The Reversal (November 2019) Update Patch Notes

Arena of Valor will be updated to the newest version, “The Reversal”, on Nov. 27. Servers will be down during that time.

The Reversal (November 2019) Update Patch Notes

Since the beginning we have been committed to creating new and varied content to deliver a rich gaming experience to all players. However, we realized that we have not given sufficient attention to issues affecting the core gameplay experience. We dived deep into our players’ feedback looking for issues. We see this update as the starting point to resolving these issues, and to create an even better experience.

The main improvements we made in “The Reversal” are to performance, controls, presentation of information, hero balancing, some issues with improper in-game behaviors, and the new modes Gladiator’s Summit. “The Reversal” represents a change in direction of our development team.We are hoping to deliver a high-quality, fresh and fun gaming experience that continues to improve based on players’ needs.

It is important for us to continue to interact with our players in order to understand how to best improve the gaming experience. The new version involves many fundamental improvements. We would really appreciate if you would share issues that you encounter with us, so that we can address them promptly. We hope you enjoy the new update!




We have committed our efforts towards improving the buffering issue in this update.

We expect that players will find gaming experience in the new version to be smoother, especially in team battles.


A number of players have been encountering freezes and crashes in long gaming sessions on iPhones. We found that the issue stemmed from iOS’ stringent control of memory use, which kills processes if they exceed expected parameters, even just slightly. In addition, multiple matches on iOS resulted in memory use gradually becoming bloated, increasing the chance of crashes.

We have made major changes to the game’s memory management, resolving most crash issues due to consecutive matches on iPhones. We still recommend that players restart their games after 6-7 consecutive matches on models with less memory, such as iPhone 5s and iPhone 6, in order to reduce the risk of crashing.


We found that UI responses were slower on some devices, with issues such as stuttering when switching to a different page, and we have also received users’ feedback on this matter. We agree that this is an important part of the user experience and we have started to focus on improving system performance outside matches in order to deliver a smoother gaming experience.

Improved login process: Game startup time has been shortened.

Shortened match loading time: We have optimized our multithreading algorithm to reduce loading time for matches.

Improved results tally: We have optimized load orders for art resources to allow players to return to the lobby more quickly after a battle, with particular optimizations for certain devices.


We did some house-cleaning on the codes and simplified animation effects for certain devices, improving smoothness when switching between heroes/skins in [Hero details], as well as other areas such as [Standard Mode], [Team Up] and [Hero Selection].

We have tweaked the input detection for some UI elements, in particular [Hero Details], [Events] and [Team Up], in response to feedback about certain buttons being difficult to click and prone to misclicks.


We have made specific optimizations for some models and reorganized our graphics settings to allow more players to enjoy the game smoothly.

The settings are, from high to low: Extreme->Ultra->High->Medium->Performance

Graphics settings will be set to Performance by default for some devices after the update. You may also change the setting yourself as necessary.

Performance mode disables some functions, such as killcam, Hero Details, and dynamic loading of other heroes’ skins (only default skins are displayed before loading). As always, we welcome your feedback on this.




Each update brings an increase in package size, which takes up more storage on the device and increases the time needed to install the game and load it. In addition, devices running the game on lower settings do not use the resources of high-quality environment, models and effects at all, wasting storage. We have made some improvements to the package to reduce the amount of storage it takes up on your device.

Reduced installation package size: To help players download the game quickly, we have made the installation package smaller without compromising the gaming experience thanks to specific optimizations.

In-match resource download: Some required resources in 5v5 matches (skins, hero voices and sound effects) will be added to the download queue once you have downloaded the installation package, installed the game and entered the main menu. However, you can enter the match before the downloads finish.



In-game dynamic downloads: To reduce the size of package, we have made some elements which are not critical to 5v5 matches (such as main menu hero and skin displays) into dynamic downloads. After the game is installed and you entered the game menu, you can begin downloading specific elements and game modes as needed.

Separate downloads based on devices: Some devices are unable to utilize the high-quality resources. Such resources will not be added to their dynamic download queue to reduce storage taken up on the device.

Reduced storage usage: Storage usage is reduced by not downloading unused high-quality resources, as well as additional software optimizations that reduce storage usage.

Future updates: Resources that have already been dynamically downloaded will not longer have to be re-downloaded in future versions if there are no changes to them, making updates to be finished faster.



In response to users’ feedback about in-game controls, we are focusing on some of these issues in this update with the goal of improving the gaming experience.

