Mar. 13th AoV Developer Letter

Mar. 13th AoV Developer Letter

Let’s check out the Mar. 13th, 2020 Arena of Valor Developer Letter and what is Tencent Games doing in their servers.

Mar. 13th AoV Developer Letter

Dear Challengers,

We welcome you all to our latest Developer Letter.


On March 7th, Moren’s Workshop has been back in business with a variety of rewards. You will get Tel’ Annas The Feast of Rose as a reward by collecting 700 points!

The audition stage of Miss AOV is about to end. From March 16th to March 22nd, Miss AOV’s quarterfinal will start, and we will choose top 2 from 5. In each round, we will pick lucky voters to give the skin package rewards. Come on and join us!

The new hero Ata will be available in the freeline of VP14 on March 16th. Qi-Icebound: Crystalline skin and Wukong-Icebound: Howling Sky skin are the big rewards for premium VP! If you pre-purchase the premium VP before March 15th, you can get extra tribute and the chance to try Qi’s Icebound: Crystalline in advance!


Matchmaking Issue

We’ve noticed that some players reported they have constantly matched with all the robot opponents in the game. We are sorry for the terrible game experience. We’ve already located the issue and started to solve the problem. This issue will be fixed in the next update. Thanks for your feedback.

Wukong Skin Model Issue

We’ve noticed that some players reported the Wukong Cybercore: Nirvana’s lobby model had some unidentified purple patch. Thanks for your feedback, and we will fix the issue soon.

Lauriel’s Second Skill Issue

We’ve noticed that some players reported when Lauriel’s second skill attacked the minions and monsters, the damage calculation was wrong. Thanks for your feedback, and we will fix the issue soon.

Issue of Skin Sharing

We’ve noticed that some players reported Lubu-Steelheart skin could not be shared. We’ve located the problem. This issue will be fixed in the next update.

Weekly Protection Cards Issue

Some players reported that they were unable to use the rank protection cards. We’ve checked the issue, and there was no bug in weekly protection cards. The reason why players could not use it was that the card can only be used 3 times per week. And some players had reached this limit.

India Server

We are finally making some progress in India server. The new India server will be available in April. Please keep an eye on the notice of transferring the old server’s account and please transfer it in time. We will inform the players both on social media and in game**.**

Player Story

Qi created by from Instagram. Do you like the nasty schoolgirl style?


The answers to last week’s lore are B, B, B. Please tell us if you have all the right answers! For this week, we’ll bring you some questions about heroes in Arena of Valor.

What would Enzo do if Yorn was kidnapped during his morning prayer?

A. Continue to pray without batting an eyelid

B. Save companion at all costs

As Gumiho, caring for nine tails isn’t easy for Liliana. Any advice?

A. Super Dye

B. Fur-Clean Wonder

How does Liliana make a living?

A. Scamming people with illusions

B. Royalties from ‘The Three Women in the Demon Lord’s Life’

We’ll continue to make strides with each update. Thank you for playing.

Until next time.

– Arena of Valor Team

Source: Arena of Valor.

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