be able to establish new relationships with their friends, including brothers, buddies, besties, and lovers. Players can only become lovers with one friend. There are five vacancies for each of the remaining relationships.

After relationships are established, players will be able to strengthen them by playing team matches with friends or gifting items. Once a relationship reaches a certain level, both players can unlock awesome gift packs, perks, and exclusive Brags.

The relationships between players and their friends will be recorded by the system. Special anniversary events occur after a set number of days. Players will get a surprise when they log in on special anniversaries.

In addition, we’ve added two new types of Relationship Items. Gifting these items can rapidly strengthen the relationship between both players. These items can be obtained through events and by leveling up a relationship.

Relationship System

Relationship System

Emoji Optimization

Behind the changes:

We’re happy to see that the emoji system has become widely popular among players since its introduction. However, we’ve also received feedback from some players asking to make adding and using emojis more convenient in the future. Therefore, in this update, we’ve optimized the entire emoji system in hopes of providing a better user experience for our players.


New permanent emojis are automatically equipped once they are obtained. They will also be added to an empty slot on the equipment bar. Players will no longer have to search for them in the Backpack.

An in-game Quick Emoji feature is added. Equip a Quick Emoji before a match to trigger an emoji icon instead of the like button during specific in-game scenarios (when another player within sight sends an emoji, seeing an enemy for the first time, killing an enemy/attacking a dragon, or destroying a tower). Tap the emoji icon for the most convenient way to express yourself!

Scenarios for automatically triggering emojis are added or changed into First Kill, Double Kill, and above, Aced, Assist, and Victory. Remember to equip the Quick Emoji feature in the system.

Updated the Customization System UI. Equipment is now clearer and more intuitive.

Tips: After an emoji is equipped, hold Chat and swipe to the left to quickly use the emoji or dance emote during a match. Give it a try!

New interactive emojis added: When a player uses an interactive emoji during a match, and a teammate responds with an interactive emoji within range, a new effect will be triggered for both players. These effects can be obtained through the Relationship System. Jump into a match with your friends to try them out!

Battlefield Changes

Hi, challengers. A new season is about to start. This season brings all-new gameplay – Mildar LaunchPad – to the arena, just like we promised!

This season’s new gameplay will bring new experiences and challenges to both teams. We’ve provided players with a quicker means to reach the frontlines at the start of the match. Players can use this time to launch a team assault, invade the Jungle, or stay safely on their lanes, just like before. Of course, do not underestimate your opponent because they too can teleport across the battlefield.

At the same time, the first Season of the Game “Elf and Vision Shard” will be going away temporarily. However, due to popular demand, we’ve decided to keep the Season Game permanently. We are currently in the process of optimizing the game mechanics. Vision Shard will be reintroduced to AoV in a more complete form in the near future.

Mildar LaunchPad

Mildar has brought their cutting-edge technology to Antaris Battlefield! Before a match starts, both teams can teleport to Middle Lane via the launch pad at the base. The launcher pad disappears 30 seconds after the match starts.

Mildar LaunchPad

Mildar LaunchPad

Simplified Shop

Behind the changes:

There are currently many types of equipment in the battlefield environment. During a match, players may need some time to find the right equipment. We’ve added Simplified Shop to simplify purchasing equipment and help seasoned players select their equipment for matches more quickly.


Buttons have been added to the bottom left of the UI to allow players to freely choose between the Simplified Shop and Shop tabs.

We’ve added a new Survival tab in addition to the Recommended tab in the Simplified Shop.

Equipment names and descriptions have been removed from the Simplified Shop tab.

Simplified Shop

Simplified Shop

Visual Improvement to Battlefield Mechanics

Did you know that Drake will gradually grow stronger and become more resistant to damage after it is summoned? Now, the mechanics of Drake are clearer and more intuitive.

Visual Improvement to Battlefield Mechanics

Battlefield Rebalance

Our rebalancing team is currently hard at work on clearing some baffling (unclear) damage and unbalanced recovery effects (which has caused a portion of characters not having to be recalled) in the game. In Beta 29, we will adjust the abuse of Life Steal stacking on equipment. In the current equipment system, the Beast is designed to resolve the lack of sustainability characters. This equipment can be cheaply acquired early in the game to ensure that teams have sufficient sustainability early in the game. However, the small amounts of Life Steal offered by other pieces of equipment are currently OP, blurring the role of the Beast. Therefore, we have recalled sustainability from some equipment pieces.