2.1. Improvement to ‘dragging’ behavior when attacking while moving

When a locked target is out of range, auto-pursuit can sometimes result in your character being “pulled” when performing attacks while moving. We have added a toggle for this behavior; the “Normal attack pursuit while moving” is on by default, but now you can turn it off to prevent it from happening.

When “On”, your hero will automatically pursue targets out of their range when performing normal attacks while moving.

When “Off”, your hero will not automatically pursue targets out of range when attacking while moving.

 Improvement to dragging behavior when attacking while moving

2.2. Issue with target priority filter not applying to abilities

In the past, “Targeting Priority” applied only to a hero’s normal attack; abilities will prioritize targets with low remaining HP percentage. With this update, the setting now applies to both normal attacks and abilities, giving you more control over your hero. To improve the experience for some hero finishers, who have abilities that refresh when they score a kill (such as Tulen’s Ultimate and Butterfly’s Ultimate) will now automatically target enemies with the lowest HP when cast.

This setting will apply to to normal attacks and all abilities that are tap-to-cast.

Issue with target priority filter not applying to abilities

2.3. Issue with being occasionally unable to cast directional abilities by tapping

Some players have reported that directional abilities sometimes do not respond when casting them by tapping. As indicated by the picture below, when tapping to cast Veera’s ability 2, the ability locks-on to Violet, who has lower HP, and not Yorn with full HP. As Violet is outside the range of Veera’s ability 2, Veera automatically moves towards Violet. Trying to issue a move command again will interrupt the movement, resulting in Veera’s ability 2 being cancelled. We found that directional abilities (such as Veera’s ability 2, Valhein’ ability 2 and Butterfly’s Ultimate) would lock-on to heroes with lower HP in an area greater than their range, in this instance, Violet. This is not the experience we want for players who are used to tapping and casting this type of abilities, so we are making some changes to how directional abilities work when tapping to cast.

Now, when you tap to cast a directional ability, it will try to lock-on to a target that fits the filter criteria for units of the same priority (heroes > minions > tower), then units that are slightly out of range.

Issue with being occasionally unable to cast directional abilities by tapping

2.4. Issue where delayed casting of non-directional abilities results in ability direction becoming inaccurate

Airi, Errol, Murad and some other heroes had an issue where non-direction abilities cannot be aimed correctly after using a movement ability. In the picture below, if you tap Airi’s ability 1 at the same time as she is using her ability 2, ability 1 would not be correctly locked on to the blue buff.

In the new version, we’ve fixed this issue for most heroes with movement abilities when they are casting abilities.

Issue where delayed casting of non-directional abilities results in ability direction becoming inaccurate

Issue where delayed casting of non-directional abilities results in ability direction becoming inaccurate

2.5. Issue where a character’s ability will miss if they are controlled at the same time as they try to use an ability, resulting in the ability being automatically cast in the original direction.

In previous versions, heroes that are controlled immediately before they use an ability will cast that ability after the control effect expires.

Casting the previous ability facing the previous direction and location, while the opponent may have moved, results in the ability missing.

We have found that this is not helpful to creating a positive experience.

Now, when a character is controlled at the same time as using an ability, the ability will no longer be automatically used after the control effect expires.

2.6. Improvement with melee heroes switching monster target while jungling

While melee heroes have relatively short range, their normal attacks tracked enemies over a much longer distance.

This made it difficult for melee fighters to switch monster targeting while jungling, such as when Murad needed to attack another monster to increase his passive level.

Melee heroes’ normal attacks now track targets up to a maximum of 5m (from 10m), allowing melee heroes to switch targets more easily on lanes and when jungling.

2.7. Issue when monsters would disengage unexpectedly when certain heroes cast abilities with cannot be targeted effect

In some cases, certain heroes (like Murad and Zill) may find that monsters exist combat and recover HP when those heroes use their abilities.

This has a negative effect on their jungling effectiveness.

We found that this has a lot to do with their “Cannot be targeted” abilities.

After the update, monsters will no longer disengage from combat when heroes like Murad, Zill and Sephera attack them with “Cannot be targeted” abilities.




We found that it was difficult to avoid Abyssal Dragon and Dark Slayer’s abilities, as their abilities had a short warning period and lack of clear indication. In this update, their attacks now give a warning so that players have a better chance to avoid them.

