June 29th Update Patch Notes

NetEase Games has released that June Update for their mobile game Onmyoji Arena on June 29th, 2018. This update includes new shikigami Komatsu, two new skins Pearl White Shiro Mujou and Ke Heian Festival Hakuro, and Kuro Mujou rework.


Onmyoji Arena will change the lineup of limited-time free shikigami on July 2nd, 2018. The new free shikigami are Yamausagi, Ootengu, Kyuumei Neko, Tanuki, Vampira, Susabi, Mannendake and Ichimokuren.


This week’s new shikigami will be Komatsu (Marksman). The super lovely and cuddly Komatsu will enter Onmyoji Arena Battle Royale after the update on June 29th, 2018. Please welcome the idol of the forest (with some pine nuts).

Natural Passive: Curiosity

Komatsu gains a movement speed increase if there is any enemy shikigami within 800 yards.

Ability 1: Pine Cone Clap

Komatsu enhances her pine cones, causing the next 8 basic attacks to split after hitting their target, dealing physical damage to enemies within 300 yards of the target on hit.

Ability 2: Pine Woods Blessing

Komatsu receives blessings from the pine woods, gaining immunity to physical damage from non-building units for seconds.

Ability 3: Dependence

Passive: Komatsu looks for the nearest allied shikigami in the range to establish a dependency, which increases both their attack speeds by.

Active: Komatsu Marus jumps to the shikigami she depends on and they both gain a movement speed increase for seconds.

Ultimate: Raining Pine Cones

Komatsu summons three waves pine cone attacks. Each wave randomly drops 10 pine cones in the attack area. Each pine cone deals physical damage and inflicts a slow effect for seconds.


After the update on June 29th, Kuro Mujou (Samurai) will be remodeled, with many of his abilities being adjusted. Please see the following list to see Kuro Mujou’s new abilities.


Natural Passive: Soul Slayer

Kuro Mujou’s attacks or abilities will add 1 Departing Soul mark to enemy shikigami he hits. When 4 Departing Soul marks have been added to a single shikigami, Kuro Mujou enters the Soul Slayer state, and gains 40% Armor Penetration, lasting seconds. His abilities also deal an additional Physical Damage to enemy shikigami.

Ability 1: Soul Eater

Passive: At regular intervals, Kuro Mujou’s basic attack will deal physical damage to enemies in a rectangle range and inflict a slow debuff, lasting seconds. If more than 1 enemy is hit, a shield that can absorb damage will be granted.This attack can trigger Soul Slayer, dealing additional damage.

Ability 2: Punishment

Kuro Mujou wields his scythe twice in the designated direction, dealing physical damage to enemies within range.

Ability 3: Necrotic Scythe

Kuro Mujou wields his scythe in the designated direction, pulling the enemies in a rectangle range struck towards him as well as dealing physical damage.

Ultimate Ability: Fickle Doom

Kuro Mujou spins around with his scythe, attacking nearby enemies. Enemies with less than 400(+100% Bonus AD) HP take true damage; enemies with more than 250 (+100% Bonus AD) HP take physical damage. If any enemy shikigami is KO’d as a result, the cooldown of the ability is reduced to 2 seconds, and Kuro Mujou gains a Movement Speed bonus, lasting seconds.


Shiro Mujou’s new skin “Pearl White” is now available in the Onmyoji Arena skin store. Changing into another white robe, with a skull-like mask and a terrifying face on his flag. This Shiro Mujou looks extremely dangerous.


After the update on June 29th, Hakuro’s new skin Ke (Heian Festival) will be available. This skin can be obtained from summoning, or can be redeemed using Soul Stones.

Furthermore, a pickup summon event will be held after the update on June 29th, until July 5th 23:59 (GMT+8). The summon rate of the Heian Festival skins (Hakuro, Kuro Mujou, Yamausagi, Ootengu, Yuki Onna) will be increased during the event

Of the above skin, Hakuro’s Ke (Heian Festival) will have the highest summon rate. During the event, unlocking Kuro Mujou, Yamausagi or Ootengu (Shikigami) with Summoning Amulets or Coins will receive a discount. Please check the discount price in the game.

Design Concept

The ribbon is inspired by shimenama or “enclosing rope”, which is used for ritual purification and is often found at Shinto shrines. Shimenama is said to represent the boundary between the world of Kami (Japanese Gods) and the human world.

The bow and arrow are designed in red and black color. The character on the arrow means “Determination”.

The armor is a simplified version of the armor worn by samurais, matching the light armor on the arm, making Hakuro look agile and relaxed. While the dovetail skirt adds a touch of elegance to Hakuro’s overall appearance.


Who is the most popular Shikigami? Get ready for a Onmyoji Arena biggest contest: Popularity Support Tournament!


Event time: June 29th until August 9th 2018.

This time, Popularity Support Tournament will be divided into 4 stages: the preliminary round, he elimination round, the semifinal and the final round.

By completing matches, players can raise their support level, receive rewards, and obtain votes, which can be used to help their favorite Shikigami win the contest!

The final winner will receive a custom-designed new skin and an exclusive frame!

Also, players who voted for the final winner in the final round will receive the exclusive frame as a reward!


Event time: June 29th to August 9th 2018.


Summer is coming and the Onmyoji Arena half-year celebration is just around the corner. Get Festival Lanterns by comleting specific quests during the event. Festival Lantern can be used to exchange for rewards. This event will last 6 weeks and be devided into two stages: Gathering Stage and Celeration Stage. Gathering Stage is from June 29th to July 12th, and the Celeration Stage is from July 13th with more Festival Lantern to be gained.


Source: Onmyoji Arena official Facebook page.

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