In addition, the abuse of sustainability has caused equipment with Soul Prison to become essential equipment rather than optional. We’ve slightly nerfed the Healing Reduction effects of Soul Prison equipment to ensure that they remain effective on potent Healers (Taara and Peura), rather than being essential for fighting Warriors or Tanks (or even Marksman wielding Bow of Slaughter).

Bow of Slaughter

Attributes: +100 Physical Attack, +15% Critical Chance, +15% Physical Life Steal -> +100 Physical Attack, +15% Critical Chance, +10% Physical Life Steal

Bloodthirst (active): +90% Life Steal for 3 sec -> +60% Life Steal for 3 sec

Tome of the Reaper

Attributes: +220 Magic Damage, +300 Max HP, +10% Cooldown Speed, +20 Mana / 5 sec -> +200 Magic Damage, +300 Max HP, +10% Cooldown Speed, +20 Mana / 5 sec

Healing Reduction of Soul Prison: 50% -> 40%

Curse of Death

Attributes: +100 Attack Damage, +150 Armor, +10 Cooldown Reduction -> +100 Attack Damage, +180 Armor, +10 Cooldown Reduction

Healing Reduction of Soul Prison: 50% -> 40%

Soul reaver

Attributes: +60 Attack Damage, +6% Life Steal, +15% Cooldown Reduction -> +70 Attack Damage, +15% Cooldown Reduction (Life Steal has been removed)

Omni Arms

Attributes: +70 Attack Damage, +15% Attack Speed, +8% Life Steal, +10% Cooldown Reduction, +400 Max HP -> +70 Attack Damage, +15% Attack Speed, +10% Cooldown Reduction, +600 Max HP (Life Steal has been removed)


Stab (passive): +45% Armor Pierce -> +40% Armor Pierce

Battlefield Gameplay Optimization


New Analog Targeting feature

Behind the changes:

In the past, we’ve only provided a wheel targeting mode and a target lock mode for directional abilities (e.g., Tulen’s Ultimate and Arum’s Ultimate). Both modes have their limitations.


We added a new lock mode for directional abilities (e.g., Tulen’s Ultimate and Arum’s Ultimate) – Analog Targeting. Players can now move a small circle to accurately select a specific target. When the circle is too far from the target, the directional lines can help players select a target over a larger area.

New Analog Targeting feature

Improved camera movements

Behind the changes:

Regarding camera tracking, we found slight camera shaking when continuously changing perspectives and after casting abilities. We’ve also received feedback and suggestions from a number of challenges.


In this update, we optimized camera movements, which include:

Optimized follow and drawdown speeds to achieve smoother camera movements.

Adjusted the delay in-camera drawdown after using different abilities of different heroes.

Restricted camera movement angle to reduce unnecessary shaking.

Battlefield Clarity

HP deduction graphics optimization

Behind the changes:

In the previous update, we modified the HP Bar UI. In this update, we optimized the presentation of HP deduction (incl. graphics and color) to better match the UI.


Optimized the HP deduction graphics of the HP Bar to clarify the HP deduction effects of the opponent.

Pop-up text optimization

Behind the changes:

The pop-up damage text of opponents and the white pop-up buff text of players always appeared in a fixed position on the screen. When causing damage while moving or when dragging the screen, the pop-up text sometimes appeared in the wrong place.


The pop-up battle text of the enemy and the white buff text of the player now follows the character model (currently only available for medium settings or higher).

Icon slot optimization

Behind the changes:

Graphic icons are typically used to represent effects and time during a match. These icons compressed certain hero and lane (particularly during jungling) icon slots.


Icons have now been separated into two rows. Real-time icons and icons that change frequently are displayed in the larger first row, and permanent icons and icons that require less attention are displayed in the smaller second row.

Duo Race


Duo Race is a brand new Arcade Mode in Beta 29. In this mode, teamwork is the key to everything. Make sure to try out this exciting new mode with your partner after the update! Duo Race will open at certain times. More details on this will be announced soon.