Abyssal Dragon and Dark Slayer skill warning


Tower HP bars used to be fixed, which made it difficult for ranged heroes to see their progress attacking the tower. The tower HP bar now moves and in the player’s field of view when it gets below a certain level, so that the player can tell how much damage they still need to inflict.

Tower HP bar improvement


Players were unable to view opponents’ profit directly and had to open a separate page. If not doing so, players might misjudge the situation and fight against opponents who had a much higher profit. We want to create a simple way to quickly see if there is a significant discrepancy between you and your opponents, and make an informed decision whether to pursue or retreat.

Overhead Power display


We noticed that some players want to buy equipment while they are controlling their characters. As the left hand is generally used to control movement, and the Shop tab is currently on the left side, it can be difficult to toggle the Shop page while moving.

In the new version, you can move the Shop page toggle to the right side of the screen, so that you can switch to the Shop and buy equipment while moving with your left hand at the same time.

Shop interface improvement


Some special effects were not consistent and were not as impressive as we would have liked. We will continue to work on them and make the effects more consistent across the board.


In addition to core controls and in-game information display, we have also improved the response of specific heroes, with a particular emphasis on preparation/immobile time for their abilities, and to make the visual effects match the functions of the abilities. We hope you will enjoy using these heroes.

Heroes who have been improved in this update are:

Kriknak, Max, Butterfly, Azzen’Ka, Murad, Airi, Moren, Veres, Ryoma, Aleister, Alice, Zanis, Batman, Amily, Nakroth, Mganga, Tel’Annas, Annette, Quillen, Slimz, Capheny, Hayate

We plan to make further changes to other heroes in future updates, and we welcome any feedback on these changes.


5.1. Issue with passive behavior, erroneous penalties for supports

Support heroes have heavy responsibilities, having to scout the map and support their team with less resources than others. They are even more likely to get the short end of the stick when their team is at a disadvantage. We found that the penalty criteria for being passive are penalizing these heroes too severely, resulting in some erroneous penalties. We have relaxed the criteria for Support classes when their team is at a disadvantage.

5.2. Passive behavior criteria in blowouts

Blowouts can significantly affect the results of many classes. Tanks tend to melt quickly. Warriors and Assassins find it hard to get kills, and exploring becomes a dangerous task for Supports. We have tweaked the penalty criteria in blowouts to reduce false positives and encourage players to attack actively, rather than trying too hard to preserve their KDA.

5.3. Increased idle teammate compensation

We want to reward players that continue to play hard even when their teammates are AFK. Brave Points deducted from AFK players will be redistributed to teammates. If the match ends in victory and there was egregious AFK behavior from teammates, then the stars earned by AFK players will also be converted to Brave Points and redistributed to teammates.

5.4. Real-time negative behavior warning

We hope to reduce negative behaviors through real-time intervention. Players who use abusive language or intentionally give away kills will receive a warning message. Players who ignore the warning and continue to engage in negative behaviors will receive a Credibility Score penalty.

5.5. Reporting limit

While we encourage players to report negative behaviors, some players have been abusing the report system by spamming reports. With the update, players will need to choose at least one reason for the report, and we have set a limit for how many reports a player can file per week; this limit can be increased by completing ranked and standard matches. We will continue monitoring this limit to ensure that players are using the report system properly.

5.6. Report acknowledgement mail

The player making the report can see more clearly the penalties being applied.

Fixed a display bug where the results screen shows “No rewards” if a player switches tasks briefly, even though no AFK penalty was applied and all rewards were issued correctly.


6.1. Recommended Talents for the first time using a hero

Each hero now comes with a set of recommended Talents to help players who are unfamiliar with that hero.

6.2. Simplified hero talent descriptions

As hero talents become increasingly complex, simplified versions of their descriptions are now available for a quick overview.

6.3. Players can now receive invitations when in a party

To help friends team up more easily, you can now invite players in a party, or request to join a different party. These will appear as non-obtrusive notifications.

Players can now receive invitations when in a party

6.4 New all-time Legendary Title display

New [My Heroes] display that will show high-level Legendary Titles first (from the newest version to the oldest). If you have never received a Legendary Title, it will display the hero that you have the highest Proficiency.

New [Legendary Titles] tab will display all the Legendary Titles that the player has ever received, from the newest version to the oldest. View your history with each hero, including highest Power and total times acquired.

New all-time Legendary Title display

7. New Mode: Gladiator’s Summit

New mode “Gladiator’s Summit” is now online and will continue to be developed after update. Emboldened by Volkath’s resurrection, black mages besieged Carano, but were beaten back by Dirak using the Tower of Carano’s power.

