Valor Pass Chapter 31 Level Rewards

Valor Pass Chapter 31 Level Rewards

Here are details for Xeniel’s Codex (Valor Pass) Chapter 31 Level Rewards. The Valor Pass Chapter 31 valid from September 15th to October 20th, 2021.

Valor Pass Chapter 31 Level Rewards

Valor Pass Chapter 31 Level Rewards

11 Skin Selection Chest1 VP Avatar Chest: Choose 1 of 3
220 Gems100 Arcana Fragments
31 Natalya Sad Emoji 30 Days50 Gems
41 Double Gold Card 4 Wins100 Arcana Fragments
51 Night of Fright Speed-Up 45 Days1 Race Car Speed-Up 45 Days
6500 Arcana Fragments100 Arcana Fragments
71 Sonika
10 Gems
100 Arcana Fragments
81 Natalya Cheeky Emoji 30 Days
91 Hero Trial Card Chest 1 Day100 Arcana Fragments
101 Night of Fright Kill 45 Days1 Race Car Recall 45 Days
1110 Gems100 Arcana Fragments
1250 Gems
131 Hayate Inner Peace Emoji 30 Days50 Gems
141 Magic Crystal
151 Choose 1 of Avatar Chest500 Arcana Fragments
16500 Arcana Fragments
171 Double EXP Card 10 Wins
1850 Gems
191 Hero Tokens
1 Skin Tokens
201 Select 1 of 3 Skin Chest1 Choose 1 of 5 Heroes Chest
21500 Arcana Fragments
221 Hayate Monster Hunt Emoji 30 Days
2350 Gems
241 Magic Crystal
251 Random Summer Dance Chest
1 Magic Crystal
1 Flower Dance Chest
26500 Arcana Fragments
271 Double EXP Card 10 Wins
2810 Gems
291 Hero Trial Card Pack
1 Hero Tokens
301 Zata Avatar1 Random Triple Jump Dance Chest
31500 Arcana Fragments
10 Gems
3250 Gems
331 Magic Crystal
341 Hero Tokens
1 Skin Tokens
351 Select 1 of 3 Skin Chest
361000 Arcana Fragments
371 Sonika
10 Gems
3850 Gems
391 Double EXP Card 10 Wins
401 Royal Guard Kill 45 Days1 Magic Crystal
41500 Arcana Fragments
421 Sonika
10 Gems
431 Double EXP Card 10 Wins
441 Hero Trial Card Chest 1 Day
451 Royal Guard Recall 45 Days
4620 Gems
471 Magic Crystal
481 Double Gold Card 4 Wins
49100 Arcana Fragments
501 Select 1 of 3 Skin1 Magic Crystal

Valor Pass Chapter 31 Elite Lv.1 Rewards

Butterfly Royal Guard Swan

Lindis Regal Vestments

Wukong Icebound Howling Sky

Valor Pass Chapter 31 Elite Lv.20 Rewards

Veres Autumn Whisper

Astrid Empyrean Champion Leo

Xeniel Empyrean Champion Libra

Valor Pass Chapter 31 Elite Lv.50 Rewards

Keera PPP

Airi Summer Bash

Natalya Feretto Mistress

About The Xeniel’s Codex (Valor Pass)

Complete quests from the Codex to earn Tribute, level up the Codex and collect more rewards.

Enabling the Codex

An unopened Codex only grants basic rewards. Open the Codex to get more exclusive rewards.


Level up the Codex and collect a reward at every level.

Daily Quest

The Codex has a new quest every day that expires after 3 days.

Tap Refresh to get new quest (expiration date remains the same).

Daily Login

The Codex has a Daily Login quest that expires at the end of the day. Login to complete the quest and earn Tribute.

Challenge Quest

Challenge Quest are more difficult, thus more time is allowed. 7 Challenge Quests are available each week, and older quests will remain active. These are also 3 special quests that give better rewards for those that have opened the Codex.

Weekly Chest

Those who complete 17 or more quests will earn an extra chest and earn more Tribute. Uncollected chests will not be available after they expire.


Quests can not be completed in bot matches.

Arcade Mode includes: Valley Skirmish (3v3), Solo Battle (1v1), Hook Wars, Abyssal Clash, Death Match and Football Fever (but no assists and kills are recorded in Football Fever).

Some quests require specific classes. These can be completed as long as on of the hero’s role matches the requirement.

Quest that require “player’s team” can be completed by a player, a player’s team or minions.

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