Mode Portal (the picture is for reference only, see the game for details)

Players can tap the shortcut on the main screen enter the game lobby.

Or they can join by going to Casual Match -> Arcade Mode -> Duo Race (each game is between 2 and 4 minutes)

How to Play (the picture is for reference only, see the game for details)

Part 1: Teams

Each game is played by five teams of two players.

Part 2: Winning

The first player to complete two laps wins the race (going the wrong way does not count). However, final results and rewards are calculated based on the Team Score.

Team Score = Player Score + Teammate Score + Finish Score (teams receive Finish Score only if both players are able to reach the finish line)

Part 2: Winning

Part 3: Gameplay

Tap the Drive button to transform into a vehicle for a period of time. Teammates within five meters can tap the Enter button to get in the vehicle.

Tip: Bonus effects are received when carrying a teammate. Coordinate with your teammate in driving and getting in the vehicle to stay in the lead.

Part 3: Gameplay

Part 4: Mysterious Boxes

Mysterious Boxes give players a random item. Items can be used to gain advantages or disrupt other players.

Stay tuned for more details on Duo Race and beyond!

Part 4: Mysterious Boxes

Balance tweaks

Airi: Mechanics Tweaks

Design Description:

We noticed the community frequently requesting an Airi buff. From a data standpoint, Airi’s strength was acceptable. However, she was weak in the current Slayer Lane environment and could only farm levels and wait for the opportunity to assassinate the opponent’s back row.

We used passive true damage and healing to help Airi face typical Warriors while maintaining her skirmishing abilities.We also added preconditions to Airi’s explosive maneuvers. This will allow opponents in the back row more playability versus her dives and allow more room for confrontation. We also added a new damage reduction mechanic to Airi’s ultimate to help her avoid instant death in the late game. We hope you will continue to provide your feedback on Airi!

Base attributes:

Normal Attack Interval: 0.8s -> 1s

Movement Speed: 390 -> 380

HP Growth: 256.5->300


Airi’s every fourth normal attack deals 120% bonus Physical True Damage (to the current target) and reduces the target’s movement speed by 50% for 1 second.

True Damage has no Critical Chance. True Damage dealt to heroes gains 100% Life Steal.

Ability 1:

Airi slings her shuriken to slice enemies along the path, dealing 250/300/350/400/450/500 (+80% AD) of physical damage and causing Knockaway to all enemies in her path for 0.75 seconds. Airi receives a dragon seal for 5 seconds for every enemy Hero hit. Seals are consumed to strengthen Ability 2 – Shadow.

If Shadow is on cooldown, the seals reset the cooldown timer.

Airi gains 40/48/56/64/72/80% Speed-Up that diminishes over 2 seconds.

Damage to non-Hero units increased by 60%.

Cooldown: 7 s -> 8~6 s

Projectile Speed: 13.5 m/s -> 14 m/s

Projectile Distance: 9 m -> 10 m

Ability 2:

Airi charges in the specified direction and deals 75/90/105/120/135/150 (+50% of AD) physical damage to enemies in her way and automatically converts the next Normal Attack to the fourth Normal Attack.

One dragon seal can be consumed to reset the cooldown timer.

Cooldown: 9~6 s -> 10~6 s

Direct Skill: removed pre-cast and post-cast animation.

Movement Distance: 4.5 m -> 4 m


Airi instantly breaks all control effects and deals 150/200/250 (+40% of AD) Physical Damage to all surrounding enemies. She gains two dragon seals, and the Shadow cooldown timer is reset. Airi leaps up briefly (during which she is immune from all control effects), dealing two-times the original damage to the enemies when she lands and causing knockaway for 0.75 seconds.

Airi instantly casts a shield lasting 3/4/5 seconds. While the shield is active, single damage sustained will not exceed 8% of Max HP, and Attack Speed is increased by 60/80/100%.

Cooldown: 40~30 s -> 40 s

Superman: Mechanics Tweaks

Design Description:

We tweaked Ability 1 and optimized Passive Ability and Ability 2 in anticipation that Superman will excel in Class Matches and more challengers will select him for Ranked Matches and Challenge of Valor.


An icon is added for the Speed Up effect gained when flying towards enemies.