In Gladiator’s Summit, hero abilities’ and active enchantment’s cooldown are reduced by 70%, and mana regen is greatly increased. Different classes will also gain different bonuses in matches.

To improve the flow of battle, we reduced the number of minions and improved the ability of individual minions to increase the emphasis on hero vs hero battles. We have also made tweaks to class balance and increased hero Resistance and Movement Speed to improve playability.

Hero ability tweaks are as follows:

Veera: Abilities 2 and 3 can now be cast while moving, ability 1’s immobile time reduced;

Dirak: Removed passive;

Azzen’Ka: Preparation time for abilities 1 and 3 reduced;

Gildur: Abilities 1’s and 2’s preparation time greatly reduced;

The Joker: Ability 1’s preparation time greatly reduced;

Grakk: Abilities 1’s and 3’s behavior improved

Class balance tweaks as follows:

Tank: +20% damage, +20 starting speed, +10% starting attack speed

Marksman: +10% damage reduction, +20 starting speed, +20% starting attack speed

Support: +10% damage, +20 starting speed

Mage: +10% damage reduction

Warrior: +5% damage, +5% damage reduction, +20 speed, +10% starting attack speed

Assassin: +10% damage reduction, +10% starting attack speed

Hero starting ability CD tweaks:

Violet: Ability 1’s starting CD changed to 5.5 sec

Ilumia: Ability 1’s starting CD changed to 4 sec, ability 3’s starting CD changed to 80 sec

Lauriel: Ability 2’s starting CD changed to 20 sec

D’Arcy: Ability 1’s staring CD changed to 12 sec

Xeniel: Ability 3’s starting CD changed to 50 sec

Max: Ability 3’s starting CD changed to 50 sec

Wonder Woman: Ability 2’s starting CD changed to 15 sec, ability 3’s starting CD changed to 40 sec

Gildur: Ability 1’s starting CD changed to 12 sec, ability 2’s starting CD changed to 11 sec

Baldum: Ability 2’s starting CD changed to 12 sec

Azzen’Ka: Ability 2’s starting CD changed to 8 sec

Krixi: Ability 1’s starting CD changed to 8 sec

Veera: Ability 1’s starting CD changed to 9 sec

Hero balance tweaks:

Slimz: Damage +5%

Wisp: Damage +10%

Capheny: Damage +15%

Yorn: Damage +10%

Skud: Damage +5%

Lindis: Damage +10%

Hilda: Damage +10%

Zuka: Damage -5%

The Joker: Damage -10%

Elsu: Damage +5%

Eland’orr: Damage +5%

Kahlii: Damage +5%

Enzo: Damage reduction +5%

Arthur: Damage reduction +10%

Wiro: Damage reduction +10%

Kil’Groth: Damage reduction +10%



Tap Milestones in the Encyclopedia of Athanor to view AOV’s main story, learning more about its history and legends.

Arena of Valor Lore MILESTONES


Once you reach [Comrade] Synergy with a hero, there is a chance that you will trigger an Encounter Riddle when you open the Encyclopedia of Athanor. This is a chance to learn more about the world of AOV, as well as earning Synergy.

Currently, Violet, Butterfly, Murad, Errol, Ishar, Errol, Yena, Hayate, Tulen, Enzo, Liliana, Riktor, D’Arcy, Omen, Volkath and Maloch can trigger Encounter Riddles. More heroes will join their ranks in future updates.

8.3. Hero Encyclopedia

New entries for Kahlii, Krizzix, Zill, Eland’orr, Qi, Alice and Zip are now available. check them out!

8.4. New hero relationship unlock content

Hero relationship unlock requirements were too complicated, so we tweaked them to allow players to learn more about the relationships that these heroes have.

New hero relationship unlock content

8.5. Hero story updates

Murad, Azzen’Ka and Natalya’s stories have been updated.


Arena of Valor Hero BALANCE TWEAKS


Improved response

Ability 1: Whirlwind

Speed-up effect’s delay: 0.4 -> 0

Speed-up duration: 1->1.25 sec

Ability 3: Backstab

Physical Damage: 500/725/950 (+1.35AD) -> 450/650/850 (+1.15AD)

Damage Reduction: 50%, decay to 0 -> 30% in 3 sec, fixed within 3 sec

[New] Butterfly’s next 3 normal attacks within 5 sec after using her Ultimate gain Lunge, each dealing 50/75/100 (+0.12AD) True Damage, and reducing Whirlwind’s cooldown by 1 sec.


