Xeniel’s Codex Chapter 11 Level Rewards

Xeniel's Codex Chapter 11 Level Rewards

Here are details for the Arena of Valor Xeniel’s Codex Chapter 11 Level Rewards. The Xeniel’s Codex Chapter 11 ends on January 6th, 2020.

Xeniel's Codex Chapter 11 Level Rewards


1Codex Chapter 11 Skin Selection Chest50 Arcana Fragments
2200 Gold50 Arcana Fragments
3200 Gems50 Arcana Fragments
4200 Arcana Fragments50 Arcana Fragments
5Magic CrystalEland’orr Trial Card
6Krizzix Chest50 Arcana Fragments
7Nakroth Evo Crystal50 Arcana Fragments
8Evo Crystal Butterfly
9Magic Crystal
10Eland’orr Trial CardGem Pack
11Doule Gold Card 1 Days50 Arcana Fragments
1230 Vouchers
13Dreadwyrm Token
14Krizzix Chest50 Arcana Fragments
15Eland’orr50 Arcana Fragments
16200 Arcana Fragments
17Exclusive Skin Token Chest
18Nakroth Evo Crystal50 Arcana Fragments
19Evo Crystal Butterfly50 Arcana Fragments
20Eland’orr Timestealer Trial Card
2130 Vouchers
22200 Arcana Fragments
23Hero TokensDreadwyrm Token
Skin Tokens
24Magic Crystal
25Eland’orr TimestealerKrixi Wicked Wings Trial Card
2630 Vouchers
272 Evo Crystal ChestEvo Crystal Butterfly
2830 Vouchers
29Double Gold Card 1 Day
30Pet Recall 30 Days Trial200 Arcana Fragments
3130 Vouchers
32Exclusive Skin Token Chest
33Nakroth Evo Crystal
34Evo Crystal Butterfly
35Krixi Wicked Wings Trial CardHero Token Chest
36Krizzix Chest
37200 Arcana Fragments
38Hero Tokens
Skin Tokens
3930 Vouchers
40Codex Chapter 11 Xmas Skin Selection ChestCodex Chapter 11 Hero Selection Chest
41Hero Token Chest
422 Evo Crystal Chest
4330 Vouchers
44Double Gold Card 1 Day
45Pet5 Skill 30 Days Trial
4630 Vouchers
47Exclusive Skin Token Chest
48Nakroth Evo Crystal
49Evo Crystal Butterfly
50Pet Speed Up 30 Days Trial
5130 Vouchers
521000 Arcana Fragments
53Hero Tokens
Skin Tokens
5430 Vouchers
55Krixi Wicked Wings Avatar
56Hero Token Chest
572 Evo Crystal Chest
58Krizzix Chest
59Double Gold Card 1 Day
60Krixi Wicked Wings


Complete quests from the Codex to earn Tribute, level up the Codex and collect more rewards.

Enabling the Codex

An unopened Codex only grants basic rewards. Open the Codex to get more exclusive rewards.


Level up the Codex and collect a reward at every level.

Daily Quest

The Codex has a new quest every day that expires after 3 days.

Tap Refresh to get new quest (expiration date remains the same).

Daily Login

The Codex has a Daily Login quest that expires at the end of the day. Login to complete the quest and earn Tribute.

Challenge Quest

Challenge Quest are more difficult, thus more time is allowed. 7 Challenge Quests are available each week, and older quests will remain active. These are also 3 special quests that give better rewards for those that have opened the Codex.

Weekly Chest

Those who complete 17 or more quests will earn an extra chest and earn more Tribute. Uncollected chests will not be available after they expire.


Quests can not be completed in bot matches.

Arcade Mode includes: Valley Skirmish (3v3), Solo Battle (1v1), Hook Wars, Abyssal Clash, Death Match and Football Fever (but no assists and kills are recorded in Football Fever).

Some quests require specific classes. These can be completed as long as on of the hero’s role matches the requirement.

Quest that require “player’s team” can be completed by a player, a player’s team or minions.

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