Superman is now immune to control effects when casting abilities in flying mode.

Ability 1:

Tweaked to store two charges that are shared between flying mode and walking mode.

Cooldown Time: 8 s -> 0.8 s/Lv. -> Charge Time: 10 s – 0.8 s/Lv.; Charge Interval: 2 s, removed when switching to flying mode.

(Walking) Breath Damage: 215 + 215/Lv. + 1.27 AD -> 150 + 150/Lv. + 1.2 AD

(Flying) Laser Damage: 250 + 250/Lv. + 1.5 AD -> 175 + 175/Lv. + 1.3AD

Ability 2:

Reduced Channeling Duration in flying mode

Knockback Duration (flying mode): 0.75 s -> 0.5 s

Thorne: Mechanics Tweaks

Design Description:

When playing in the Dragon Lane, Thorne was weaker than other Marksmen.To combat this, we changed his blue bullet’s enhancement effect to a ranged AOE. This will significantly improve his lane clear and team fight AOE ability.At the same time, the changes to his bullets and their cooldown will help Thorne create more space to finish the opponents in team fights.


Sage Buff Cooldown can now be converted to Attack.

Ability 1:

Cooldown Time (2, 3 Magic Bullets ): 5 s, 10 s -> 4 s, 6 s

Purple Bullets (Magic Damage): 2/4/6% of current HP (1/2/4% additional Physical Damage for every 100 points) -> 2/3/4% of Max HP (0.5/0.75/1% additional Physical Damage for every 100 points)

Yellow Bullets (Slow Down): 5/10/15% (Lv. + 1/2/3%), maximum of 3 stacks – > 20/30/40% (Lv. + 4/6/8%), cannot be stacked

Cyan Bullets (Cooldown Speed): 0.5/1/1.5 s (Lv. + 0.1/0.2/0.3 s) -> produces a radius of 3/4.5/6 m, 50% Physical Damage

Removed: Overload State

Added: Kills and Assists now reduce the Cooldown of Ability 2 by 50/60/70/80/90/100%

Ability 2:

Cooldown: 12~6 s -> 12~8 s

Purple Bullets (True Damage): 4/8/12% of HP lost (1/2/4% additional Physical Damage per 100 points) -> 2/3/4% of Max HP (0.5/0.75/1% additional Physical Damage per 100 points)

Yellow Bullets (Stun): 0.5/1/1.5 s -> 0.5/0.75/1 s

Cyan Bullets (Explosion): 1.0/1.5/2.0 Physical Bonus (no Critical Chance) -> 100% of Physical Damage (Critical Chance)

Removed: Passive increase of Critical Chance

Added: When Ability 1 is on cooldown, casting the ability will automatically reset the cooldown timer, and the previous bullet arrangement will be instantly copied (only the bullets that were involuntarily canceled will be reloaded)

Omen: Nerf

Design Description:

Fixed several incorrect action parameters and added a timing bar to Ability 2 to improve clarity.


Normal Attack Interval Boost: 0.8 s -> 1 s

Attack Speed Bonus Boost: 25% -> 25% + 2%/Lv.

Ability 1:

Hit Time: 0.066 s -> 0.2 s

Range: 5 m -> 6 m

Ability 2:

Added a timer for Redeploy


Fixed a bug that caused the crosshair to be further than Charge Distance

Clash determination width: 4 m -> 2.5 m

Charge Speed: 10 m/s -> 12.5 m/s

Mganga: Buff


Fixed: Heal Reduction effect that did not take effect in the last update

Max: Nerf


Reduced healing effects: 50% -> 40%, consistent with the Soul Prison Equipment series

Azzen’Ka: Tweak

Design Description:

Azzen’Ka’s Ability 2 was not clearly displayed and was too difficult to dodge for opponents in a long distance. Therefore, we adjusted the release rules for his Ability 2 to make the ability more interesting for both sides.


Damage: 250 + 20/Lv. + 0.6 AP -> 280 + 20/Lv. +0.6 AP

Ability 2:

Damage: 225 + 45 + 0.45 AP -> 275 + 55/Lv. + 0.55 AP

Added: Subsequent bounces only deal 50% Damage

Butterfly: Nerf

Design Description:

As players continued improving their proficiency with the new Butterfly, the last nerf became insufficient. To combat this, we further nerfed her survivability and sustained damage output capabilities. Additionally, in this version, we weakened Junglers’ sustain as a whole, which Butterfly will not avoid.