Astrid has been getting the short end of the stick for a while. After taking into account players’ feedback, we decided to make a major change to her and improve her behavior.

It was difficult for Astrid to make an impact even at close range, despite the fact that she was designed to be a side lane warrior. We hope that this change can improve her effectiveness.

We aim to improve Astrid’s survivability in team battles.

Passive: Bladed Guardian

Shield’s cooldown reduction now stacks when hitting multiple enemies with abilities;

Shield’s cooldown: 24s->30s;

Cooldown reduction when hitting non-hero: 1.5s->1s;

Ability 1 focuses on damage output, and area slowdown matches better with the Ultimate.

Ability 1: Spin Slash

[New] Inflicts slowdown when hitting an enemy, and next normal attack becomes Lunge: causes armor break when hitting an enemy, increasing attack speed. Stacks for at most 2 times.

Cooldown: 5s->8s

Focuses on movement and can be paired with ability 1 for burst

Ability 2: Fearless Charge

[Removed] Enhanced normal attack after cast (given to ability 1);

[New] Ability 1’s cooldown is immediately reset. If ability 1 is not in cooldown, reduces the next cooldown by 50%.

Cooldown: 10~8s->16~12s

Ability 2’s cooldown reduction when normal attack hits a hero: 1s->2s

Late-game consistency improved

Ultimate: Dire Blow

Inflicts stun if remaining HP% is lower than that of the target, deals True Damage if it is higher; triggers both effects when Ultimate is at max level

True Damage: Target’s HP% lost-> Target’s max HP %


We fixed an issue with the Ultimate behavior, but also slightly reduced its burst damage in order to keep Kriknak balanced.

Ability 1: Terrifying Plague

Physical Damage: 360/420/480/540/600/660 (+1.5 AD) -> 350/400/450/500/550/600 (+1.5 AD)

Magic Damage: 8 (+0.02 AD)% max HP -> 7 (+0.02 AD)% max HP

Ability 3: Drone Drop

Fixed issues with using stage 2 or turning immediately with the Ultimate. Timer bar and button indicator circle added when flying with Ultimate.

Caster will now land immediately when the Ultimate is used.


We improved Max’s behavior, removing forced movement and potential stutter. We increased his True Damage to make up for the reduced chance to trigger Shak Nal.

Passive: Static Shock

True Damage: 30 (+4*level) (+0.18AD) per sec->30 (+4*level) (+0.2AD) per sec

Ability 1: Bionic Blender

This ability will be cast normally while moving now.

Involuntary movement removed, resulting in a slightly reduced range. No longer triggers Shak Nal

Skill 2: Smooth Moves

Improved frame rate when casting


Passive: Sand Trap

The stack of passive marks is now displayed over the enemy hero;

Ability 2: Dust Devil

Cast point and backswing time reduced by 0.2 sec;

Ability 3: Sand Wraith

Cast backswing time reduced


The Joker used to be dominant in the Dragon Lane, but has lately become obsolete as other Marksman are growing more quickly due to the addition of gold soldiers and reduction in crit equipment’s cost. The increased Magic Damage in game has also reduced the effectiveness of The Joker’s ability 2 ensuring survivability. We are trying to keep his place among Marksman with his powerful anti-lane and self-protection abilities (especially against physical Assassins), while improving his inadequate team-battle and late-game capability.

Our biggest change is that ability 2 now resets enhanced shots from the passive, greatly increasing The Joker’s burst damage and slowdown effect when attacking, despite each enhanced shot being slightly weakened. Ability 1 also fires faster, so this does not significantly affect the hit rate of the rockets, while reducing the time that The Joker is a sitting duck. Immunity to slowdown, enhanced movement and range of ability 2 increases The Joker’s survivability.

Base Movement Speed: 340->350

Normal attack range: 7.2m->7.25m

Ultimate range: 6.6m->6.75m

Passive: Punch Line

The Joker will fire enhanced shots after disengaging or using ability 2.

Punch Line total damage reduced to: 150 (+15/lv) (+1.75AD)

Slow effect adjustment: 90 Slow for 1 sec, no decay

Ability 1: The Killing Joke

Added overhead time bar for preparation

Loading animation 0.8 sec, total animation time 1.0 sec->

Loading animation 0.65 sec, total animation time 0.8

Reduced cast time and animation time, and reduced Slow time to balance this change

Ability 2: Pick a Card, Any Card

New feature: Resets normal attack CD. Upgrade the next normal attack to a Punch Line shot.


