The Onmyoji Chess is officially launched

The test version of Onmyoji Chess, an Auto Battler chess game developed by NetEase Games and based on the Onmyoji series, has finally been released. Players who had enjoyed it in Onmyoji Arena can now download the compact Onmyoji Chess from App Store or Google Play, and the Onmyoji Chess account can be linked to the Onmyoji Arena account.

The Onmyoji Chess is officially launched

Basic Rules

There are 2 phases in Onmyoji Chess: the preparation phase and the battle phase.

Step 1:

During the preparation phase of each turn, the chess piece lineup in the chess box will refresh. (You may also spend coins to refresh the lineup.) Players can purchase chess pieces from the chess box and put it into their hand.

Step 2:

Drag the chess pieces to the lower part of the board to initiate battle.

Step 3:

When there are 3 of same Shikigami, you may fuse them into an upgraded version of that Shikigami by selecting “Upgrade” or dragging the chess piece in your hand to the same Shikigami on the board. Having stronger, higher-level pieces and making combos is a key to winning in Onmyoji Chess.

Step 4:

When the preparation phase ends, the chess pieces on the board will begin battle with the monsters or the opponent’s chess pieces.

Advanced Rules


Players can purchase new chess pieces and upgrade chess pieces using coins. Players receive coins based on the results of the previous match.

Players may obtain coins in the following ways:

Base income: Players will obtain a certain number of coins each turn. The amount of coins received will increase each turn. (At most 5 coins in a given turn.)

Interest: When a turn ends, players will receive 10% of their current coin total. (At most 5 coins in a given turn.)

Winning: Receive 1 coin for defeating the other player. (Players won’t receive coins for defeating monsters.)

Consecutive wins/losses return: Players may receive up to 3 coins based on their wins or losses.

Chess pieces

The Shikigami in Heian-Kyo become chess pieces in this mode. Each chess piece will have one normal attack and one ability. When the energy gauge is full, the Shikigami’s ability will activate automatically. (Some of the abilities are Passive Abilities, which will always be in effect). Each chess piece has a different role and race. Combos will be triggered and chess pieces will become stronger if there are more of the same type of Shikigami on the board. Therefore, we recommend that you place your chess pieces wisely in order to execute more combos to make your chess pieces stronger.


The maximum number of chess pieces that you can place will increase as your level increases, with a maximum level of 10 and a maximum number of 10 chess pieces. Players will receive 1 EXP each turn. They can also obtain 5 EXP by spending 5 coins. As the player levels up, the appearance rate of stronger chess pieces in the chess box will increase. When players reach level 9 or higher, the maximum number of chess pieces that appear in the chess box will increase as well.

Life Points

When players lose a battle, they will take damage depending on the grade and level of the enemy chess pieces remaining on the board. Players will retire from the match when their Life Points reach 0.

Chess piece combos

When there is a certain number of chess pieces of the same role or same race on the board, the corresponding combo will trigger. A combo’s strength will depend on the number of chess pieces of the same type on the board. Also, multiple combos can trigger simultaneously. Also, please note that even if there are many of the same chess piece on the board, they will count towards a single combo.

Type of Combo

There are various positions and features in this new mode:

Roles: Ninja, Samurai, Mage, Marksman, Tank, Support, Sorcerer, Material (Daruma), All (Froglet)

Races: Spirit, Underworld, God, Great Spirit, Fighter, Beast, Forest, Nature, Avian, Evil, Undead, Daruma, Froglet.

Special chess pieces

In addition to the Shikigami from Heian-Kyo, there are 2 special chess pieces.

Daruma: A Daruma costs 3 coins and can be used to upgrade a chess piece that costs 3 coins or less. To upgrade a chess piece, drag the Daruma to that chess piece. Choose wisely when using Daruma to upgrade your chess pieces.

Froglet: This piece’s role is All. Froglets are pieces that represent all roles. When a Froglet is on the board, it will add 1 to the combo for each role.

For example, if 3 Ninja pieces and 4 Tank pieces are on the board, after placing a Froglet on the board, the combo for Ninja pieces will become 4 while the combo for Tank pieces will become 5.

Please make use of the Froglets to enhance your combos.

Combo Effects

In battle, when players trigger a combo, they will also activate combo effects. Certain combo effects are more effective against certain pieces. Observing the opponent’s combination of pieces and adjusting your own is one of the keys to success.

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