Tulen, the Pure: Abilities & Story Preview

Use Thunderbird on enemies with low HP to help activate Tulen’s passive. Use Lightning Strike to move Tulen to a good position to launch further attacks.

Tulen, The Pure, Abilities & Story Preview


Thunderclap Thunderclap (Passive): Whenever Tulen hits an enemy with an ability, he gains 1 charge of Thunderclap. After reaching 5 charges, he summons 5 lightning bolts that shoot out in sequence towards nearby enemies, prioritizing heroes. Each lightning bolt deals magic damage. If more than one lightning bolt hits the same target within 1 second, the damage dealt by the subsequent bolts will be reduced by 20%. The lightning bolts will only attack monsters if they’re in aggression mode.

Arena of Valor Tulen Thunderclap (Passive)

Iron BlastsIron Blasts: Tulen shoots three ion blasts, each dealing magic damage to enemies along its path. When enemies are hit by more than one blast, each additional hit will deal 30% damage. Each prism that hits an enemy will add 1 Thunderclap charge (1 charge per blast).

Arena of Valor Tulen Iron Blasts

Lightning StrikeLightning Strike: Tulen uses his lightning powers to zap a short distance, damaging enemies at the origin and destination. Enemies in the origin and destination areas will suffer magic damage. Enemies damaged by both the origin and the destination areas will receive 50% damage for the second hit. Enemies damaged by Lightning Strike twice within 5 seconds will have their movement speed reduced, gradually decreasing over the following few seconds. Each time Tulen teleports and hits an enemy, he will receive 1 charge of Thunderclap. Tulen can store this ability up to 3 times (cooldown between stored uses can be affected by items and arcana).

Arena of Valor Tulen Lightning Strike

ThunderbirdThunderbird: Tulen charges up and launches a Thunderbird at an enemy, dealing magic damage and giving Tulen 1 charge of Thunderclap. The Thunderbird can be blocked by another enemy hero getting in the way. If the Thunderbird kills an enemy hero, Tulen’s passive will be activated immediately and Thunderbird’s cooldown will be reduced. If the Thunderbird hits an enemy minion on the way to its final target, they will suffer magic damage and be knocked into the air. Tulen can also use Lightning Strike while charging Thunderbird.

Arena of Valor Tulen Thunderbird


“Thunder! At my beck and call!”

Tulen was a demigod born to the call of thunder and lightning. He was an extraordinary child, able to bend thunder and lightning to his will. The thunder Tulen created was a thousand times stronger than regular magic. Some would call it godlike. Ilumia the Seer saw fit to place him under the tutelage of Aleister in order to learn the intricacies of his powers.

Yet, the sly Aleister did not take a liking to Tulen. He sensed that Tulen would one day take his place, and thus decided he would teach Tulen nothing, not a single spell. Unfortunately, for Aleister, this method of teaching worked in Tulen’s favor. His innate ability to control thunder allowed him to harness his powers without spells. While his vivid imagination propelled his powers to even greater heights.

Tulen’s success sent Aleister into a spiral that would eventually lead to his downfall. Tulen was not blind to his teacher’s ploy, however. He had no intention of taking Aleister’s place. Far from it. Yet, he also had no intention of giving anyone else the throne of thunder. He wanted the absolute freedom Aleister had… something a pupil like him would have great difficulty achieving.

Finally, Tulen descended upon the temple with his godlike thunder and wiped away his teacher’s sigil, burning his own upon the throne before stunned eyes. In so doing, he proved that he not only had the strength to take Aleister’s place, but that the throne of thunder had already chosen him. Then, under Ilumia’s guidance, Tulen successfully ascended the throne of thunder.

His first task was to recapture the throne’s previous owner – his own teacher, Aleister, for without Aleister, Tulen only held the title without the power. Tulen understood that this near-impossible task was given to him to curb his wanton display of power, but he didn’t care.

“No one understands what I truly desire!”



Original Tulen

Original Tulen

Starlight Tulen
Starlight Tulen

Starlight Tulen


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Arena of Valor Tulen Equipment Suggested

Arena of Valor Tulen Equipment Suggested


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