Yorn is a prototypical stationary Marksman, and his characteristics include long range and significant damage, at the expense of mobility and survivability. In the current metagame, his lack of survivability is making it difficult for him to deal damage, particularly in comparison with other mobile Marksman that can also deal decent damage. Without changing Yorn’s core characteristic as a glass cannon that can melt the enemy’s frontline from a distance, we have increased his mobility slightly to help him survive in the current metagame.

Passive damage against heroes now has a percentage component that increases his threat against frontline heroes with high HP. Movement speed bonus from ability can help adjust positioning, allowing passive to hit more targets on offense, or himself to get out of trouble on defense. The number of chain shots has been changed to better match the effect of passive.

Enhanced normal attack: Overhead time bar when used continually, number of attacks 4->7 (damaged adjusted accordingly)

Passive: Fierce Shot

5 consecutive normal attacks trigger a 7 chain shot, each dealing (+0.27AD) (+1% target’s max HP) Physical Damage to heroes, or (+0.4AD) Physical Damage to non-heroes. The next normal attack becomes a chain shot, and movement speed is increased for 0.75 sec.


Passive: Furball

The first normal attack and every 3rd thereafter deal magic damage equal to a percentage of the target’s max HP:

6% -> (6+0.8%*AP bonus)%

Ability 2: Somnial Shield

Can be used while the pet is under crowd control effects. Removes any crowd control effect from the pet.

Gain Iron Body when the pet is returning

Ability 3: Dreamy Circle

Can be used while the pet is under crowd control effects. Removes any crowd control effect from the pet.

Sand aura damage reduction changed from 30% fixed->base 30% + 5% per nearby enemy hero


Ability 1: Sword & Shield

Physical Damage: 40 (+40/lv)(+0.6AD)(+5% target’s max HP) -> (+0.85AD)(+4%~9% target’s max HP)

Ability 3: Bracelets of Submission

Daze Duration: 0.75s->1s


Murad has more freedom now, but so do his opponents.

Ability 1: Sunder Spike

Cast backswing time reduced by 0.2 sec (no post-ability motion)

Ability 2: Temporal Barrier

Slowdown’s effect 90%->50%

Ability 3: Temporal Turbulence

When the mark reaches the max stacks, added an overhead time bar and a button indicator circle


Improved response

Ability 1: Forearm Strike

This ability will be cast normally while moving now.


Skill 3: Dragon’s Bane

Fixed an issue where the target may slide when backed against a wall


Improved response

Ability 3: Detonation

Removed preparation time (damage is dealt immediately)


Hero reset: Natalya

Skin reset: Violet – Piolet, Natalya – Leo, Natalya – Azure, Natalya – Shutterbug, Natalya – Snow Festival


Fixed a bug where system mail message persisted on the main screen.

Fixed a bug where players could be detected in brushes because of their avatar.

Fixed a bug where the system sound sometimes was muted.

Fixed a bug where tower appearance didn’t change when using Violet’s Dimension Breaker.

Fixed a bug where the actual CD for Endless Cycle was longer than what the description stated.

Fixed a bug where the fog of battlefield did not work properly.

Fixed a bug where area of effect of Lindis’ Ultimate was clearly larger than what indicated.

Fixed a bug where the protection effect from Volkath’s Death Sickle and Reaper’s Blessing were consumed unexpectedly in Dark Lord form.

Fixed a bug with Volkath’s landing spot where he was slowed after casting his Ultimate.

Fixed a bug where Nakroth’s Ultimate could knock away and damage units without hitting them.

Fixed a bug where Roxie glowed white in battles.

Fixed a bug where multiple Florentinos throwing flowers would cause the flowers to disappear.

Fixed a bug where Furball’s HP healed after disengaging was counted as Ishar’s own healing.

Fixed a bug where Furball’s damage taken from heroes was counted as Ishar’s damage taken from heroes.

Fixed a bug where Furball displayed other players’ names over its head.

Fixed a bug where the mushroom from Ishar’s enhanced ability 1 would interrupt another hero’s Iron Body.

Fixed a bug where Kil’Groth’s ability 2 may not work if used repeatedly in a short time when equipped with the Devil’s Awakening enchantment.

Fixed an issue with Eland’orr moving to where butterfly disappeared from the previous skill.

Closed Tournament Center portal.

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