Wonder Woman Badges Event Announced

Diana, Princess of Themyscira, will soon join the battle in Arena of Valor! Before she arrives, you can fight like her to collect Wonder Woman Badges! When she arrives, to honor the mighty battles you’ve been through, you will be able to redeem her using Wonder Woman Badges!

Arena of Valor Wonder Woman Badges

Do you want to know how to do this? Read on:

Wonder Woman Badges

Obtaining Wonder Woman Badges:

  • Completing Battles and Quests
  • Daily Logins
  • Wonder Weekend Battle Quests

1. Completing Battles and Quests

Complete various quests that take place on the battlefield to obtain badges!

Time: 12/13 – 12/19/2017.

Rule: Complete event quests for some awesome rewards!

Destroy 1 TowersWonder Woman Badge*1
Defeat the Dark Slayer/Abyssal DragonWonder Woman Badge*1
Slay 5 monstersWonder Woman Badge*1
10 Hero KillsWonder Woman Badge*1
20 Hero KillsWonder Woman Badge*2

2. Daily Logins

Do not forget to log in everyday! The number of badges you’ll receive each day increases the more logins you have. Log in the game 7 days in a row, and you’ll have obtained a decent number of badges in your journey to obtaining Wonder Woman!

Time: 12/13 – 12/19/2017.

Rule: Log in daily to collect Wonder Woman Badges!

Total Login: 1 DayWonder Woman Badge*2
Total Login: 2 DaysWonder Woman Badge*3
Total Login: 3 DaysWonder Woman Badge*4
Total Login: 4 DaysWonder Woman Badge*5
Total Login: 5 DaysWonder Woman Badge*6
Total Login: 6 DaysWonder Woman Badge*6
Total Login: 7 DaysWonder Woman Badge*6

3. Wonder Weekend Battles Quests

Complete special quests only available on the weekend (12.16-12.18) to obtain even more badges!

Time: 12/16 – 12/18/2017.

Rule: Complete event quests for some awesome rewards!

Win 1 3v3 PvP MatchesWonder Woman Badge*2
Win 1 Abyssal ClashWonder Woman Badge*2
Win 1 Ranked MatchWonder Woman Badge*2
Win 3 Ranked MatchesWonder Woman Badge*2

How to get Wonder Woman using Wonder Woman Badges?

On 12/19 When Wonder Woman goes live in the game, if you have enough badges, you can turn them in to obtain Wonder Woman! To honor Wonder Woman’s 76th anniversary, you’ll need 76 Wonder Woman Badges to obtain her. Good luck!

Wonder Woman Badges

Hi, I’m Wonder Woman

Time: 12/19 – 12/26/2017.

Rule: Redeem Wonder Woman using Wonder Woman Badges.

76 Wonder Woman BadgesWonder Woman
1 Wonder Woman BadgeGold*10
10 Wonder Woman BadgesWonder Woman Trial Card for 1 day

Wonder Woman Badges

Source: Arena of Valor Official forum.