Ability 1:

Shield: 350 (+70/Lv.) -> 300 (+60/Lv.)

Ability 2:

Cooldown: 6s -> 8s

Ability 3:

Removed the healing effect when used against Non-Hero units.

Ilumia: Buff

Design Description:

After fixing the Silent bug, Ilumia has become disproportionately weak overall. Therefore, we’ve buffed Survivability and restored a portion of the S2 cooldowns. However, we’ve slightly increased the S1 cooldown to avoid the abuse of Control later in the game.

Basic Attributes:

Base HP: 3210 -> 3400

Ability 1:

Cooldown: 3 s -> 4 s

Damage: 350 + 50/Lv. + 0.4AP -> 400 + 60/Lv. + 0.5 AP

Ability 2:

Cooldown: 12 – 0.8/Lv. -> 10 – 0.6/Lv.

Wisp: Nerf

Design Description:

Wisp performs strongly in each segment of the game, especially in games that can be drawn to the late game, where she can take on the entire opposing team by herself. To combat this, we’ve adjusted the stun length of her second ability, weakening her ability to protect herself in the late game.

Ability 2:

Stun Duration: 1 s -> 0.75 s

Sephera: Buff

Design Description:

Sephera is currently disproportionately weak overall, particularly her damage output on Middle Lane. Therefore, we’ve buffed her AP returns and reduced Mana Cost.


Damage: changed to 2% of target’s Max HP (1% for every 500 AP)

Ability 1:

Normal Attack Damage: 250 + 30/Lv. + 0.27 AP -> 250 + 30/Lv. + 0.42 AP

Mana Cost: 60 + 5/Lv. -> 50+5/Lv.

Ability 2:

Cooldown: 15 – 0.6/Lv. ->. fixed at 12


Design Description:

Marja has lost popularity due to the continuous weakening of movement speed and Berith’s Agony. To fix this, we adjusted her damage and recovery abilities. With this, we believe Marja’s strength will return to normal.

Ability 1:

Damage: 400 + 80/Lv. + 0.65 AP -> 450 + 90/Lv. + 0.7 AP

Ability 2:

Damage: 300 + 60/Lv. + 0.5 AP -> 330 + 65/Lv. + 0.55 AP

HP Regen: 150 + 50/Lv. + 0.3 AP -> 180 + 60/Lv. + 0.35 AP


We optimized Wukong to improve the feel of his boosted normal attack after triggering his passive. This will help bring his damage and attack performance closer together. As this will increase the response speed of Wukong’s boosted normal attack (more obvious in the later stages of the game), we have slightly reduced his passive damage as a counterbalance.


Damage: 360 + 16/Lv. + 1.0 AD -> 340 + 14/Lv. + 1.0 AD

Mayhem Mode Balance Adjustments

Butterfly’s basic ability set has been synchronized with Original Mode, and her Boosted Abilities stick to the current design.

Alice’s Boosted Ultimate Ability has been weakened. It still pulls enemies to the center but no longer constantly stuns them.

Ilumia’s Boosted Ultimate has been weakened, and the 15 second CD reduction has been removed.

Hayate’s Ability 1 has been weakened. The damage caused by extra bullets has been reduced by 50% and no longer restore energy.

Main Menu Updates

Update purpose: centralize content and revitalize the interface.

Added a banner slider: Recent major events will appear on the slider.

Event Menu, Battle Rewards, and VP portals remain unchanged.

Portal relocated: The Special Offer and Rankings portals have been moved to the top.

Portal merged: Social (Guild and Friends) and Channels (YouTube and television)

Bug Fixes and Other Improvements

Under high frame rate + ultra-high display quality settings (or higher), special effects no longer dynamically reduce quality.

Added floating damage display when playing with a smooth frame rate.

We fixed the lag that players sometimes experience when walking alongside walls during poor connectivity.

We optimized the warning effects of Paine’s Ultimate.

10V10 Airi is temporarily unavailable and will return with the next version.

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